April 2, 2018

It seems as if the left just cannot leave children alone to be children. If they aren’t demanding that kids too young to be given an aspirin without parental consent be given abortions or sex change surgery or puberty-delaying hormones without parental consent, then they’re exploiting naïve kids as unwitting puppets for their Constitution-shredding anti-gun activism. The entertainment and fashion industries market inappropriate sexuality and violence toward children, while political activists demand that kids as young as kindergarten be taught about sexual harassment, “toxic masculinity,” same-sex marriage and other adult hot-button topics that prepubescent children (I mean naturally prepubescent, not 17-year-olds on puberty-blocking hormones) shouldn’t even have to think about.

Right now in Mansfield, Texas, the school board is under fire for suspending an elementary art teacher with pay for discussing her lesbianism and showing a slide show with photos of her wife to her class, which prompted parental complaints. LGBT activists and the media are depicting this as a bigoted suspension for being gay. Nobody rushing to her defense ever bothers to ask what should have been the first question on anyone’s mind: what does talking about her personal sexuality have to do with teaching art to elementary school kids? I’d also expect a straight male teacher to somehow get through arithmetic class without talking about his sex life.

As if to prove that nothing is so innocent as to be off-limits to politicization, a Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood clinic put out a tweet demanding that Disney create an animated Disney princess who’s had an abortion, as well as princesses who are pro-choice, an undocumented immigrant, a union worker and a transsexual. The public response to that can be deduced by the fact that they deleted the tweet faster than Donald Duck can lose his temper.



But of course, even something that everyone should be able to agree on – that Disney should not ruin one of the purest joys of childhood by turning it into a cynical vehicle to push leftwing propaganda onto innocent children – had its defenders on the left. A writer at the feminist site Jezebel, citing statistics that claim 23.7% of women in the US will have had an abortion by age 45, claimed that since there are 11 Disney princesses so far, “that means statistically around two-and-a-half of these strong women have gotten abortions and aren’t telling you about it because of a national culture of shame and misogyny!!!”

I had no idea that young Princesses who lived in long-ago and far-away fairy tale lands were 45-year-old residents of modern-day America, but then, I didn’t learn statistics from the textbook they use in Fantasyland. That supremely idiotic claim from Jezebel was rebutted pretty hilariously on Twitter, as you can see here.


But there was also a very serious response, from a real-life ex-Disney princess, who did have an abortion. A woman who once played Cinderella at Disney World revealed that she became pregnant at 18 in 1981 and had an abortion so she wouldn’t lose her job (to be clear, nobody at Disney knew about this.) At the link, you can read the story about how that decision haunted and tormented her until she “wanted to die.”

Thankfully, she finally recovered mentally and spiritually, and today is happily married to her “Prince Charming,” and they are living happily ever after with their own children and five adopted children from Guatemala, Africa and Ukraine. She said, “We all are a Disney family beautifully woven together by God’s grace and living in the shadow of Cinderella’s castle in Orlando.” She’s even started a “pro-life princess” movement on Facebook, and she thanks God that the mothers of her adopted children chose to give them life.

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At my house, we just wrapped up Spring Break week, which meant I had all six grandkids, ages 1 to 6, in our house, together at once. There were crayons and food and wet bathing suits everywhere, and I swear they must be Russians because they meddle in everything! But I loved every minute of it. They say the great thing about being a grandparent is that you can send the kids home, but I hate to see them leave. I’m overjoyed when they come, I cherish every moment they’re here, and the house seems eerily quiet and sad when they leave.

These innocent years of childhood are precious times that pass far too quickly and never come again. Every minute should be savored. Why do so many people want to deprive children of their childhoods by forcing the concerns of adulthood onto them much too soon? It’s because of the old saying, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” They hope that by exposing very young children to their age-inappropriate ideas, they’ll grow up thinking the way they want them to. How bent do you have to be to think that’s morally acceptable?


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    04/04/2018 11:32 AM


  • Victoria Blake

    04/02/2018 05:09 PM

    I'm with you, just can't get over all the adult problems they are dumping on kids I. The name of "being informed". And all that wasted money on the things you named off,
    When it could be used to decrease national debt or give raises yo social security. Mike, I made $72,000 a year before retirement. Had to take early retirement due to an accident. Over the seven years since then, I e gotten a total of $86 in raises and barely get over a thousand a month. Others are in the same boat yet people like Pelosi think thats chump change but don't understand that's what we live on. Thanks for letting me vent. I real enjoy your show. God bless you, Mr Trump and America.

  • Amelia Little

    04/02/2018 04:17 PM

    There is a movement to catch kids at ever younger ages for lots of things. I remember being so glad my then 12 y/o daughter was more interested in playing dolls with her friends then to be mooning over and dressing to appeal to boys. And I remember when kids grew and developed through play, without being pressured at ever younger ages to be able to read and write. If they show interest, don't suppress it, but wait under they are in kindergarten to start the process. There are so many issues that little kids--even 3rd, 4th, 5th graders--have no particular interest in, aren't curious about until someone (usually school) starts implanting THEIR ideas into the heads of the kids. No need to start the social studies (if that is the category this stuff would go under) til they are older. Some of the issues are best left to the parents to work through with the kids, not teachers. Spend a little time reading (regular stuff, not social issue infused books,) writing and arithmetic. In later years, history, government (the real stuff, not rewritten editions by the left) which they can certainly discuss--as long as all opinions are respectfully listened to. Then economics, learning to budget money, and don't forget the home ec (not sure the latest pc name) and shop. Forget the rallies that use school budget money to pay speakers to talk about no bullying or drinking or premarital sex (that probably is no longer a concern for some) where the kids sign pledges but go right back to their bullying, drinking, pre-marital sex ways. Forget making one Friday a month in a catch you doing a good deed (what happened to you do good without expecting to be recognized for it) and spend more teacher time in the hallways between classes to catch the bullying that goes on at those times.

  • Dolores

    04/02/2018 12:56 PM

    If you believe in karma, than you will stand by, educate your children at home, and watch while the liberals reap their bitter harvest. Who was the last political group that indoctrinated children and encouraged them to turn in anyone not in support of their agenda (including their parents, siblings, grandparents and close friends)? How about the Nazis?

  • Stephen Russell

    04/02/2018 09:52 AM

    Doing the Indoc Early, only tool the Left has.
    Unless parents, grandparents step in or see kids under Indoc from K-12 to College.
    Scary, Blame the Leftist Ed organz for mess nationwide, & Teachers Unions, school boards etc.
    Blame them