Mainstream news reports paint a picture of President Trump and his White House as increasingly upset and worried about what new information special counsel Robert Mueller will turn up with his aggressive searches of attorney Michael Cohen’s home, office, hotel room and security deposit box. Absent from such accounts is any defense of the right to attorney-client privilege, which appears to be as endangered in recent days as the concept of privacy on Facebook. Overzealous reporters –- and prosecutors –- start from the assumption that Trump has something to hide, and then they split legal hairs into microscopic fragments to find some reason for his constitutional rights to be waived.

Of course the President is frustrated –- wouldn’t you be? Still, the media narrative goes even further, describing a President bursting at the seams and ready to fire Mueller. This is incorrect; Trump is well aware that eager opponents are just salivating at the thought of him firing the special counsel and the inevitable chain of events that would follow. His lawyers are surely telling him, “You’re innocent, so don’t act guilty.” I’d say he’s less likely to fire Mueller that than he is to give up tweeting.

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But Trump isn’t the only one vexed by the current state of all these investigations. And he’s not the only one who finds it irresistible to compare the overreach in his case to the “underreach” when it comes to Hillary’s. North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, head of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, has written a letter to South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy asking the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to examine the many texts between passionately anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. “These documents...suggest a concerning level of coordination between the Department of Justice and the FBI through crucial moments of the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s private email server,” the letter states.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, appearing on FOX News, understands the concern but seems mystified as to why yet another Congressional investigation is necessary. The evidence that Hillary Clinton committed espionage –- the failure to safeguard state secrets –- is overwhelming, he says. Likewise, the defects in James Comey’s justification for not prosecuting her are obvious to all. Since the statute of limitations on her alleged crimes has not yet run out, he asks why Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn’t turn all the evidence over to a team of prosecutors and have them present it to a grand jury. Napolitano believes a grand jury would indict. “That would be the just thing to do,” he says, because then we would have the perception of laws being enforced fairly.

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The judge makes a fabulous point about the argument some make that we’d be like a “banana republic” if the winner of our election indicted the loser: “Meaning if you run for President and lose, you get a free pass on committing felonies??” (Judge, if you’re Hillary Clinton, that has certainly seemed to be the case.) It’s not true, he adds, that no reasonable prosecutor would take the case, as then-FBI Director James Comey said in his July 2016 announcement that Hillary would walk. “I know a lot of reasonable prosecutors –- Democrats and Republicans –- who would’ve taken the case, because the evidence of guilt is overwhelming.”

Napolitano goes on to criticize Comey for thinking from a political rather than a law enforcement perspective. Same for former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, whom he notes has escaped “scot free.”

It’s not just legal minds that are critical. The longer the special counsel investigation goes on, the less favorable the public finds Robert Mueller. According to a new Marist poll conducted April 10-13, 30 percent of Americans now have an unfavorable view of Mueller, up 10 percent since the end of March. The poll shows more people know who he is than did then; perhaps they’re disturbed by what they’ve heard lately about no-knock raids and the push to end attorney-client privilege. Over half of Republicans say the investigation into President Trump has been unfair (this is trending up as well), but they do think Mueller should be allowed to complete the work.


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You won’t be surprised at one vocal supporter of the special counsel: Former Attorney General Eric Holder, he of “contempt of Congress” honors, who appeared on MSNBC (where else?) to predict that the investigation of this “classic case” would last about two years and eventually charge President Trump with obstruction of justice.

So far, I haven’t seen much “justice” to obstruct, have you?


UPDATE: Trey Gowdy responded to the letter from the Congressional Freedom Caucus with an official request to the Inspector General, FBI and Department of Justice for an investigation into the Strzok/Page texts as they relate to “collusion” (my word) between the DOJ and FBI and the alleged false testimony given by James Comey in the “matter” (Loretta Lynch’s word) of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

This is in addition to a letter sent Wednesday by eleven Republican legislators to Attorney General Sessions, FBI Director Christopher Wray and the U.S. attorney who is now handling records requests from Congress, calling for a criminal investigation relating a long list of allegations including bias against President Trump. It cites Hillary Clinton (for allegations of possible illegal funding of political opposition research in the form of the “Trump dossier”), James Comey (for his recommendation against Hillary’s prosecution in the email case and allegations of lying and perjury in his related testimony), Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Congressional Republicans are getting itchy while waiting interminably for the Inspector General’s report, which might go a long way towards clarifying much of this. No doubt it's been delayed over and over by more more swampy excursions and discoveries. But in the meantime, they’re complaining loudly about “dissimilar degrees of zealousness” –- a richly expressive way of saying “double standard" –- regarding the investigations into Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Partisanship within their own committees has prevented them from accomplishing much on their own, so now the letters are flying to institutions that can actually prosecute. They’re to be commended for forcing the issue with Jeff Sessions and making it harder for him to continue his mystifying failure to act.




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  • Samuel Deitel

    05/01/2018 11:43 AM

    Dear Gov.:
    Rest assured the American people are not as stupid as the Democrats would have you believe. We know there was no collusion between Pres. Trump and Russia. The only collusion we see is the collusion between Clinton, the Democrats and Russia. Pres. Trump was accused in the beginning of the campaign by the very same Democrats as being anti-Semitic. It was so ridiculous it was laughable, when you consider his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren are Jewish. Now we know who the real anti-Semites are, those who are enamored of the anti-Semite Farrakhan in the BCC, who's aligned with the ANTIFA Brownshirts--the Democrats.

  • JIm Kindle

    04/20/2018 04:35 PM

    WE have tons of information on the net by Chuck Baldwin, Jesse Ventura and others on the 800 Internment camps supposedly designed by Oliver North and constructed by Haliburton under a government contract of around $385million in 2006 to be built in our country. I would like to hear your input on these as it seems other than the two people mentioned no one wants to tell us about them. It seem Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity are silent on them but sometimes silence has more truth than words spoken in denial. The net if full of info so you can check it out and decide if it is something we need to know about or to dangerous to reveal by those who trying to wake the public up??????

  • John M. Kurilla

    04/20/2018 09:19 AM

    I have never seen such a total contempt for a president as I am seeing now. This is just because poor Hillary lost the election to a better candidate. These Hollywood actors that continue to bash Trump are the very same ones that cannot act although they are surrounded by gofers that constantly tell them hos good they are. As far as Stormy Daniels goes, she is nothing but a gold digger seeking her 15 minutes of fame. When it is all said and done, she will go back to be nothing but a porn star that make dirty movies for a living. Apparently she cannot act in a legitimate movie.

  • Alice McVey

    04/20/2018 08:59 AM

    Thank you for coming to Evansville, IN for the Right to Life event. It was a real blessing for our group to hear you share your feelings about life. May God continue to lead you to the path He has prepared for you. You are truly a blessing.

  • Charles M

    04/20/2018 07:25 AM

    New theory about Sessions. I'm starting to think that rather than being an early supporter of DT, the first VIP supporter, that he has been in cahoots with the filthy left all along. He was massively surprised by the first huge crowd for DT in Mobile - it happened too easily, and golly people love this guy! Instead of being one of the President's cheerleaders, Sessions has been obviously foot-dragging beyond any reasonable and lawyerly caution. Therefore I think he is a mole, the Swamp's inside guy. Maybe Giuliani will be the replacement DT needs at this crucial moment for all of us. Even for those like earlier commenter "Al Anon" who threaten to be American in Name Only.

  • Samuel Smith

    04/19/2018 09:06 PM

    Do not underestimate President Trump, he did not get where he did in business or to be come the President of this country by doing or making bad choices. Mr. Trump is smart and knows how to play the game very well. He had the time to watch and learn how to get things done in DC long before he got there. He is a business man who gets thing done unlike the DC back stabbers. In the end we just might learn that President Trump made the DC bums look like fools!

  • Joe Lyddon

    04/19/2018 07:20 PM

    I think AG Sessions is Muellers BOSS isn't he?

    What would happen if Sessions was REPLACED with, for example, Guianni??

    Would Guiani, the NEW BOSS, be able to control Mueller any better, if at all??

    Just curious...

  • Mary Diecidue

    04/19/2018 06:28 PM

    I am very disappointed in Sessions..........something has to be done concerning these scoundrels..........Sessions is not doing his job and I thank the congressmen who are getting the ball rolling. Too many evil people causing President Trump problems and won't let him do his job. It gets to be very disgusting.

  • Vernon Hinz

    04/19/2018 03:54 PM

    It is like I have said many times, it is amazing how Democrats can do so many illegal and immoral acts and very little is ever said about it. President Trump has been under the most fire, torment and media harassment than any president in the history of the country since he took office. Plus despite it all he has accomplished more in 17 months than anyone else has despite all the abuse he has had to put up with.

  • Charles Brendon

    04/19/2018 01:34 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee:
    I can't tell you how much I enjoy your daily News Commentaries in my email! You have a clear, concise, extremely intelligent (& witty) manner of explaining complicated political situations and offering Bang-On! sentiments!

    I agree with EVERYTHING that you write; I'm sorry that your run for the presidency ended early (My wife & I came to see you in Las Vegas a few years ago). You electrified the room! I hope there is more political ambitions your future; our country (as you know) needs it!

    Your defense of all the principles that we (and President Trump) espouse is EXTREMELY important, and very much appreciated! Please keep on writing, disseminating and spreading 'The Gospel According to Huckabee'.

    Thank you for your contributions to our great country.


    Charles Brendon

  • Eliseo Martinez

    04/19/2018 01:11 PM

    All analysts have vested interests which impede objectivity or empathy for the opponent. I think I feel for both. If we truly acted like Christians and toned down the rhetoric it might help the American people decide wisely who or what is best for the country. Just as he backed down on North Korea (which by the way shows President Trump to be a reasonable man) he should be persuaded by a true friend to refrain his extporaneous expressions in Tweeter. He should also learn to ignore the media’s barage against him and remember Harry S. Truman. Defending himself is not in his best sef interests.

  • Dottee Martin

    04/19/2018 01:04 PM

    I simply adore Mike Huckabee and enjoy reading your newsletters.
    Your uncanny sense of humor keeps me reading every word to the very end! I miss your show and wish Fox would bring you back. You're a true gem, Mike Huckabee! We need more people
    like you AND your daughter Sarah in Washington...just sayin' :)

  • Jill Karell

    04/19/2018 01:01 PM

    I'm so glad the Criminal referral was made by those 11 Congressmen, yet the Inspector General has no ability to prosecute & I am not sure Jeff Sessions will. Hopefully this will not be another weak attempt to appease the people since the evidence of crimes is overwhelming. I applaud those Republicans who say that they will not back down & will see this through so that justice will be served. It concerns me that the DOJ & FBI all have people heavily involved in the crimes stated. The imbalance of power is disgusting regarding the Trump investigation, Cohen raid, Flynn etc. There has been no peaceful transfer of power as Trump's ability to govern is being obstructed on every front. (I know that you know all of this, but want you to know so many of us know it too). Tell those that are trying to balance the scales not to give up & to pursue all of it for the sake of restoring our Justice System. My prayers tell me that Right will prevail if they persevere.

  • Vernon Freeck

    04/19/2018 01:01 PM

    I am at the point that I don't want to read anymore about the children in DC. Drag it out and make more comments then there are more investigations. LET US RUN THIS NATION and show every other nation how great we are. GOD BLESS THE USA

  • Judith Nolte

    04/19/2018 12:28 PM

    I pray they do not let the Statute of Limitations run out on the Hillary Clinton "Free Pass" that James Comey gave her!!! Also how about Assistant Attorney General Rob Rosenstein? I believe he needs to be looked into also!!!

  • Kevin Cooper

    04/19/2018 12:06 PM

    It seems like Mr. Sessions is more concerned with keeping his job than doing that job to the best of his ability. It is obvious that mr.comey felt the same way, as I recall, he stated that he would be in a difficult position regardless of what path he chose to follow. I translate that as, "I didn't want to make Trump look good, but I REALLY didn't want to make hillary look bad....

  • Joseph Trokey

    04/19/2018 12:05 PM

    I could say that I am extremely angered with the lack of actual justice that seems to be surrounding this country right now. I could say I am frustrated, as you have said President Trump probably is right now. What I guess I really am is dejected and sorrowful at the actions of so many that seem to throw our laws into the trash can and try to make their own according to how they feel at the time. Our laws, created in this country by, at the time men who saw Gods' word as a basis to start from, have been, since just after WWII, slowly thrown into the fire and rejected by those whose only desire is the acquiring of a power base from which to do their will. It greatly saddens me to see the continuing degradation of what once was a great nation that may have had its problems but still looked to God for answers. Now all we have are men and women with a desire to fulfill their lusts of power and money to the point of disregarding all that is good and right. However, through all of this I know that one day this will be righted by God, Holy and Righteous. He will make things right and I look forward to that day.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/19/2018 11:44 AM

    DOJ & FBI slow walking "justice" big time over these probes.
    Feel same with President & staffers.
    2 bad cant fire Rosenstien alone since he botched everything to date.
    Or the couple alone etc.
    See the 2 tier justice working in DC for DC Etd Bloc/

  • An Anon

    04/19/2018 11:38 AM

    This insane political situation just goes on and on and on. Meanwhile, though I suspect you disagree, very little of President Trump's campaign promises are being fulfilled. We have been his supporters from the beginning.
    We are not saying he has done "nothing", but he does not seem to have control over his own Administration, his Cabinet or any of its various Departments, and is continually hamstrung by both Congress and the Judicial branch. I believe you would agree, we did NOT send him to Washington to negotiate (and though he certainly was viewed by supporters as a negotiator, his supporters elected him because they are absolutely sick of trying to negotiate), nor did we send him to DC to learn the Washington Two-Step.
    Because of this "No Control" method of governance, AND negotiations with Congress that continually fail AND an out of control judiciary, AND out of control states (aka CA), it is likely that the President's base is diminishing.
    Look at the BIG things: No Wall. Illegal Aliens still pouring in and "refugees" of all stripes allowed to stay and be protected, subsidized AND VOTE. Obamacare still here. 2nd Amendment attacked. Christians marginalized (in the USA!). The AG is MIA. Unchecked full and virulent censorship over the entire web and social media because of political and moral beliefs. Insane federal budget signed. SCOTUS appointee turns. Elected officials blatantly break the law without recompense. And the list goes on...
    We are middle class working Americans and if there is an improvement in the economy, it sure hasn't trickled down to us. It seems that if a multi-billion dollar business were run in a similar manner, it would soon no longer BE a business.
    We have about a dozen stalwart men in Congress and none of them are from our state. Sadly, the most recently elected representative, who ran on the Trump platform went to Washington and exchanged his stripes for polka dots.
    We will NOT be voting in 2018, and we are not alone. The Republican Party, with the exception of those aforementioned men is comprised of turncoat RINOs (if they EVER were FOR the conservative, limited government voter) who are unworthy of the office of Dogcatcher.
    If major changes don't start soon, changes at the top that align with the platform, regardless of impediments (remember, we sent Mr. Trump to DC to overcome), I believe many people won't be voting in 2020 either. Yes, there will always be voters who adhere to the lesser of two evils argument. This is not to imply President Trump is evil, but rather it is that in spite of their disappointments in his record, they believe a vote for him would be better than allowing his opponent to be elected. HOWEVER, if their vote is based upon fulfillment of campaign promises, the outcome may be vastly different. I say this with all due respect for tasks accomplished, but in spite of all the sunny spins, after a year-plus in office, we just don't see MAGA.
    (PS: Sarah, on the other hand, is doing a GREAT JOB)


    04/19/2018 11:23 AM


  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    04/19/2018 11:03 AM

    What gets me is the double standard. Bill Clinton abused women while in office, over a period of decades. Here, you have Trump in affairs with many women - consensual affairs. I imagine there's a lot of billionaires fighting off women ;-}, but I couldn't care less about his non-felonious conduct before he was elected. This whole deal is emblematic of how a small group of media-savvy people can make themselves look " large " - just like Bolivar's buglers ;-}...especially when they ARE the media :-{

  • Elaine Knudsen

    04/19/2018 10:59 AM

    It is concerning beyond words, that some in our government continue to abuse power. No one has the right to , ignore or abolishing attorney/client privileges, especially to this extreme!!!!! These actions are unprecedented and toxic. It is also extremely concerning that Hillary is not being held accountable for her major security breaches, and other criminal offenses. Most American citizens know that she belongs in jail. It is so disheartening, that "justice" is appearing like a good idea of the past, that looks to no longer apply. The rule of law should apply to all. I do have confidence in Trey Gowdy's work and integrity. I am glad letters are flying to institutions that can actually prosecute. I have not given up hope, yet. Really appreciate you keeping us all informed. You do great work!!!! Prayers for our country and good leaders always.

  • Keith Alfred Wingfield

    04/19/2018 10:57 AM

    Politics is very competitive, and both sides want to win. It is not surprising, then, that Hillary's team "colluded" with a British spy who claimed that he had access to "dirt" that the Russians had on Trump.
    It would be surprising to me, then, if the Trump team did not conduct a similar attempt to use the Russians to find "dirt" on Hillary. That is, if the Trump team had reason to believe that the Russians had dirt on Hillary, I would find it surprising if the Trump team chose to refuse to explore this possibility. COHEN'S HARD DRIVES (ILLEGALLY CONFISCATED) PROBABLY RECORD THIS EFFORT. "Collusion", though, is not a crime. I am guessing that the Trump team as well as the Hillary team were willing to "collude" with whomever they could find that claimed to have "dirt" on the other candidate. The mainstream media finds nothing wrong with the Hillary team collusion, but considers the Trump team collusion to be an impeachable offense. I fully expect Trump to be impeached. Maybe not convicted, but impeached.

  • Jerry Holland

    04/19/2018 10:14 AM

    Why have we not seen a list of the Congressional members who used the sex abuse slush fund.
    Seems like this like everything else in Congress gets sweep aside and buried.

  • Melissa Rogers

    04/19/2018 10:11 AM

    I’m frustrated at the absurdity of the DOJ and FBI. More than enough to Indict Harac and James Comey and LLynch. Also fire Rosenstein for not releasing information to Congress intel committee. Not doing his job.

  • Margaret A, Coburn

    04/19/2018 10:08 AM

    Where is Jeff Sessions? What the heck is he doing? Nothing? Right.

  • Esther j. Pierce

    04/19/2018 09:59 AM

    Isn’t this as bad as Nixon’s watergate?

  • Tom Bennett

    04/19/2018 09:58 AM

    Mueller is a Traitor to Our Country. He is just a nother pawn of the NWO.

  • Emily yeatts

    04/19/2018 09:48 AM

    When is this going to end when is real justice going to be served when is huma and the rest of Hilary’s cronies going to be punished when is mueller going to be investigated for prior actions he was fbi director under uranium one what about the 4 men serving death penalty until they were exonerated what about cleansing fbi manuals it goes on and on and now they have trampled client attorney privilege that Rosenstein allowed and a Hilary Doris judge is deciding they have indicted Flynn and before him Pretraeus for doing less than they and what about Libby wasn’t mueller involved in that corrupt charge and comey and Rosenstein and mueller are cut from the same cloth and that has been tainted where is Jeff sessions he should have unrecused himself for the Cohen matter it has nothing to do with Russia and stormy again her attorney is a Hilary crony and this occurred 12 years ago what bill Clinton in the White House and paying one of his 895000 I am really disgusted with the fbi cia what about Brennan that will be Scott free

  • Amelia Little

    04/19/2018 09:47 AM

    Can you imagine the uproar from an msm person or a relative who received the same treatment as Donald Trump and many associated with him (you know, they breathe the same air) have been subjected to? Or if there had been a raid on hilary's residences, hotel rooms, her attorney, her foundation, the DNC when she wasn't forthcoming with subpoenaed documents, instead of giving her time to destroy so much? There would have been a major uprising!!! Horrors!!! But, hey, what's the fuss about treating Manafort or Cohen?

  • Anthony Silverence

    04/19/2018 09:39 AM

    There is no "justice" here at all. Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Loretta Lynch and James Comey need to be indicted. Now, in the case of "Hillary," there likely will not be any indictment. Reason? There a lot of current and past politicians who will ALSO be indicted as they are involved. Republicans and Democrats. That would destabilize the government and likely drive the stock market into a downward spiral. In the case of Barack Obama? The first BLACK President? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! The COLOR of his skin shields him! Imagine the RIOTS and cries of RACISM form the Black community and the Liberal left? Indicting Obama for ANYTHING would yield riots FAR WORSE than those when Martin Luther King Jr. was killed. As for Lynch and Comey? Well, they will likely be the fall guys. Taking on the entire rap for Obama and Hillary. The government would, for the most part, survive them being indicted and convicted. They won't even appear in court for a trial. They'll likely cop a plea, get a bit of jail time, fined and that will be the end of it. IF anything happens at all. I can guarantee that the records involving Hillary and Obama's place in the fraud and corruption will be sealed like the KENNEDY assassination papers were sealed. To be opened 50 years from now when both of them are dead.

  • Terry Moore

    04/18/2018 02:20 PM

    The Democrats will never relent. They think they have it all figured out. I tell most folks it like,"'Our quarterback has your whole team on his back and he's still headed to the goal post." May God bear up President Trump and may everyone in opposition to his Presidency learn to eat Crow. Thank you for all you do Huck' !