May 30, 2018

UPDATE: It’s been fascinating to watch the many, fast-moving reactions to Roseanne Barr’s Twitter-fueled self-destruction, all in the space of one day. (Roseanne herself is asking fans not to defend her and blames her racist jibe at former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on tweeting at 2 a.m. while on Ambien. That sounds like a great idea. For all the criticism of the old Hollywood studio system, at least they understood how dangerous it was to let certain stars appear in public without a PR expert at their elbows to cover their mouths when they went off script.

It’s not as if ABC didn’t know what a ticking time bomb Roseanne was. They could have looked at her Twitter feed over the last few years, or her original series, where she went through showrunners and writers like a baby goes through diapers, doing pretty much the same thing to them. Speaking of that series, one of the reactions is that Viacom announced it was pulling her old show from its cable channels. That tweet was so powerful, it apparently went backward in time and tainted reruns that people have been watching for 20 years. It shows how deadly social media missteps have become: it took 60 women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault to get “The Cosby Show” erased from history; with Roseanne, it took one racist tweet.

But the first reaction came from ABC, which swiftly canceled her current series. That must have hurt, since it was a #1 hit at a time when networks are desperate for those. They didn’t have much choice, since most of the cast and creators refused to work with her anymore. It’s a shame all those people are unemployed due to the star’s lack of self-control (I know from experience that the folks on camera are only the tip of the iceberg in creating a TV show). Besides, it was doing something unique. Even as the left is trying to use Roseanne’s offensive tweet to tar all Trump supporters as racists, the show itself mostly hewed to the typical liberal slant of most sitcoms, but at least the writers tried to present a reasonably fair depiction of a blue collar, Middle-American, Trump-supporting family who had a legitimate beef with the way liberal policies had harmed them, like turning a blind eye to illegal immigration (a point once made by liberal hero, Caesar Chavez.)

Dan Conner (John Goodman) was a hard-working construction contractor nearing retirement age with no savings, and his wife needed a knee operation he couldn’t afford. In the season (now series) finale, even though he and his partner (who was African-American) bid the union minimum on a must-land drywall job, his competitors beat him out by hiring illegal immigrants. Dan didn’t blame the illegals; he said they were also desperate for work and were being exploited. But that still left him and his partner unable to support their families and at the end of their ropes.

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This was an honest depiction of a real problem many Americans face. Yet when they complained about it, the left called them racists. In truth, they didn't "hate immigrants." The system failed them, and Trump simply promised to enforce longstanding immigration laws that protected them. That was a viewpoint that needed to be seen on network TV. Now, Roseanne’s erratic behavior has muddled it.

Other commenters mentioned the sharp contrast between the media cheering ABC’s axing of Roseanne and how other celebrities who’ve said offensive things about Republican women or Christians not only kept their shows but were celebrated for refusing to apologize. These included Keith Olbermann (now at Disney-owned ESPN after repeatedly calling Trump a "Nazi"), Joy Behar (who called Christians mentally ill on ABC’s “The View”), and the alleged comedian who viciously and unapologetically attacked my daughter and other female White House staffers at the Correspondents’ Dinner and was rewarded with praise for her “courage” and a Netflix series. But MSNBC took the “Clueless” Award by bringing on Joy Reid and asking what someone has to do to get fired from a network these days (click the link for a refresher course on what Joy did on Twitter, yet she’s still on MSNBC.)

Granted, many of the liberal comments cited weren’t racist, but were incredibly offensive, and in some cases, were based on perpetuating ugly, negative, false stereotypes about large groups of people different from them. Plus, you could ask Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson and other prominent black conservatives how many times they’ve been the targets of racist slurs by liberals in the media and how many of them lost their jobs over it.

Still other commenters pointed out that many of the same media figures who praised ABC for taking swift action to silence Roseanne over making a statement that offended and alienated viewers were just last week savaging the NFL for infringing on the players’ free speech right to make a statement that offends and alienates viewers. At least Roseanne had the excuse that she made her offensive statement on her own time, not right in the middle of the show.

Again, none of this is to defend what Roseanne tweeted. Everyone should be aware that they are risking their jobs if their behavior offends and alienates customers and reflects badly on their employer (I explained this very concept last week in talking about the NFL controversy – and yes, many Americans sincerely find the players’ disrespect for the flag and the National Anthem to be deeply offensive.) The First Amendment protects you from government censorship, not from the consequences of your words.

Liberals who are trying to blame Roseanne’s tweet on the “culture created by Trump” conveniently forget that they’ve spent the past half-century or more deliberately shredding all the cultural niceties that used to prevent people from saying any stupid, obscene or offensive thing that popped into their heads. Looking over all the offensive, outrageous, insulting, racist, etc., statements over the past couple of years, it’s obvious to me that society would be better off if people on both sides not only stopped tweeting while on Ambien, but also resurrected a long-discarded piece of old-fashioned wisdom that I used to see on plaques and bumper stickers all the time when I was a kid, back before the 1960s “cultural revolution” removed all taboos on speech and behavior (except the ones the left would like to keep to silence their opponents). It went like this:

“Be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear.”


Okay, I know this is just a minor concern that pales in significance next to the importance of woeful celebrity tweets, but when nobody was paying attention, Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy introduced a multi-part proposal Tuesday that he hopes will spark debate and action on lowering health care costs for Americans without harming quality of care.

You might remember Sen. Cassidy from last year, when he was unfairly attacked by Jimmy Kimmel who used Democratic talking points to paint him as an unfeeling tool of the insurance industry for his attempt to replace Obamacare. In fact, Cassidy is a physician who, before running for office, spent much of his time providing affordable health care to the poor. He co-founded a free clinic for the uninsured in Baton Rouge, helped set up a free vaccination program for poor school children and personally led a group of volunteers providing emergency care inside a converted Kmart after Hurricane Katrina. Granted, that doesn’t make him as great a humanitarian in the medias' eyes as someone who cries on a late night TV show, but it’s still pretty impressive.

Cassidy says that partisan gridlock has largely defined the health care debate, but there are six areas that could reduce the influence of lawyers and lobbyists and solve many of the problems. They are: empowering patients to reduce their health costs, lowering health insurance premiums, increasing competition in the marketplace, decreasing drug costs, cutting administrative red tape and reducing costs through prevention, primary care and chronic disease management.

I’m glad to hear someone is finally talking about this, especially preventing chronic diseases. This has long been a major issue for me: a huge chunk of health care costs go to managing diseases that are preventable with healthy lifestyle choices. I felt this personally when I was told by a doctor that if I didn’t lose weight and change my habits, I would be dead in less than 10 years from diabetes and obesity. I followed that advice. That was 15 years ago, and thank God, I’m still here and feeling great.

Sen. Cassidy already has lined up bipartisan support for a “health care price transparency initiative” to bring down prescription drug prices. I hope you’ll let your Senators and Representatives know that you’re fed up with paying through the nose for insurance while they sit on their rumps and point their fingers. It’s long past time for the quack practitioners of the politics of division to get out of the way and let a real doctor lead the way to better, more affordable health care for everyone.


I’ve heard of federal agencies “slow-walking” Freedom of Information Requests for documents. But when they claim the fastest they can produce requested data is somewhere between 45 and 66 years…that makes a dead snail look like Usain Bolt.


A big salute to the University of Memphis in Tennessee for stepping up to help children and spouses of killed or disabled military veterans get a college education. The school has long accepted the $5000 annual scholarships granted by the veterans’ charity, Folds of Honor. But that covers only about half of the $9700 in-state tuition. So the U of M announced that it will become the first university in America to accept $5000 Folds of Honor grants as payment in full for a complete year, picking up the rest of the tab itself.

The generous gesture inspired a Folds of Honor spokesman to declare the University of Memphis “the most patriotic university in America.” Sadly, there’s not much competition for that title these days. But if my saying that offends other universities, then I gladly challenge them to prove me wrong by adopting the same policy as the University of Memphis.


Another big story that got drowned out by the Roseanne brouhaha on Tuesday was that Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens resigned, becoming the first Governor of Missouri to quit the office since 1857.

Greitens is a Rhodes Scholar, former Navy SEAL and humanitarian who was named by Fortune as one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders. He was seen as a rising star in the GOP and a possible future President. He took office on a promise to clean up corruption, but was soon hit with numerous accusations involving anonymous campaign donations and a felony indictment connected to disturbing allegations by a woman with whom he had an affair. He blamed his troubles on political opponents, but with the allegations mounting (including a second felony charge for computer tampering) and impeachment talk rising, he abruptly resigned. It is one of the fastest and furthest falls from grace in political history.

This won’t make a major difference in the state’s political direction, since he’ll be replaced by a fellow Republican, Lt. Gov. Mike Parson, who will serve until 2021. Let’s hope for all concerned that the transition goes smoothly. I can assure Lt. Gov. Parson from experience that he’s lucky he’s not a Republican replacing a scandal-plagued Democratic Governor.


You’ve heard of fake news, of course. Well, here’s some fake health news you literally should not swallow: There is no such thing as a “sunscreen pill.” You protect your skin by putting something on your skin, not in your mouth.


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  • Kay Scyphers

    06/02/2018 07:18 PM

    I love reading your comments, they're so concise and to the point and sometimes, I can almost hear you chuckling at your humorous way with words. Keep on "keeping on" and help keep us up to date! Thanks. I love your daughter, too.

  • rodney Burke

    05/31/2018 07:29 PM

    The good senator from LA rightly points out the broken health system we have. As he knows first hand, it is NOT a health system it is a victim system. with an FDA and AMA that does't WANT cures, they want customers/patients. And I agree, MDs like Paul, Burgess, Carson and him should have more input in fixing our broken than idiot dems who know nothing about health care or the inherent problems we face now.

  • Jude'

    05/31/2018 02:28 PM

    Love you Mike , because you have proven what a humble man and a true patriot you are...and Your Daughter!...She is Awesome, which says a lot about you and your lovely wife...Love your show and the integrity that you show...with your actions...Thank you for standing up for Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father...and always doing the right things.

  • Bill Ong

    05/31/2018 01:37 PM

    Wow! I was really moved by several things. One that really hit home was the "free speech" Thank you for the newsletter!


    05/31/2018 01:29 PM

    Regarding your commentary on Folds of Honor grants, are you aware that the American Legion Legacy Scholarship fund pays 100% of the tuition for children of Veterans killed in action to attend college? You can learn more about it here: Thank you for your commentaries!

  • clyde dickey

    05/31/2018 01:01 PM

    I do not like your new format!!!!!! It allows to many ads inside the message. If this does not change I will cancel your access to my web site.
    Clyde Dickey Northern Arkie
    [email protected]


    05/31/2018 01:01 PM


  • Allen Ballard

    05/31/2018 11:56 AM

    The Gov. Greiten's fiasco is a pure Witch Hunt. No one, I mean no one from the fair & balanced media has done their homework on this, nor have they lifted a finger to bring attention to the travesty of literally raping this man's good name from him. Only a single Breitbart contributor has dug into this.
    Our governor could have used the same deep dive investigations to defend him and keep things on the up & up as has been done for President Trump. This all could have been accurately exposed for the 'trumped up' event that it actually is. Believe me, there is a Missouri Deep State in Jeff City as well as DC.
    One example; Did you know that the "victims" (I use that term generously) ex-husband's lawyer received not one, but two anonymous $50K cash donations at his office the day before the affair story broke? It was revealed in court who the donor was, a Poplar Bluff editor with a very sharp axe to grind against Greiten's. Time prevents me from going further, but this whole deal stinks likes Rham Immanuel's dead fish monger.
    How about some help from within FOX to right this injustice, even though it's too late. Where does this man go to retrieve his name/reputation now?

  • James Robert Huffman

    05/31/2018 11:32 AM

    Just told my wife that you and and your daughter are the sanest people in the news. I'm a supporter of the President too and I'm sure many of his remarks considered less than sane are done to expose the almost corrupt media.

  • Steve Hillenberg

    05/31/2018 09:43 AM

    From the Detroit Free Press:
    "Post office to veteran: Get your poppies off our property or we're calling the police"
    Not right!
    Could you use whatever influence you have with President Trump to ask him to help change this? You do have some influence?

  • Max Fowler

    05/31/2018 08:44 AM

    Howdy, Gov;
    RE: Roseanne Barr Uproar- I guess I'm just a dumb Texan, but I always thought Vallarie Jarrett (SP?) was a white woman.

  • Howard Boggs

    05/31/2018 03:58 AM

    I get it that my speech, while on the company clock, can affect its customers’ willingness to shop there. It can affect fellow employees’ willingness to work with me. They can therefore set standards of speech while I’m on the clock. But that ability should never be extended to include my speech when OFF the clock. If it does, then we do not have freedom of speech. If my speech can be restricted because someone finds it offensive, then we do not have freedom of speech. Common sense and civility demand that I don’t deliberately offend others publicly. But if I’m not free to risk offending someone by virtue of what I say, then I am not free to speak. Why don’t we “resurrect” the notion that we’re not defined by what someone says about us, that we each have inherent value apart from someone else’s opinion of us?

  • Anita Mae Barker

    05/31/2018 03:49 AM

    Great comments all, Mike. Thanks. Common sense is hard to find these days.

  • Karin Mortell

    05/31/2018 02:47 AM

    I appreciate your newsletters. Miss your show and when you would play the guitar and sing.

  • Jim sharpe

    05/31/2018 01:36 AM

    Mike you are the proverbial watchman on the wall, sounding the alarm to a people who (have ears but cannot hear?) ignore inconvenient truth so as to not interrupt their folly. May God forgive us for not relaying the alarm and perhaps turning this massive ship years ago. We are careening toward an all knowing, all powerful government political beast. The Stepenwolf song "monster" is US!

  • Linda Lindsey-Hayes

    05/31/2018 01:03 AM

    Too bad what Roseanne tweeted. Though she did not stand up with Obama’s head dangling from her outstretched arm. These people have just gone too far. The term racist is being used as a tool for political power. And the regular everyday working person that just wants their family to have a normal American life is being forced to endure this sick power and big money game. I am just aghast at how absolutely stupid the media and the so called liberals are behaving. I’m beginning to think we are being taken over by communists. This is getting out of hand. Too much hate and discontent is being pushed onto innocent people. Not good!

  • Matthew V. Brown

    05/31/2018 12:54 AM

    Thank you for the news. I enjoy reading your "news and comment."

  • Deana Frederick

    05/31/2018 12:44 AM

    I think all of us have said things that we wished we had not said. When we do, all we can do is apologize. If one person can say things and apologize and it's all ok THEN WHO DECIDES WHO CAN AND WHO CANNOT., ABC has so many Shows that I find offensive, WHEN IT HAPPENS I choose not to watch. Do we need ABC to censor what we watch or should we be allowed to do so? So many in Hollywood say awful things everyday and never apologize. Many, Many have offended me by their comments regarding conservatives or President Trump, but they are still on the air. I believe bias and political sides need to have an even playing field or hear from the viewers.

  • Deana Frederick

    05/31/2018 12:25 AM

    Re: Roseanne comment..... 1) Never say things that you wouldn't want said about you (Do unto others....) 2) She apologized, which is all that can be done at this point. 3) If Hollywood can accept apologizes of other entertainers/public figures then they should not have a double standard regarding this. Note: I have been offended by many comments that have been made regarding President Trump and Conservatives by way to many in Hollywood. If ABC pulls Roseanne, then they need to pull 90% of their programming......

    SO FED UP by the DOUBLE STANDARDS!!! Thank you Governor using putting out common sense on your newsletter/show. Keep up the good work. Maybe ABC needs to change their name to LNO -for Liberals Network Only, other viewers find a better station....

  • Sam Nigro

    05/30/2018 11:50 PM

    Roseanne being thrown out of her show because of her free speech is what should happen to many others in show business. Still overlooked and without consequences are the press&media's routine one-sided negative hateful events against religion, which is the only freedom explicitly protected by the First Amendment. Especially abused is the Catholic Church which gets jealous hatred and lies routinely from some entertainers and journalists much worse than Roseanne's smart-alec remarks. Actually, "separation of Church & state should be implemented with religions excluding all about the "state" from all religions programs, procedures, and property. But Catholic Church benefits to the state continue: In 2010, there were 2.6 million children in 6980 catholic schools saving public schools approximately $18 billion dollars. This does not include 230 colleges and universities. The Catholic Church also provided 625 hospitals – one of five hospital beds in the US are in the Catholic hospital system serving over 35 million admitted patients annually and over 98 million patients in out patient care. The cost to operate Catholic hospitals is about $100 billion dollars yearly of which 10% is unreimbursed donation by the Church. Catholic Social Service Agencies provide 2.3 billion dollars per year for down-and-outers in our society. This all is provided by some 20,000 churches supported by about 68 million Catholics. Continuing, the military support given by the Catholic schools and universities, results in about 520,000 Catholic families in the military, 204,000 Catholics in reserves, and 66,000 Catholics in government service overseas, and 29,000 Catholics are patients in the Veterans Administration.

    These are actual facts, and reparations may be justly demanded. It is not unreasonable to project backwards, at least 100 years for the Catholic Church’s contribution to American society from which the state benefited. Monies should be paid for these past services and for each year in the future. For each student each year, $1000 (which is about 1/4th actual cost) should be paid to the Church including students from every Catholic school that has closed (For 2010, the “each student” public service reparation would be $2.6 billion dollars—generalizing for 100 years, the Church is owed $2.6 trillion dollars for primary and secondary schools alone). The reparation for the 230 colleges and universities should be $10,000 for each student for each completed year since the founding of each institution. For each patient ever served in or at Catholic hospitals, $2500 should be paid to the Church. In fact, these numbers are a dramatic under payment. Everyone should figure out just what the state did not have to do because of the social benefits from the Church. And the Church should have the biggest flag sale in history: atheists will buy them by the dozen--$1000 apiece and we promise never to fly the flag again –nor mention “God” in a public venue unless historical quotes of statesmen such as the “Universal Invocation” anywhere and everywhere on public grounds . Military movies which extol the state should be prohibited on church grounds as all "state promoting" books, literature, lectures et al linked to implementation of "separation of church and state" both ways. Churched kids should be helped to stay out of the states' military, postal services and government bureaucracies. The closing of the Archdiocese for the Military Services would save the Church some money too.
    Protestants and Jews need some reparations too.
    A lot of editors, journalists, celebrities and show business people should lose their jobs, businesses and media shows.

  • Bob Burke

    05/30/2018 10:13 PM

    Hi, Mike.

    Years ago I uncovered while Obama was in that many if not most other countries limit the price that rx meds can be sold for. At that time, they paid about 25% of what we're charged (insurance + co-pays) on the average. This leaves us, at 5% of the world's population, to make up the difference, subsidize them, by paying 4x the foreign price in our largely unregulated Rx priced free market.

    All we need to correct the rip-off is an executive order or act of congress that grants US citizens "most favored state" purchasing status - that our full price (insurance + co-pays) cannot exceed the lowest price that meds are sold at in other countries. This will force drug companies to raise pricing to foreign patients of about 20% and a drop for us of about 70%. There will finally be price parity.

    If foreign govt's don't want to act, then their citizens can just buy US developed or produced meds from US based on-line licensed pharmacies at the new price by mail order. Win for the USA!

    Can you help or advise how to get this through to our congressional leaders and the president?

  • Joy Williams

    05/30/2018 10:08 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I thoroughly enjoy reading your Evening Edition. Your keen insight, delightful sense of humor and your total command of the English language make keeping up with the latest news a pleasure. And I like your daughter too! She has shown such calm and is so unflappable in her role as Press Secretary. She obviously inherited your traits in this area.

  • Ann Weigler

    05/30/2018 09:44 PM

    Hello Mike,
    When I read your comments, I feel like I am listening to a good friend who thinks like I do! Keep up the good work, we sure need more people like you out there.
    Most Sincerely,

  • Carolyn Powell

    05/30/2018 09:30 PM

    Thank you, Mike, for your honesty, insight and Christian views for your 'real' news. Not only for today's articles - but for all of them on a daily basis. I am so very glad I signed up to receive these emails.
    May God continue to bless, guide and protect you and your family. And may President Trump realize and understand he has a calling from God to carry out as our earthly leader. I hope he knows how much his efforts and leadership are appreciated (the media throws too much biased and false news out there about him; I'm SICK OF and FED UP with it!).

    Most sincerely, Carolyn (and husband) from Mid-Tennessee

  • carol baker

    05/30/2018 09:14 PM

    I tried to make a donation using the link attached to your email this morning after the vote. I repeatedly received notices that the Huck Pac email was a scam that would lead to my information being given to others unassociated with the Huck PAC. Obviously someone does not like your raising money for honest people! I did send the information to your web site but I am still angry!

  • Judy Bunch

    05/30/2018 08:48 PM

    Hi Gov. Huckabee! I really did enjoy your end of the day summary. You are spot on...always.
    Roseanne really dominated the news! She has always been a loose cannon, and always will be.She is very wealthy, but I hate that the entire crew is out of work now. It is very sad that the liberals like Joy, can say anything... and that rude jerk could attack your precious daughter, who we all love...and they get by! Kimmell and all ! Unfair..... I keep President Trump in my prayers, because no one else could do what he has done for our county. He is amazing. God bless him. I hope he keeps tweeting! We get to have his honest comments!!! I enjoyed your entire summary. Thank you, I appreciate your ideas. Have a good night. Judy

  • Johnny Eissens

    05/30/2018 08:46 PM

    Real racism is real stupid. Imagine an nba owner insisting on having a whites only team. Ok? or a racially/ethnically proportional team on the floor at all times. I say go for it. It would be a lesson for all to see what real racism is... real stupid.
    But when someone says offensive/racist words like Rose Ann... big deal... it’s/was a free country. Your beautiful daughter and the President and his family have been subjected to abusive language/ images from day one... Jimmy Duranty had a big nose... he looked like a cross between... fill in the blanks. Have a laugh. Hillary called us all “deplorables”. Did we cry to our lawyers? No, we replied, “Thank you, your majesty”.
    Hopefully, we’ve all had other kids/people make fun/ridicule us mercilessly at times. And hopefully we’ve had mothers who taught us quite rightly that Sticks and stones... you know.
    Free speech is free speech. It is the bedrock of civilization and absolutely cannot be moved. We need to appreciate that fact in a major way, everyday.

  • Jay Drun

    05/30/2018 08:43 PM

    Saw you on Martha McCollum tonight. I do agree with you in regards to corrections reform. However, in regards to the three strikes rule I have to disagree with you. Prior to that rule, many liberal judges were releasing serious criminals. You can go back to the ‘70s and ‘80s and find numerous accounts of violent criminals being released after 5 to 7 years in a revolving door system at the expense of victims. Prosecutors did not like the law because they had to actually work instead of just getting a quick plea. In one conversation tonight you talked about judgment and the next you are sounding like a liberal espousing “victimless crimes”. I think most people are pretty forgiving for one mistake but no matter what the crime, the third time it is time to pay the piper. That law came about due to victim frustration. I am not familiar with the incident Kardashian is supporting so I have no opinion on that case. However, your opinion on “victimless crimes” and the three strike rules is incorrect. I ask that you do not use my name or this comment on your show. If you are wondering what my perspective is based on, I am a retired 26 year police officer who saw why the three strike law came in to effect. I usual agree or at least understand your perspective but you are wrong on the importance of the three strike rule. Thank you

  • Paul Jablonski

    05/30/2018 08:40 PM

    Sir: I greatly admire your daughter. She is doing great. I pray for her and all of Trumps staff every night. Her response to that lewd comedian that she would pray for her was great. A true Christian response.

  • Bob Henderson

    05/30/2018 08:37 PM

    It sure is nice to read your commentaries Mike. Refreshing to listen to someone with a brain and who can actually use it !

  • Stephen Russell

    05/30/2018 08:27 PM

    Slow walking documents shows DOJ etc have stuff toHide.
    Need some dissident to "resign" from within & spill beans on inside ^& verify McCourts abuse by Mueller.
    Make public, name names

  • Stephen Russell

    05/30/2018 08:24 PM

    Damn tired of Leftists One way speech IE Roseanne tweet when Leftists have DONE worse to Trump since 1-17.
    Unfair, Wrong & Life is 2 way street.
    Tire of leftists comics etc getting away with worse on Trump alone.
    & Yes I agree with Roseanne.

  • Anne Baker

    05/30/2018 08:19 PM

    Loved each piece. As a radio show host I know putting down good political info takes time & research. I look forward to following your posts.

  • Debbie Graham

    05/30/2018 08:18 PM

    My head would spin trying to keep up with all the politics in do you do it?! I am so sick of hearing about the Russians and Mueller....aaaaaggghhhh!! LOL Roseanne Barr needs to move to a foreign country and get on some medication. She is one vulgar woman with huge mental health issues.

  • Johnny Eissens

    05/30/2018 08:17 PM

    Real racism is real stupid. Imagine an nba owner insisting on having a whites only team. Ok? or a racially/ethnically proportional team on the floor at all times. I say go for it. It would be a lesson for all to see what real racism is... real stupid.
    But when someone says offensive/racist words like Rose Ann... big deal... it’s/was a free country. Your beautiful daughter and the President and his family have been subjected to abusive language/ images from day one... Jimmy Duranty had a big nose... he looked like a cross between... fill in the blanks. Have a laugh. Hillary called us all “deplorables”. Did we cry to our lawyers? No, we replied, “Thank you, your majesty”.
    Hopefully, we’ve all had other kids/people make fun/ridicule us mercilessly at times. And hopefully we’ve had mothers who taught us quite rightly that Sticks and stones... you know.
    Free speech is free speech. It is the bedrock of civilization and absolutely cannot be moved. We need to appreciate that fact in a major way, everyday.

  • Brenda Grafft

    05/30/2018 08:07 PM

    These were my tweets on the subject today:
    1) If referencing a made-up character from #PlanetoftheApes is a racist statement, then according to the Dems definition @michelleisawolf is a #RACIST. What she said about @SarahHuckabee :"What is #UncleTom for white women disappointing other white women?" & she called Sarah, Aunt Lydia in #Handmaidentale
    2) FYI: Sarah & DJT are of Caucasian race. Websters definition of a racist: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
    3) As long as people see color & use it for their political agenda, then by definition they are racist @therealroseanne I know you are sorry & should not have tweeted what you did in this crazy messed up world. Those of us who don't see color (a.k.a. are not racist) accept your apology. Signed a Christian
    4) and finally..... to the haters who bashed Sarah about tearing up at the WH Press conference:
    @PressSec @SarahHuckabee is a mother with small children. She is #ProLife & a Christian, so those of you who are #ProChoice & are bashing her, have NO VOICE in these school shooting issues. #Hypocrites @WhoopiGoldberg @JoyVBehar @MeghanMcCain

  • David Bevil

    05/30/2018 08:07 PM

    I have two young daughters in public high school. Almost daily the two of them come home distressed regarding very inappropriate racist language. Oh, not from whites but from Hispanics and African Americans and no on,NO ONE, dares confront them.

  • Alan C. Fitzgerald

    05/30/2018 08:06 PM

    Perhaps those of us who agree with the Barr comedic comment should let ABC/Disney know how we feel by avoiding their programming? That's what I am going to do! Think they would notice?

  • Anthony Silverence

    05/30/2018 07:45 PM

    Well, as far as Roseann goes, she stuck her foot in her mouth and deserves what she got. Sad part? If this was some "Liberal" actor, this would have been washed away with a simple apology and that would be that. That's the way it goes in "Unholywood." As for Health Insurance costs? Well Huck, I have long maintained that the outrageous cost is generated by what has become, the Health Care "industry." No longer geared to "curing" disease, it simply "treats" it. With all the genetic research going on, by now we should have an actual cure for most cancers. However, as "cancer" research employs MILLIONS of people and reaps BILLIONS of dollars anually, why would anyone want to cure cancer?

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    05/30/2018 07:36 PM

    Interesting that NOTHING happened to Hillary after she called Donna Brazile a " comatose gorilla " ;-}

  • Marie Fricchione

    05/30/2018 07:36 PM

    Hi Governor! I always enjoy your humorous tweets but this was about serious topics-even Roseanne! It’s a shame that the liberal movement has firmly gripped our culture and it drives me crazy that our kids are being indoctrinated into Marxist thinking. As a former schoolteacher, I’m especially concerned for the grade school early childhood ages 5-12! They are the most vulnerable.
    Your article here was on point with all topics and I thank you for being a sane voice in the wilderness of this new world we must inhabit now!