May 21, 2018

President Trump announced on Sunday (in a tweet, naturally) that he would be calling for the DOJ to investigate the alleged infiltration of his 2016 campaign for political purposes --- he’s talking about the spying here --- and to find out if the Obama administration had anything to do with it.

On Monday, he made good on that, and top officials at the Department of Justice have agreed to put the Inspector General on a review of the FISA application process to see “whether there was any impropriety or political motivation in how the FBI conducted its counterintelligence operation of persons suspected of Russian involvement with the Russian agents who interfered in the 2016 presidential election.” According to the DOJ’s statement, the IG will “consult with the appropriate U.S. attorney” if any evidence of potential criminal conduct is found.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had this to say: “If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take action.” Is it just me, or is this a really tepid response, considering the stunning nature of these allegations?

Do you support President Trump's call for an investigation into whether or not the DOJ/FBI were politically motivated to investigate the Trump campaign? VOTE HERE

But once again, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is sitting on the sidelines. (No wonder the President is furious.) Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has spoken with Sessions about this, and says the AG told him he is completely unwilling to step in. This is just getting ridiculous. Yes, Sessions recused himself from the investigation into the campaign’s alleged ties with Russia (that move actually made some sense, because he personally was involved in Trump’s campaign), but this is something else: an “investigation of the investigation,” and he’s supposed to be our top law enforcement official. Instead, we have a vacuum that’s had to be filled by the second-in-command, Rosenstein, who, unbelievably, is still directing the scope of the Mueller investigation despite YUUUUUGE conflicts of interest. Sessions should have fired him long ago. And if Trump can’t fire Sessions because of the political fallout, Sessions should realize he can’t adequately perform his duties as AG and resign, too.

Something about this is very wrong. And the DOJ investigating itself isn’t going to fix it.

That’s why it may still come down to Congressional oversight to get to the bottom of it. They’ve been pushing for many months to get the FBI and DOJ to let them see unredacted documents that they have the security clearance and the right to see, but recent revelations about ‘infiltration” (spying) seem to have energized House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, who suspects there were other government “informants” (spies) at work within the campaign besides the one we know about.

Both Nunes and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise had tough words for the FBI on Sunday. They know the stakes are high and that this is not the time for backing down.

If the DOJ under Rod Rosenstein continues to stonewall (“Sorry, we can’t release that, because it’s part of an ongoing investigation...”), Trump needs to play hardball and just declassify all the documents in question. BOOM, like that! He’s the President, after all; he gets to do it. Also, former FBI agents can speak up and offer valuable insight into how the investigation might have gotten started. Case in point: Clarice Feldman at AMERICAN THINKER has an update that outlines a very interesting possible scenario suggested by former agent Mark Wauck. He says the Democrats may have used the cover of a “preliminary investigation” to gain access to all the NSA data they wanted on political opponents –- at least until Mike Rogers at NSA clamped down, at which point they had to do whatever was necessary to obtain FISA warrants. (He did the timeline, and it works.) You have to get pretty deep into Feldman’s article to find this, but it’s enlightening.



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  • Sheila L. Vigue

    05/24/2018 09:26 PM

    My husband & I have worked most of our lives & there is talk that Social Security will not be around for us, is this true? also, why do we reward bad behavior, if 2 people create a child they cannot support working Americans have to pay for it. I can understand one mistake but when they do it over & over & we increase their welfare check this is wrong. You cannot increase wealth in a country by dividing it! Working responsible people should not have to fork over a large portion of their checks for people with little or not morals & no desire to work for a living.Also, why do politicians act like our tax dollars are theirs, it is not it belongs to the working American people & when will we stop paying for investigations that clearly do not help out working American's who pay for these expensive investigations & why do politicians have to travel so much with all the new technology?? also why do politicians retire at full pay when the rest of the country have next to nothing to live on, I could go on & on but this will only change when Jesus returns & cleans house of greedy politicians & welfare people who could work but choose not to & why are the biological fathers not made to do some kink of work even if it is cleaning up parks/sides of the road or made to do construction on government buildings to keep the costs down?? why is Hilliary not held responsible for her actions??? It seems the Clintons are above the law & America is sick & tired of footing the bill for nonsense & not for really helping people who have worked the majority of their lives & paid taxes & are struggling to get by but not we give it to people who have us & reward bad behavior! I watched as some politicians still have access to funds donated to them who were no longer in office, how wrong is this & I will not send anymore donations until these issues have been not only talked about but acted upon!

  • Dorothy Gavin

    05/24/2018 04:03 PM

    Jeff Sessions is doing his job!? What exactly is that? He should be immediately replaced or take pride in himself and step down like NOW!

  • Everett Coates

    05/24/2018 06:09 AM

    It's a bit like having the fox investigate who took the missing chickens. I suspect that the deep state has dirt on everybody in DC, which would explain why Sessions has effectively gone missing. The US may very well have become an oligarchy just like Russia.

  • Shirley Bowman

    05/24/2018 05:50 AM

    Hello Mike. My husband and I appreciate so much your stand and faith. We pray God will continue to bless you and your family. We love Sarah and the way she stands up to the fake media.

    We couldn't agree with you more on Sessions. We pray that Trump is reading your posts. We get the feeling that he won't do things sometimes as President because of all the attacks he's getting on himself and his beautiful family. It's shameful that all these media sources and talk show hosts attack him incessantly and the fact that Sessions won't stand up for Trump makes it worse. Americans aren't blind. We see all the new businesses opening in our towns thanks to our brave President and we pray for him daily, and the administration. America is coming back to life again thanks to our great President! We pray that God will remove those attacking Christians and President Trump out of their seats of power like Maxine Waters, for example. Interesting how the Democrats can chat and get away with anything but President Trump can't sneeze without the fake news blowing it up into a big lie! Again, thank you for your stand and all you do. We saw you and Sarah on The View. I don't watch that awful show but watched on YouTube their interview with you and Sarah. You both did a great job standing up to them.

  • David Sharp

    05/23/2018 04:49 PM

    Mike Huckabee, we thank the Lord for you! Thank you for continually speaking up for the truth. Unfortunately, there are so many leftist on the 'evil side' who don't ever listen for the truth, whether in your letters or programs, or on FOX News, that they will never change their minds. What a sad commentary on a country that used to be pro God. They holler about gun control, instead of holler for God and Godly teaching to be allowed back in the schools, so students hearts could be changed, and learn how to follow the Lord, instead of the trash the world is dumping into their minds. May the Lord give you the strength to continue your great ministry. Dave

  • Marie E. Morris

    05/23/2018 04:16 PM

    Keep up on this good information. I read them and thank you for sharing this vital information. We love you, Mike Huckabee!

  • Duke Burnett

    05/23/2018 12:00 PM

    If we let this corruption go unpunished, it will be the biggest travisity of justice ever. And I mean right to the top, Obama and the Clintons included. This CANNOT be acceptable.

  • David Colonna

    05/23/2018 10:49 AM

    Can you get a mesaage to Jeff Sessions for all Americans who believe in justice. Mr. Sessions the true American people want you to step down immediately from your role. We all now know your in with the Deep State, left wing and anti American group. Their is no other explanation for your actions in allowing what is going on in DOJ and FBI.

  • Ronnie Jones

    05/23/2018 10:28 AM

    I have rec’d inquiries from you asking for a yes or no to prayer in school. I always answer no since since it is obvious what would happen if such a law was passed. Every religion/cult would say that they are entitled to pray as they see fit, i.e. devil worshipers, Muslims, moon people, etc. so I say keep prayer in the home and church where it cannot be attacked, yet.

  • Samuel Deitel

    05/23/2018 10:27 AM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee:
    To have the DOJ investigate itself is like having the fox investigate the death of the hens in the henhouse. Who can forget mortgage rates under Carter climbing to the stratosphere of 23%, and beginning its steep decline under Reagan. Until Obama far outpaced Carter as a fatuous, lying anti-American conman and feckless fool I thought no pres. could be as bad as Carter. BTW Rep. King's legislation makes eminent sense.

  • Carolyn Bell

    05/23/2018 10:19 AM

    I have voted on several different things and I never did get the results I couldn't find them where do I go to get the results of our voting's

  • Jeanne Harrell

    05/23/2018 09:31 AM

    Mr. Mike,
    I personally think AG Jeff Sessions should resign because all he wants to do is sit on his hands (& receive a pay check). He’s a nice guy but obviously has zero backbone! Right now this country needs good, honest, conservatives with a determination to clean this place up! That requires standing up & having intestinal fortitude! When is enough going to be enough?! I think President Trump should appoint YOU as attorney general! You’re the whole package! Thanks for all that you do! Also I love your daughter too! She’s as tough as her daddy!
    Thanks for listening,
    Jeanne Harrell

  • mike prather

    05/23/2018 09:07 AM

    In all probability there were many more wire taps involved during the election. Maybe even you Mike. Don't let this go. keep up the good work

  • Claire Reheis

    05/23/2018 09:05 AM

    I completely agree ..I watch Fox news nightly and leave the TV on all night as my sleeping patterns leave something to be desired.. I am almost 83 years old and have never been so fully interested in politics until 2016 when I immediately realized that Donald Trump was the man for our country..The liberal faction that is trying to destroy him and his presidency hear all of the is so upsetting but he is not going to let that happen..The main frustration in the country I feel is, those who are supporting him , hear the information that is against the ones who are against him and yet the wheel of progress are going so slowly in prosecuting all of the wrongs that have been done, and Jeff Sessions is just a complete "nothing" and not doing his job at all.. Let's get moving and start with Hillary from years back and then keep going..The information is there, so prosecute..too frustrating for us all..Thanks for doing what you are doing..I hope I live long enough to see the wrongs righted..


    05/23/2018 08:37 AM

    It's about time something is being done about this situation, enough is enough!

  • Michael Galloway

    05/23/2018 08:36 AM

    Sessions needs to go !!! Totally ineffective, but as you said, something so wrong about his unwillingness to pursue justice. I smell a rat !!! President Trump will need to soon pursue finding another Attorney General. I personally would have hoped for Trey Gowdy, but doubt whether he would be interested.
    Having Roseinstein or anyone else in the DOJ investigating themselves is like asking the fox to guard the hen house !!!! The President has to be aware the Roseinstein cannot and should not be trusted. Way too many Obama holdovers who are still loyal to him and not this president. There needs to be a major shakeup or the swamp will never even be able to be half drained !!!

  • Jean-Jacques VITRAC

    05/23/2018 02:22 AM

    To me, the main question seems to be the legitimity of the Mueller investigation.
    How was Mueller appointed ? Was this a legitimate appointment by Rod Rosenstein ? Can one member of the Justice
    Department decide such a major investigation - and appoint a friend or a former associate to lead that investigation - without Congress confirmation or even a presidential confirmation ? It takes such a long process to confirm a judge and here we have a major investigation team appointed by one DOJ member alone. I can't believe this is constitutional. What is you view on the process ? And if it is not constitutional, who can stop that process ?

  • Richard Ksenich

    05/23/2018 12:35 AM

    I hope our President has a reason for asking the Crooked Justice Dept. to do the investigation on the Campaign and Obama spying. If he doesn't he is a lot dumber than one could think.
    This Justice department is Hillary and Obama and Democrat biased.
    What would make our President think the truth would come out under these cronies? Is he falling into the SWAMP?

  • Marlene Helfrick

    05/22/2018 11:44 PM

    Maybe Trump should check Hillary's Filegate and see whose files she illegally looked at. These names should show him who is being blackmailed.

  • William Schlumpf

    05/22/2018 11:13 PM

    Looking more and more like parallels of Hillary's purloining of FBI files on political opponents. Wonder if the key to this conspiracy could be found on Hillary's secret server or the DNC's. Espionage may also have extended to the Bush/Rubio/Cruz campaigns. Pure speculation at this point. Getting interesting.

  • Lucia Anne Dodge

    05/22/2018 11:06 PM

    I really enjoy your essays, but I wish you would put a line of space between paragraphs. I find it difficult to read the way it is now. Thank you. Keep up the good work!

  • Merle Douglas

    05/22/2018 09:55 PM

    Why does the President give the departments so long to turn documents in? Why doesn't he say he wants them by end of this day instead of letting them have them until the end or middle of the month. They are due today, period.

  • Leopoldo R Gutierrez

    05/22/2018 09:23 PM

    I have always thought that Sessions is a "too nice" of a person for such a thought job. Please ask my President to put somebody else there with the real willingness to make Justice a way of life.
    Thanks Mr. Huckabee.
    Side note: Your daughter is doing a super nice job.

  • Karl C Shumaker

    05/22/2018 09:22 PM

    As a Mustang Naval officer I was expected to produce results, whether of a routine day-to-day nature or a one-of-a-kind unique assignment. These top level people and their foot-dragging infuriate me! We are better off as a nation with Trump in the mansion but his people need to get on the stick and back him up. Pres. Trump may be the sly dog I think him to be and is playing out enough rope for Sessions to hang himself but enough of the BS! Quit spending money on Mueller and his witch hunt! Quit pussy-footing around Hillary and indict her for Uranium One, Vince Foster, pick a crime like Benghazi and CONVICT! This is the kind of nonsense that keeps us from finding out who put the hit on JFK. Oswald was not smart enough to be the sole assassin.

  • Kevin Houseman

    05/22/2018 09:17 PM

    Mike, I really appreciate the daily Bible verse. Keep up the good work brother.

  • David Mokry

    05/22/2018 08:37 PM

    Sessions Needs To ---GO !!!! Should Have remained a Senator--He Can't Handle The "Heat" in The "Kitchen"......
    I Hope --- This "Rabbit-Chase" ends--soon..... It's apparent the "meddling" of Gov't agencies tried to tip the scales in Hillary's Favor--- Trump Needs to Fire- Rosenstein-- Clean-House !!!! :( D

  • Irene Harper

    05/22/2018 08:26 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee: One of your recent polls was do I support the return of prayer to our schools. While I consider myself a follower of Jesus Christ, I had to answer NO. Now that Christian prayer has been out of Public Schools for at least two generations, we will not be able to return prayers to our Public Schools unless we also allow, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and what ever else that students in the schools might practice. Until my children were of an age I felt they were capable of making a spiritual decision, I tried not to allow them to be influenced by religions that I believe contradicted God's Holy Word. We must teach Christians that is not the Public Schools responsibility to teach religion, it is the parent's responsibility. If the families are not Christian, then it is the responsibility of the Churches to reach the children. I feel strongly about reaching the children in my community and while I am not too old to teach as I did until a few years ago, I still try to support my church's youth ministry and thank the Lord for much fruit. I felt the poll question was incorrectly worded and very limited in its scope.

  • Kathleen Moore

    05/22/2018 08:19 PM

    Mike Huckabee would be a great president!

  • Richard Moulton

    05/22/2018 08:06 PM

    I still think the Dems are threatening Sessions or holding something over his head to keep him from acting. He’s even afraid to talk about why he won’t (can’t) take action.

  • Donalie Sawtelle

    05/22/2018 07:45 PM

    It is time for Sessions to go. I don't know how he hasn't been fired before this. He is weak.

  • John Johnson

    05/22/2018 07:39 PM

    What if there is a 2nd FBI spy still in the Trump administration? What if he enabled the Mueller investigation to get started? What if that spy refused to do his job except on his pet project "Immigration"? What if he refused to hand over documents to Congress or to bring charges against anyone in the Deep State or the Mayor of Oakland that Trump requested? What if the spy is Jeff Sessions who has done more to compromise the Trump administration even more so than Mueller?

  • Peggy Christensen

    05/22/2018 07:17 PM

    It has been said that 'No Out-of-office-U.S. President has ever lived in the D.C. boundaries, after his term. Why is OBAMA STILL INTERFERING

  • Judy Bunch

    05/22/2018 06:46 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, you are Spot On. The CORRUPT Justice Dept. cannot possibly investigate themselves.
    That is stupid. Mr. Sessions seems like the BIG problem here. What can we do, as Conservatives do to get Sessions to resign??? He has been questionable to me ever since he recused himself. HE needs to stop the Mueller with hunt. All of this gives more pressure to our Great President, who keeps working around the clock. You , and Sarah, are my Dear Dear Favorites!!! Great summary you did-sharing....

  • Brenda Cumbus

    05/22/2018 06:43 PM

    He needs to be fired for refusing to do his job
    Love You daughter Sarah on WH news. She is sharp and quick.

  • Mary Meyer

    05/22/2018 06:37 PM

    He has to be a part of the Deep State. He needs to be FIred. He is a disgrace.

  • Mary Meyer

    05/22/2018 06:36 PM

    He has to be a part of the Deep State. He needs to be FIred. He is a disgrace.

  • Jerry Smith

    05/22/2018 06:29 PM

    It is my honest belief that on Jeff Sessions 1st day at The "Justice" Dept he was shown the file they have on him and his family. Ever since that day The AG has worked for the Deep State instead of the American People. I can not recall one thing he has done that The Prez wanted him to do. Sessions should be fired forthwith.

  • Bruce Fowler

    05/22/2018 06:20 PM

    Remember what President Reagan did to the Air Traffic Controllers? When people get too big for their britches they need to be shown the door. We need to march through the DOJ and FBI like Sherman to the sea! Let Hillary and Obama put them on their payroll.

  • Darlene F. Donston

    05/22/2018 06:16 PM

    I agree and so does my husband Howard about Sessions. He should have been fired long ago. Why did he want this job so bad? He was in it from the very he got the job, but he has not done one thing going on 2 years now. I am on FB and all the people on my page agree that Sessions needs to go and so does Mueller. President Trump is exactly right and it is nothing but a Witch Hunt. They are just after Trump and they do not care what it is just as long as they can get rid of him. I would have fired Mueller long ago, too and not cared what anyone said or did. I guess when you get my age, you just want what is good for America! I don't know about you but I worry about my kids and grandchildren and their future. Just really getting tired of all those Dimms wasting President Trump's years in office by STALLING around and not doing their part. Just look what we had for 8 years! Take care and my God Bless this Country!

  • Sue Scott

    05/22/2018 06:11 PM

    Justice means Arrests and Prosecution. #commonsense

    Schools: dress-code, parent and Teacher/Councelor Accountability.

  • Jerry Asbury

    05/22/2018 06:08 PM

    Your right mike a DOJ investigation is a waist of time the needsto be a special council investigation of the DoJ and the FBI. That are all involved. Drain the swamp once and for all, implicated Republicans as well!

  • Bobbi Jones

    05/22/2018 05:29 PM

    I’m over Jeff Sessions.
    He needs to be fired!

  • Esther Sims

    05/22/2018 05:19 PM

    Ridiculous. They already know the answers, so why will they look into it!!! God help President Trump! We have got to get to the bottom of this.

  • Jeanne m. Dunn

    05/22/2018 05:06 PM

    Jeff Sessions is hiding something. Has anyone investigated whether there could be something the deep state is holding over his head. Something that are blackmailing him about. Or a family member. Please have someone check this out, it makes no sense for him to refuse to get tnvolved and in fact for him to side with the intelligence community.

  • Anne Turner

    05/22/2018 04:59 PM

    It is totally amazing how deluded the liberals are about what conservatives stand for. A local columnist recent wrote that since the Supremes decided to allow medical personnel not to perform certain procedures for religious reasons that those Christians would no long provide care for botched abortions, aids patients, smokers and obese people with conditions as a result is their excesses, liver conditions due to alcholism, etc. You get the drift. Why is it so hard for libs to understand that there are some people who truly believe that life, with a soul, begins at conception, or at the very least when a heartbeat can can be detected. I cannot imagine any true Christian medical professional who would not care for a sick or injured person regardless of the cause of their illness. Have you ever heard of anything so rediculous?

  • Mike Spears

    05/22/2018 04:45 PM

    Great Interview with Maria Bartaromo, Gov Huckabee: Believe we're seeing the results of Obummer's "Fundamental Transformation" in action. He couldn't get it fully complete in 8 years, but looks like he's come very close and was trying to set the stage for Hillary to complete his work for him. The Progressives do not want the America that we grew up in. Hopefully the new President can pull us out of this before it's too late. I believe the biggest problem right now is Rosenstein. Congress should impeach him. We need him out of the way. How about the Hillary files on Weiner's laptop. It looks like Comey/McCabe wanted to sit on them until the election was over, and I've heard that the NYPD put pressure on them to make the information public at a most inopportune time for Hillary. This could be the "smoking gun" that finally nails Comey and McCabe.

  • Paticio

    05/22/2018 03:35 PM

    Why has Trump not fired Sessions ? He is part of the shadow government.

  • Maria Rybczuk Little

    05/22/2018 03:04 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    Please ask the President to act now, before summer sets in. The public needs this confirmed before elections in the fall.
    I have great respect for you and your daughter.
    Maria Rybczuk Little

  • Glen Richard Haas

    05/22/2018 03:01 PM

    Based on his actions, it appears that Sessions is involved in some of this corruption himself. We understand that Sessions was in the sign-off loop required for the 20% sale of Uranium One. Is it possible that he is being black-mailed and this is why he will not do his job.
    The only way to correct this is to fire Sessions and put someone in charge who is capable of doing the job.

  • grace bryson

    05/22/2018 02:59 PM