June 5, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump has been out of the public eye for a few weeks, which seems perfectly normal considering she recently underwent kidney surgery. But since lack of facts never seems to get in the way of the media reporting an anti-Trump story, her absence has sparked wild and crazy conspiracy theories that she’s fled her marriage or, most disgusting of all, that she’s trying to conceal the marks of spousal abuse. That one came from Rolling Stone senior writer Jamil Smith, who tweeted his fake news with a dollop of fake sad regret, adding, “I wish that it was a ludicrous prospect.” Well, you got your wish: it is. Nearly as ludicrous as the idea of Jamil Smith having a job in professional journalism. Oh, wait, I forgot: he doesn’t. He works for Rolling Stone.’

Politico helped fan the flames of the nonsensical “Where’s Melania?” game by running a story about how her absence had fanned the flames of conspiracy theories, which gave them an excuse to print the conspiracy theories. If that dog-chases-own-tail narrative sounds familiar, it’s the same theory of why James Comey briefed President Trump on the “Russian dossier”: to give CNN a “news hook” as cover for running claims that were patent nonsense. Hey, they didn’t make up the conspiracy theories; they’re just reporting them! Because “reporting” things is their job. Even if those things are ludicrous.

For the record, the First Lady hosted a reception for Gold Star families in the White House last night. Even before that, she sent out a tweet dismissing the rumors and saying she was at the White House with her family and feeling great. While CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted about her “disappearance,” other journalists responded that at least two reporters had seen her walking with her aides last week.

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I guess the real news here is that the First Lady is fine, she’s with her family and once again working on children’s issues close to her heart. Meanwhile, the Beltway media are still printing any ludicrous, unsourced rumors that make the Trump family look bad. In short, everything is back to normal.


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  • Maya Maughmer

    06/21/2018 10:22 AM

    Always appreciate your entertaining and clear commentary. Keep it coming! I love that Sarah knows how to take care of herself. Anyone that insults or slams her make themselves instantly rejectable and lose all credibility. Sarah is doing a fantastic job.

  • William and Doris Huston

    06/05/2018 08:47 PM

    We were wondering how the First Lady was doing since she was said to be in the hospital. We have been praying for her. We are glad to hear she's back and doing well. Thank you for letting us know. The fake media is good at saying dumb things but the things The People want to hear about are never covered.
    It is incredible that Meet the Press people don't know that the DOJ, the FBI and the CIA are under the President. What country are these people from?! Doris is foreign born and probably understands the US government better than they do? Or is it that in their hatred of the President they don't mind sounding stupid as long as they mislead The People?! Thank God for you and American Thinker and National Review and others who tell it like it is!

  • isabel matos

    06/05/2018 08:19 PM

    They should worry more about how they treat women themselves. April Ryan is appalling. Jim Acosta is belligerent. They are always in projection mode... whatever they accuse anyone of doing they are guilty of to some degree or completely!