May 9, 2018

President Trump tweeted that Sec. Of State Mike Pompeo is now in the air, bringing home three Americans who had been held captive in North Korea. Meanwhile, all the diplomatic experts who were in charge of preventing North Korea from getting nuclear weapons, and then who warned that by standing up to North Korea Trump was going to encourage them to fire their nuclear weapons at us, are now warning that Trump doesn’t know how to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons the way they do.

My question: Can we put those “diplomatic experts” on the plane returning to North Korea?


New ranking shows had more web traffic than, but both were beaten by four porn sites. With all the 24/7 Stormy Daniels coverage, maybe people just mistook for a porn site.

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The Daily Caller quotes inside White House sources as saying that while John Kerry’s inappropriate-if-not-illegal impersonation of a sitting Secretary of State negotiating to save the Iran nuclear deal was not the reason President Trump killed it, it did help drive the final nail into its coffin. Let me be the first to say: “Heckuva job, Kerry!”


Tuesday, primary elections were held in Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia. You can find the results of all the main races here:

A few takeaways from the results: The biggest news was in West Virginia, where Attorney General Patrick Morrisey easily won the GOP Senate primary. That race got a lot of national attention because of mining executive Don Blankenship, who was running as a Trump-style disruptive outsider. He had been under fire for using allegedly racist language and for serving a prison term for conspiracy to violate mine safety standards, resulting in a disaster that killed 29 miners.

For once, President Trump agreed with the GOP establishment, arguing that nominating Blankenship would turn a likely win into a Roy Moore/Alabama-like loss. But at least with Blankenship, voters could see the problems in advance; it wouldn’t be a post-primary media mugging. That race got a ton of media attention, with overheated predictions of a Blankenship win; I suspect because many reporters relished painting GOP primary voters as dumb, racist rubes. But they overplayed their hand: when the votes were counted, Blankenship didn’t even crack 20%. Morrisey will face Democrat Joe Manchin, which could turn West Virginia into a must-needed Republican pick-up seat.

Meanwhile, in Ohio, Rep. Jim Renacci will take on Democratic incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown. But it wasn’t a total wash-out for anti-establishment candidates. In Indiana, wealthy, self-financed auto parts distributor and Harvard MBA Mike Braun beat two current Congress members, Luke Messer and Todd Rokita, for the chance to challenge vulnerable Democratic incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly. That GOP primary race was called one of the nastiest and most expensive in the country. Braun ran on a platform of bringing private sector business smarts to DC, but he’s not a complete political neophyte: he served one term in the state legislature and was a member of his local school board. Scoff if you want, but that gives him more political experience than many people in Washington have private sector experience.

Fun fact about this race: Braun carried around cardboard cutouts of his two Congress member rivals and challenged voters to tell them apart. That’s not really fair, since many people couldn’t pick their Congress member out of a police lineup – even though that situation does occasionally arise.

Another interesting race was in Indiana, where Vice President Mike Pence’s older brother Greg Pence won the GOP primary to run for the US House seat left open when Luke Messer launched his unsuccessful run for the Senate nomination. That’s considered a safe Republican seat; Trump won it by 40 points in 2016, so the “blue wave” would have to be a tidal wave to win that.

Finally, speaking of the much-ballyhooed “blue wave,” there wasn’t much evidence of it Tuesday. Democratic turnout was strong, which Republicans should take as a warning for November. But in most polling places, it was reported that voting was slow and steady, with a slightly-higher-than-normal turnout of 20% or so; but no waves of humanity wearing anatomically-correct hats.

The Democrats did win bragging rights in one place, though: their turnout exceeded the Republicans’ by about 900 votes in Hamilton County, Ohio, home of Cincinnati. It was a tiny margin, but a big uptick historically for the Democrats. The last time they outnumbered Republicans there in an off-year election was 1982, when Jerry Springer ran for Governor as a Democrat. Apparently, back then, many Democrats thought it was a good idea to elect a reality TV star famous for saying outrageous things. Now, they just run around shouting and throwing chairs.

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The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates is getting a lot of attention and praise for writing a 5,000-word screed against hip-hop star Kanye West, essentially linking the very concepts of freedom and free thinking to whiteness (even drawing some baffling parallels between wanting to live in a peaceful suburb and supporting the Confederacy) and accusing West of betraying his black heritage by asserting the right to think for himself and not automatically reject President Trump or conservative ideas instead of accepting the ironclad Democratic mindset of the ethnic collective. It’s staggering that anyone would invoke the horrors of slavery to justify telling a black man that he’s not free to think for himself.

At the link, Ben Shapiro deconstructs Coates’ identity politics attack, which includes an exhortation to West to come “back to Chicago, back to Home.” Well, maybe he doesn’t want to come back to a city that’s so plagued by gang violence that despite strict anti-gun laws, nearly 40 people were shot in just three days last week, including 4- and 15-year-olds wounded and a young mother killed – and a city that, by the way, hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1931. Coates dismisses West as dangerously ignorant for calling Chicago the murder capital of the world, linking to a chart showing that, if you figure it per capita, it ranks behind several other cities (I’m sure that statistical asterisk is very comforting to the people who’ve been murdered). At #1 is St. Louis (last Republican mayor: 1949), followed by Baltimore (last Republican mayor: 1967) and Detroit (last Republican mayor: 1962.) Well, that certainly proves his case that blacks shouldn’t question Democratic leadership!

Shapiro notes the irony of Coates refuting West’s complaints of people wanting to box him in by threatening to call him white if he doesn’t stop thinking outside the box.

Further irony: It may hard to believe after reading Coates’ essay, but he once received a MacArthur Genius Grant. I guess that’s one box he’s trying to break out of.


Interesting read about how the hidden horrific behavior (alcohol, drugs, abuse of women, abuse of power) of former New York State Attorney General, anti-Trump liberal and “Me Too” champion (!) Eric Schneiderman was an open secret in top Democratic political circles for years, but nobody said anything or lifted a finger to stop it (the only public crack in his Teflon shield was a warning that he was worse than known pervs Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, tweeted in 2013 by…Donald Trump!) It’s all eerily similar to the story of Harvey Weinstein, another long-time liberal hero whom everyone in Hollywood seemed to know but never mention was a sex-crazed monster behind closed doors – and whom Schneiderman was preparing to prosecute.

If the Democrats could only protect the borders as vigilantly as they circle the wagons around their own high-ranking hypocritical perverts, there would be no illegal immigration problem.

Speaking of liberal news organizations that bury negative stories about Democrats (but rush to report anti-Trump stories even when they aren’t confirmed), NBC is getting a fresh, well-earned round of mockery. Last year, NBC was ridiculed for rejecting reporter Ronan Farrow’s expose of Harvey Weinstein that was instead published by the New Yorker, where it ignited the “Me, Too” movement and won a Pulitzer Prize. The reason why NBC’s display of bias and incompetence is back in the news: that bombshell expose of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in the New Yorker was also co-written by…oh, go ahead. Take a guess...

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Four Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are blocking President Trump’s nomination of Gina Haspel as the first female CIA Director. They object to her based on claims that she participated in waterboarding a terrorist suspect at a CIA base she oversaw in Thailand, although that story was retracted when a declassified timeline showed she arrived after his interrogation. But her Democratic opponents just picked up the support of a prominent newsmaker who also thinks she’s not fit to run the CIA. Their new ally: Al-Qaeda leader and 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He does not want that woman in charge of interrogating him!

If the Democrats think this endorsement of their position on national security looks good for them during an election year, they really have no business being on an intelligence committee.

Are you familiar with the Amazon Smile program that sends a tiny portion of your Amazon purchases to the charity of your choice? Well, it turns out you don’t really have full control of your choice of charities.

Amazon recently dropped the non-profit group Alliance Defending Freedom from its approved list of Smile charity recipients. The ADF provides legal assistance in defending people’s religious liberty and free speech rights. That includes people who are pressured to violate their religious beliefs by participating in same-sex weddings.

Sadly, unlike the Department of Defense and the FBI, Amazon still relies on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s dubious “hate list,” which has devolved from a list of actual hate groups to include groups falsely branded as hate groups because they don’t conform 100% to the SPLC’s far-left agenda. Amazon cut off the ADF from Smile donations because the SPLC branded it a “hate group” for allegedly working “to deny goods and services to LGBT people on the basis of religion.”

So wait: it’s okay for Amazon to refuse to work with groups that disagree with its beliefs, but if the ADF defends religious believers who assert the same right, they’re a “hate group”? Does that make Amazon a hate group? And isn't Amazon now denying donations to a nonprofit group on the basis of religion?

This is a bad decision based on bad data issued in bad faith. Amazon should reconsider it before their customers of faith give them a few million reasons to stop smiling.



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  • Amelia Little

    05/10/2018 12:47 PM

    What seems to be proved over and over by anti-Trumpers (liberal and conservative) that they are only out to obstruct (and hopefully impeach) President Trump are the issues that they were intense about which are actually the stance of President Trump now--but, OMG!!! Horrible stance, horrible reasoning, horrible this and that. They don't even stop to think about how THEY look at doing an about-face--only because President Trump is President.

    And, as usual, don't rock any boats about wrongdoing of hoolywood elite and liberal politicians...unless forced to because the wrong-doing somehow makes the news (probably not msm news, lol.) Any wrong-doing by a conservative should be vigorously prosecuted. But, if it's a raging liberal hoolywood "star" or a democrat politician, let's find ways to deal with this without that person having any consequeces (well, Schneiderman did resign) or even having to admit wrong-doing. Weiner-he did admit wrongdoing, and was prosecuted--okay, I was wrong, I "paid my duty" now, let me go back to my pre-conviction position. Ooops, I'm so sorry, I did it again, go easy on me, it's a mental illness, blah blah blah. But he still doesn't want to take responsibility for his transgression.