February 5, 2018

You know California’s politics have become far-out left when even the Washington Post is taking note of it and warning that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

In the next election (one might call it the first post-“This is your brain on legalized marijuana” election), Republicans will be virtually nonexistent, their voters having mostly moved to Texas by now. Meanwhile, a new wave of Trump-hating Democrats will be running against each other, competing to see who can move so far left that they make the departing Gov. Jerry Brown look like Barry Goldwater. These are the people who are so unmoored from reality that they think today’s California leadership is too conservative. They’re actually furious that the current legislature failed to pass free universal health care for all, just because the price tag was more than twice the entire current state budget.

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The next wave of far-far-left leaders are likely to bloat the budget, throw open the borders, let anything that breaths (and some people who haven't been breathing for years) vote, pass crushing regulations and pie-in-the-sky mandates, and defy federal laws even more openly. The massive gap between the very wealthy socialists in the tech and entertainment industries and everyone else is likely to widen (the article notes that unemployment in rural Imperial County is nearly 18% and in San Francisco County, only 2%, possibly because nobody unemployed can afford to live there). And the state is going to be in massive fiscal trouble if the people in those wealthy industries ever get tired of being overtaxed cash cows and move out (Hollywood is already outsourcing production, and the tech people should know that they can work anywhere – they invented the concept!) We could be on the verge of seeing the entire Golden State turning into a 164,000-square-mile Detroit.

Brace yourself first, then read the article. It’s possible that California might finally fulfill the prediction that it will fall into the Pacific Ocean, not because of earthquakes, but just because it moved so far left.


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  • Douglas Oconnell

    02/05/2018 06:27 PM

    Maybe tha mexican wall should go north to the Oregon border and then west to the think? And quit asking me if im a damned robot