Big week for me on Twitter—I saw the number of those who follow me on Twitter cross the 1 million mark, which is a milestone of sorts, especially since I have never purchased followers and the number has grown organically. I’m not sure if you knew that you can actually buy Facebook friends or Twitter followers, but you can, which some celebrities do in order to make them appear more popular or influential. I have over 2.2 million Facebook friends as well, and I’ve never bought any of those either. I’m convinced that many of the Twitter followers and some Facebook “friends” are those who sign up just to spew vicious comments toward me. I’m happy to provide a place for them to deposit their bile and vile because it keeps them busy and therefore too occupied to do real damage to society and because it prevents them from unleashing their phony fury at folks who might actually care and be bothered by it. I see my social media platforms as the electronic equivalent of a mosquito trap. When they spend their time stuck on my pages, they aren’t out hurting the feelings or saying nasty things about nice people who aren’t used to cowardly comments from people who hide behind fake names and monikers so they will never have to stand up and be accountable for their comments.

Here’s what might shock you—today 62% of adults get their news from social media according to Pew Research Center. 2/3 of Facebook users get their news from that platform, and 59% of Twitter users get their news in bursts of 280 characters or less. Yikes! Most stuff on either of the media platforms is manufactured solely to entertain, mislead, sell something, or merely to spout an opinion—not to actually and factually report the news objectively and with balance. This is the equivalent of getting all one’s meals at the ice cream place—satisfies the sweet tooth, but hardly nutritious.

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But with all the Congressional hearings about Facebook invading our privacy and selling our secrets so we can be pitched products based on something we posted to our so-called “friends,” there is something that ought to be more of a concern than being sold a fry pan just because we looked at a recipe on Facebook. We need to be outraged that social media platforms which pretend to simply allow us a space to communicate with friends, actually manipulate what information we receive, which is a form of non-government censorship and propaganda. My own Facebook page was taken down in 2012 for over 24 hours when I launched a page for Chick Fil-A appreciation Day because someone at Facebook decided that supporting Chick Fil-A because it’s CEO defended Biblical marriage was “dangerous.” Unfortunately, the CEO later apologized for his positions and promised never to give money to pro-marriage groups again. But Facebook routinely blocks or even banishes pro-Christian, pro-life, pro-Israel, and pro-conservative content. It has become increasingly manipulative about just who gets to see what you post. But if YOU post it to YOUR friends, why should some Silicon Valley Censor decide your “friends” can’t see it?

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We mostly know when we sign up for social media that the information we share is public and can and will be used against us. But Americans need to demand that apart from truly offensive content that threatens physical violence, promotes obscene materials, or ridicules or falsely accuses people of crimes, we should be able to express honest and open views without some 20-something year old in California deciding that our conservative or Christian views don’t deserve to be shared. If Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms pretend to be public utilities, then we should treat them like a public utility and demand they not only serve their own biases and bigotry toward faith and the people who practice it. Or we may just start blocking THEM!



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  • George Cooper

    04/27/2018 12:08 PM

    I agree with you about facebook and the other "open" media sites. They should be regulated as a utility. In that way, they can become truly open to free speech, which they aren't at the moment. That being said, they are currently within their rights as to what they do with the content that is placed on their site: they own the whatever information is placed on their site. Their contract, that people have to agree to when creating a facebook page, states this..... They own the information. They can sell the information to marketers. This is why I do not put anything of personal importance on their site. I just have a facebook business page. If I have a personal interest in something, I email, call, text, or speak directly to someone. This is one reason why I subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Shauna Dickerson

    04/24/2018 03:47 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I do enjoy you news column. You mirror my feelings on every subject I've seen here. Thank you and keep going!!

  • Sandra Vollrath

    04/24/2018 03:14 PM

    I enjoy your comments and admire the intelligent way you express yourself and uphold conservative values.
    I have divorced F/B before all the censoring, it's really just a gossip column.

  • Betty Bryant

    04/24/2018 01:45 PM

    Mike, you make way too much sense. I bet you drive those liberals nuts trying to find something wrong with your comments and post a reply that makes them look smarter than you.

  • DeEtte Moon

    04/24/2018 01:22 PM

    This morning I watched a Heritage Foundation interview with a person from Facebook who was in charge of what information to block. It was incredibly complicated! I wouldn't want the job.

  • Carol Hopper

    04/24/2018 12:01 PM

    I'm a follower on FB. I don't Twitter.
    I live in AR and I liked you when you were Governor, I voted for you for President and I watched your show on Fox. We can have differences of opinion but I respect your right to have those, as I know you respect my right.

  • Kelvind Kao

    04/24/2018 11:23 AM

    Dear Mike, since we all know that the leftist owners of social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc are extremely biased, acting unjustly and discriminately against conservatives on their platforms by censoring conservative views and all that are pro-Donald Trump, can you please pressure President Trump to do something about this problem with these social media. Remind him that he had won his presidential election in 2016 to a very large extend with the help of these social media. They enabled him to communicate effectively with his base of supporters. His Twitter and Facebook accounts had as well helped his campaign to effectively disseminate and share information about his actions and helped to generate support of his followers with one another.

    Hussein Obama had in 2016 after the presidential election expressed his grave disappointment about the social media helping the Trump campaign win the election and lamented the fact that there was no form of censorship like those placed on the mainstream media to prevent Trump from using them to his success. Obama's leu tenant - aka his sidekick -Valerie Jarrett, might have immediately gotten to the CEO of these giant technology media (who admittedly are all Democrats) to do something about it by 2018 so as to deny the Republicans from winning the midterm election and ultimately Trump for his 2nd term election in the 2020. President Trump must use his high office now while he still can as the President, to have these social media charged for violating the monopoly act and the anti-trust laws and to have the media placed under restriction and control of such laws. The bottom line is - he must do something to nip the socialist censorship in the bud before such policies become entrenched policy and practice.

    Mike, do you really read all comments. Please say hi to me in one of your general reply to prove it, ok?

  • Bonnie E Reynolds

    04/24/2018 08:11 AM

    I do not get my news from social media. I watch Fox News and a local for local news and weather here in northern Maine. I subscribe to your commentary, because you bring sanity and faith to the discussion. Thank you, Mike.

  • Alverta Johns

    04/23/2018 09:51 PM

    Mike so pleased with your stand, do not have TV, Twitter or any other media. Get my news from Christian radio and depend on you Mike to tell it like it is. Your news letter' are special, read them, send them on to friends. Yes your daughter is doing a great job. Praying for each of you daily . Love and prayers, Alverta

  • Vicki Kuhl

    04/23/2018 07:57 PM

    I am SO GLAD I am a dinosaur! I don't do Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or a multitude of other see me sights. I don't have High blood pressure and I sleep really well at night. Why add stress?

  • Terry Story

    04/23/2018 06:52 PM

    That is truly a sad commentary on the state of the nations adults! I cannot imagine a time when I would give any credence to Facebook or Twitter comments. I don't even understand how anyone can get their "news" from them. I do, however, understand the frustration of most folks that wonder about the veracity of the "news" media that is constantly spinning the news and think that it is OK for them to not only do that, but that they believe that they should be telling all of the great unwashed among us, or the deplorables I suppose, how and what to think rather than gathering and dispensing factual information and then allowing those of average intelligence to decide for themselves what to think of it. Keep up the effort Governor, you are a breath of fresh air is a very polluted swamp!

  • Richard Lee Sharp

    04/23/2018 05:11 PM

    Whoa! I had not thought of your site as being a mosquito trap to hold the little buzzers from doing real damage. So, by leading them to you we all can breath a sigh of relief. You do provide a valuable service and may I say, your daughter is kicking ass!

  • Sam Johnson

    04/23/2018 04:59 PM

    I have a better idea, Mike—LEAVE Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    I don't understand why a Christian would feel the need to use these things anyway. And after the way Facebook compromised the data of all its customers, I think anyone who keeps using it is about as perceptive as a stink bug. ;)

    It seems to me that social media has become an idol to many Christians. Like the rich young ruler who walked away sadly from Jesus, it seems that many Christians would rather die than give up their "social media" accounts.

    I am not on Facebook or Twitter. And I also try to avoid Google and YouTube as much as possible. I encourage others to do the same.

  • Lois Beres

    04/23/2018 04:21 PM

    I agree with you on the bigotry of the anti Christian mobs. I believe that taking away our constitutional rights to free speech is just wrong. They spew filth but we can't tell our beliefs. Corruption is the new mantra of a lot of American Dems

  • Dortha Osborn

    04/23/2018 01:36 PM

    This is why I don't use Facebook, et al. My privacy is not as private as I would like as it is!


    04/23/2018 01:20 PM

    I don't do social media, never have, never phone flips open and calls people!
    Now about the raise in gas prices, you should be here in California, our gas just went up again, now I have to pay $3.45 per gallon and in other places it's as high a $4 or $5 dollars per don't complain about the price you have to pay. My next purchase might
    be a Schwinn!
    Carmen Price

  • Robert McFate

    04/23/2018 01:17 PM

    One side has tried to gain total control of minds. No matter the attempts to censor ideas it is our duty as citizens to speak out and counter the lies. I agree that people should not hide behind false monikers but be who you are and show you personal passion to correct a speeding decent into a Majority Tyrant! Not my statement but an idea gained through study and thought it to be an apt description!

  • Georgianna Lee

    04/23/2018 12:47 PM

    I have to say that I enjoy your posts because first of all I know your are a believer of Yehshua and that you are a conservative with family values, say the facts and let it fall where it may, and make known thinks that are happening that aren't garnered by the the news agencies so much. During the initial running for who was going to be nominated I was hoping it would be you because of your morals and ethics but Trump won and I was glad for that. I am sick and tired of all the hateful mean things said against him, and they aren't even trying to do any good for our country except for themselves. We need to take care of our own and our infrastructure and from what I know Trump is the only one able to try to do that, or even wants to do that.

  • Shirley Dyess

    04/23/2018 12:25 PM

    I agree with you 100% and am thinking seriously of leaving Facebook because several times it has blocked Christian information I was reading.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/23/2018 12:24 PM

    Improving SM:
    Scrap Fake profiles.
    Deter trollers.
    Open lines of communication.
    Contact form & email links: Olympic Games, AT&T, Facebook websites alone.
    Good rates for sponsors.
    Uniform Censorship rules.
    Or None?
    No "games or gimmicks" with users.
    Take Down Hate sites, groups.
    Share ideas BUT NO threats made.
    Online, all sites, Google, FB, Myspace etcv./

  • Holly Cortez

    04/23/2018 11:58 AM

    I think many of us would leave Facebook ect. ,in a heartbeat, if we had a non bias alternative.

  • Jerry Korba

    04/23/2018 11:34 AM

    Mike I am not sure the News we get is news but just some 40 year old version of the news I find that more and more I am getting some young persons opinion or they speculate on what will happen on any given issue is driving me away; today they ask if this administration knows what its doing with North Korea I was there for 14 plus months in 1969 1970 how many administration have passed since then did any of those administrations know what they were doing with NK older people like ourselves know that answer they were without knowledge people on the north side of DMZ may look to death more than life when I was there indoor plumbing was a hole in the ground an oxen and wooden cart to remove human waste that was on the south side of the DMZ the good side they have come a long ways since the Nk people may have gotten worse look how Otto came back so much for our "News"North Korea must not be trusted until proven otherwise

  • Harold Levi

    04/23/2018 10:59 AM

    The designers and developers of the social media are nothing more than Communists/Nazis/Socialist/Progressives who think they have some God given right to control other people. Well, of course, they do not believe in God. I agree with your comments about the social media, but the really dastardly part of all of this is that young people (under 30) do not understand any of this. They have been brainwashed from kindergarten through college to believe in nothing. May God Bless America, may he give guidance to Trump, and I pray for a successful Article V Convention of States.

  • Bob Vinson

    04/23/2018 10:58 AM

    Amen, amen, amen!!!

  • Steve McDonnough

    04/23/2018 10:50 AM

    I do have a facebook account. However 95% of my news comes from Huckabee, The Federalist, and Drudge. 4% from goober news and 1% from the boob tube.
    I am firm believer in "fair and balanced" news.

  • Leigh Crane-Freeman

    04/23/2018 10:48 AM

    Okay Mike! This is funny! You are funny! Those remarks about the mosquito nets are priceless!
    To dig into this topic a bit more, I believe that the network media and/or the way we receive the network media is about to change. America is starving for an unbiased news outlet ... one where their slogan is, "Where the viewer never know our politics, because we only deliver the news"... or something like that. And, how we get it will soon change too, I believe. For a long time, I've not understood why guys like Bill O'Reilly don't employ Fox. So, in lieu of him (or others like him) being employed by FOX he simply hires their production departments and their license to produce his own show, and then sell it on demand to subscribers. I suppose if he wanted ads, he could add them, but he sure wouldn't have to. That way people that enjoyed his show could augment their "objective news" with O'Reilly's take on things. We have that technology.
    Well, I'm going to end this comment as I end all comments to you. Mike, we need TERM LIMITS! This is so doable. People need to find out where the issue of Conventions of States stands in their state, and then insist that their state legislatures pass this bill, BECAUSE it is through the Convention of States that we will get TERM LIMITS.
    Thanks for another great newsletter Mike. You are a stud!

  • Nancy Roberto

    04/23/2018 10:36 AM

    "The Big Lie" should be on every reading list to provide a realistic look at how the left in this country uses Fascist and Nazi tactics!

  • Stephen Russell

    04/23/2018 10:28 AM

    Dont use FB for news, use my phone & Google news feeds from described sources IE Buzfeed, LA Times etc.
    &others FNC from conservative FB sites.
    Not heavy into FB anymore, 2 busy entering contests for cash, prizes.
    Oh Yes, see Ch 2 News Sunday morning about Stuff, give your Excess to any charity that will take them
    No point paying for storage on stuff when U can get IT to charity.
    Havent seen to many FB trolls on the ProTrump site & Tuckers site.

  • Cjaye Engelstad

    04/23/2018 10:01 AM

    Oh Mike, sooo million! You tell those trolls! I love your news letter and Facebook page! We made a group supporting Trump called the deplorable choir and wrote a song to Mark Zuckerberg about censorship and it has gone VIRAL...and definitely has been raided by trolls as well but we just thank them for the views, lol! Free advertisement I guess? We even wrote one for you a while back after the way the CMA treated you! We won’t apologize or back down standing up for Trump and all conservatives! That’s what they want and it won’t come from us! ??anyways, huge fan! Thank you for all you do! Cjaye