April 14, 2018

The Republican Party launched a website ( to refute any allegations against President Trump in James Comey’s new book. But so far, even some liberal commentators who’ve gotten a sneak peek admit that there are no smoking gun allegations, and the book actually reflects worse on Comey’s judgement in writing it and on his own ego and lack of self-awareness than on Trump. But the GOP site already did a great public service by compiling the video you can see at this link.

It’s a reminder of how everyone on both sides of the aisle – but in this case, Democrats in particular – thought Comey richly deserved to be fired…right up until the minute Trump fired him, and then it suddenly became an outrageous attempt to obstruct justice. Republicans thought he should go due to his involvement in the obviously partisan Hillary Clinton email non-investigation, while Democrats thought he should be fired for bringing it up again just before the election and “costing” Hillary the Presidency (as if by that point, anyone who might have voted for her hadn’t already made up their minds on that issue.)

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Comey reportedly explains in the book that he was so certain she’d win, he felt he had to reopen the investigation before the election to get the new revelations about her classified emails being found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop out in the open, so she wouldn’t be considered an “illegitimate President” -- but he did it at the last minute so the Trump campaign couldn’t exploit it. In other words, he made what should have been an unbiased investigative decision based on polls and trying to help one candidate while not helping another – all of which should be grounds for firing a supposedly impartial FBI Director. And that's his defense! See, I told you: no self-awareness.

This link is worth a click, just to see Maxine Waters slam James Comey for having “no credibility.” That’s like having Anthony Weiner accuse you of having no morals.




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  • Paulette McMurry

    04/16/2018 10:23 PM

    Trump needs to stop this mess with Comey and Mueller. Mueller needs to go ASAP. Using tax dollars for their smear campaign.

  • Eileen Sarracino

    04/15/2018 04:57 PM

    It is so difficult for me to understand how people? lie. Guess if they never tell the truth they would think they are telling the truth. I am an "oldie but goodie" and it surely wasn't the way we were brought up!
    Great article as usual - love your sense of humor. And, your daughter is just great, too.

  • Barry Sykes

    04/14/2018 11:58 PM

    Amazes me how our government is so heavily infected with childish so called adults. Pathetic. God's plan placed DT in the White House and He will continue to protect the President from the evil swirling around him.