May 7, 2018


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Today's Commentary:  Mueller has "the right stuff" to evade the Constitution -- Michelle Obama's big announcement -- Why is Thanos from Infinity War a Hollywood villain? -- "May the farce be with you" -- Emperor Mueller gets "emperor's new clothes" moment -- Evening Edition - May 5

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In THE RIGHT STUFF, a terrific movie about test pilots and their role in the race for space in the middle of the last century, there’s one character that no one else in the story ever wants to see. He’s an old man, a solitary figure dressed in black, and just the thought of seeing him trudging slowly up one’s walk is enough to give anybody the shakes. For when he shows up at your door and removes his hat, it means that tragedy has struck and the worst has come. A plane has crashed, someone’s life is over, and the lives of his loved ones are changed forever.

The man in black takes his official duties very seriously. He’s always somber, like the Grim Reaper, yet somehow despite his sad face he gives the impression that he enjoys his work, perhaps a little too much. After all, his reason for existence is his lonely job, that long trudge up the walk and then the funeral to follow. He lives for death.

He’s tall and lanky, with straight gray hair and a long, craggy face.

He looks a lot like special counsel Robert Mueller.


Mike Huckabee

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Michelle Obama's big announcement

By Mike Huckabee

More news to sadden the left: Michelle Obama announced that she will not run for President in 2020. I guess the duties of being the Forever First Lady must be too great a burden to take on another office. But don’t feel bad, Mrs. Obama, there are worthwhile things you can do besides being President. I’m certainly glad of that!

I suggest reading her full comments because they reveal so much of what’s wrong with the whole mindset of current “progressive” identity politics, from the notion that people should vote for candidates based on their race or gender (the left used to call that “racism” and “sexism”) to the idea that America needs to be “fundamentally transformed;” from the claim that Hillary Clinton was held to an “impossible standard” that no man would face (tell it to Michael Flynn, who lost his house for allegedly being less than truthful to FBI investigators, which it later turned out he wasn’t) to Mrs. Obama chastising women for not voting for Hillary because she was a woman and “the most qualified person running” (I could spend the rest of this post just listing arguments to refute that.)



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Why is Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War a Hollywood villain?

By Mike Huckabee

Over the weekend, Marvel’s movie “Avengers: Infinity War” set new box office records, making over $112 million in its second weekend and topping $450 million in the US in just nine days and $1 billion worldwide in 11 days. It seems to be in every movie theater, where they’re showing it on every flat surface, including the bathroom walls.

Now, I admit I haven’t seen it yet (I keep up with superheroes just enough so that my grandchildren won’t think I’m a total cultural illiterate.) And I assume that if you wanted to see it, you’ve probably already seen it at least five times already. But I waited a week before pointing to this article that came out last week from Jim Treacher. It brings up a point that none of the other countless reviews and comments I’ve seen anywhere else noticed. But I warn you: it contains MAJOR plot spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it yet and plan to, then don’t click. I’ll just give you the basic idea:

The premise of the movie is that an intergalactic super villain named Thanos is trying to collect a bunch of magical rocks that together will give him god-like powers. He’s doing this because he thinks the universe is too overpopulated, and he wants to bring the space environment back into balance by wiping out half of all the life in it with a wave of his hand.



"May the farce be with you"

By Mike Huckabee

May 4th was “Star Wars Day” (as in “May the Fourth be with you…” Get it?) So a handful of social justice Jedi knights took their plastic light sabers to Washington to wave them about dramatically (or comically) in defense of Obamacare. I’m assuming they especially support the mental health coverage portion.

A reporter from the Daily Caller took a microphone and camera to find out how much they actually knew about Obamacare. The results were about as encouraging as Jar-Jar Binks’ SAT results. In fact, it seems that the interviewer not only knew more than the protesters did about Obamacare, he also knew more about “Star Wars.”

The story is at the link, along with a link to the video. Depending on your point of view, you might find it either hilarious (“May the farce be with you!”) or depressing. Note: the woman’s green hat is meant to represent Yoda’s ears. It’s not one of those pink hats that leftist protesters like to wear, only with some unfortunate fungus.



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Emperor Mueller gets "emperor's new clothes" moment

By Mike Huckabee

“I don’t see what this indictment (of Paul Manafort) has to do with anything the special counsel is authorized to investigate.”

What did he say??

These words were uttered Friday by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III of the Eastern District of Virginia during a hearing concerning the ongoing prosecution of former Trump campaign head Manafort for charges stemming from his activities several years before his work for Trump and previously examined by the FBI. According to a Reuters report, he stated the obvious: that special counsel Robert Mueller should not have unlimited scope in his investigation into Russian election-tampering and alleged collusion with the Trump campaign. “It’s unlikely you’re going to persuade me the special counsel has unfettered power to do whatever he wants,” Ellis said to Michael Dreeben, the deputy solicitor general who is currently working in Mueller’s office and was unlucky enough to be appearing at this hearing.

Ellis said, “You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort...You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you to lead you to Mr. Trump and an impeachment, or whatever.”

It was an “emperor’s new clothes” moment –- one person speaking aloud what most everyone secretly can see but dares not say.

When Dreeben insisted that those allegations were within the scope of Mueller’s probe, Judge Ellis countered, “Cover bank fraud in 2005 2007? Tell me how!”

The judge had a few questions about Rod Rosenstein, too. He wanted to know whether or not Rosenstein is recused from the Manafort case, since Rosenstein oversees the Mueller probe and is considered an important witness in the matter of whether or not Trump obstructed justice. (By the way, that in itself --- that he oversees the investigation and is also a witness, is a stunning conflict of interest.) Dreeben told him that Rosenstein had authorized expanding the scope of the Mueller investigation to include Manafort, so that doesn’t sound like much of a recusal to me.

According to Dreeben, Rosenstein’s order laying out the scope of the probe did not reveal all the details because they relate to sensitive national security and counterintelligence matters that could not be revealed publicly. Judge Ellis was having none of that. He said that kind of answer revealed the Justice Department was “not really telling the truth” about the probe. He went on to complain that another Rosenstein memo expanding the probe was too highly redacted, giving Dreeben two weeks to work with the intelligence agencies to produce for him a sealed, unredacted version.

When Dreeben told him that the redactions had nothing to do with the Manafort case, Ellis replied, “I’ll be the judge.” (This might be a good time to mention that Judge Ellis –- who gives new meaning to the term “superior court judge” –- is a Reagan appointee. Elections matter.)

Most spectacularly of all, Ellis said the Manafort indictment appeared to be intended as a way to “assert leverage” over the defendant. “The vernacular is ‘to sing,’” he said.

These were comments made during a hearing, not part of an actual ruling, but at last a judge has said out loud what we know has been going on. He hasn’t yet issued the ruling on Manafort’s motion to dismiss (Washington DC federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson hasn’t ruled on charges filed in her district, either), I suppose because he’s waiting for that elusive unredacted memo from Rosenstein to Mueller. But we can see from his comments today that he knows what the Mueller team is up to.


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Evening Edition - May 5

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


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