June 14, 2018


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Today's Commentary: More on Rosenstein: He has got to go! --- The results are in - a recap of Tuesday's primaries -- Joe Biden -- Diplomacy -- Must read -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse

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At this writing, we’re still waiting for the report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton’s email case.  It’s scheduled to be released Thursday, with the President receiving it by midafternoon.  The version we see later in the day will no doubt contain some redactions, as the DOJ has had it over two weeks for “review.”  The President (being the President) had better receive both the redacted and unredacted versions, to be able to compare them and see what the DOJ is trying to withhold from Congress and the general public.


Keep in mind, this report doesn’t deal directly with the FBI’s investigation of Trump and alleged Russia “collusion,” or with the Mueller investigation that spun off from that.  It doesn’t examine the process for obtaining the FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign associates.  But it deals with largely the same cast of characters at the FBI, and if it shows that Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and the rest of that sorry lot were in the tank for Hillary, we’ll be able to infer a lot about their motivations regarding Trump.  In other words, if “the fix was in” for Hillary, we may assume “the knives were out” for Trump.


So that’s coming within hours.  In the meantime, I must say that the Rod Rosenstein story from yesterday --- concerning threats he made to members of Congress and their staff about putting their email and phone records under subpoena --- has caught fire.  The idea that such intimidation tactics might be used by bureaucrats against elected officials and their staffers who are trying to carry out their constitutional duties is just not in keeping with what we want our government to be here in America.  And as the story got around, it became increasingly clear that the Rosenstein temper is legendary and that similar threats have been made, in other meetings with lots of shouting.  Most of all, the story suggested how desperate the Department of “Justice” is to hide...what??...and how close the committees charged with oversight must be to finding it.


Andrew C. McCarthy has explained the legal implications of Rosenstein’s behavior in his latest column for NATIONAL REVIEW.  The great thing about it is that he places the contentious meeting in the context of what was going on five months ago, on January 10.  McCarthy reminds us that this was at a time when they were trying to maintain that they would never use unverified information in a FISA application.  They wanted us to believe that they would clearly inform the FISA court of the questionable origins and potential biases of the information supplied to them.  We found out only later that what they’d told us about the FISA application process was a pile of you-know-what.


McCarthy has done the heavy lifting for this latest piece, outlining in clear detail what is wrong with having the deeply conflicted Rosenstein play the role of FBI-head and Mueller’s supervisor.  (By the way, did you know McCarthy has just been hired as a FOX News contributor?  He’s been our go-to legal “advisor” for some time, adding greatly to our understanding of complex legal issues at a time when we really need that.)  He says he doesn’t know Rosenstein personally and is not attacking his integrity but theorizes that the conflicts he’s facing in his work are distorting his judgment.


I’m not sure I can cut Rosenstein that much slack.  What is it that has kept him from recusing himself, given those enormous conflicts?  Failure to do that is, in itself, a horrendously bad judgment call.  It’s even possible that he’s keeping some documents under wraps because they implicate HIM.  After all, he did sign one of the warrant renewals sent to the FISA court.  Whether or not that is true, just the appearance of something like that is one more reason he shouldn’t be anywhere near this case.


In fact, McCarthy makes a compelling argument that it doesn’t make sense for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself and Rosenstein not to, that in fact it should have been the opposite.  Rosenstein has to go, and all the documents must be disclosed.





Mike Huckabee


The results are in - a recap of Tuesday's primaries

By Mike Huckabee

Most of the votes in Tuesday’s primaries elections are now counted.  Most races went pretty much as expected, although there were a few interesting notes. 


Once again, the much-ballyhooed “blue wave” of Democrats super-energized by Trump hatred to rush to the polls was more like a trickle from a broken drinking fountain.  Overall, turnout wasn’t unusually strong. In North Dakota, just 19.6% of eligible voters cast a ballot, the lowest in the past 10 primary elections.  You know the economy is doing amazingly well when even the most "progressive" Democratic primary voters actually have jobs they can’t take time off from.  


For all the talk about how “toxic” President Trump is, several candidates he endorsed won, and sometimes against the odds. 




The most surprising came in South Carolina, where former Governor and incumbent Rep. Mark Sanford lost his district’s nomination to state Rep. Katie Arrington.  Sanford has been one of Trump’s most outspoken GOP critics.  Arrington blasted him as a “NeverTrumper,” and Trump endorsed Arrington, launching a Twitter volley at Sanford as "very unhelpful," “MIA and nothing but trouble."




The Democrats have a tricky situation on their hands in South Carolina, where Archie Parnell easily won the primary to challenge incumbent Republican Rep. Ralph Norman in District 5, a seat the Dems thought they might flip.  But last month, Parnell admitted to attacking and beating his ex-wife 45 years ago, which led to her getting a restraining order against him.  The news prompted the national and state parties to abandon Parnell. But he stayed in the race anyway and won. In a victory statement, he wrote, "Tonight, the people sent a clear message to everyone. You don't have to be defined by your worst mistake. You don't have to be cast aside. You are not alone. You can be better. And, together, we can be better."


It will be interesting to see if, in the era of “MeToo,” the argument that a politician should be forgiven for making one mistake (when it was beating his wife) will actually work.  I can only imagine how well it would work for a Republican.  Note to District 5 voters: he's right, you can do better.




And while this wasn’t part of the primary results, it’s still major election news: backers of “Cal 3,” the referendum to split California up into three states, obtained over 400,000 signatures on a petition, which means it will appear on the November ballot.  Even if it passes, the government wouldn’t be required to split up the state.  It will just tell them whether or not it’s the will of the people, and we all know California politicians have no problem with governing against the will of the people.


There are actually millions of Californians outside the big coastal cities who are fed up with being ruled by wack-a-doodle leftists who are trying to drive them into bankruptcy.  To them, it would be a California dream come true being able to live in a state not governed by Sacramento without having to pay the premium rate to rent a U-Haul truck to move to Texas. 





Joe Biden

By Mike Huckabee

This week my coveted Huck’s Hypocrisy Award must go to former Vice President Joe Biden, who was among those declaring that he was “troubled” by the summit. He released a statement complaining that Trump has given North Korea multiple “wins up front without getting anything in return.” I’ll take that seriously when he can tell me what his boss got in return for kowtowing to Cuba and Iran. I’d settle just for getting our planeload of money back from Iran. As for Cuba, he didn't even get the political prisoners released. Not even close, and no cigars.

Thankfully, not everyone is being a partisan ingrate. The parents of the late Otto Warmbier said they appreciated the President’s kind comments about their son and that they are hopeful something positive could come from the summit.

Gee, people hoping for something positive. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard radical talk like that.



By Mike Huckabee

President Trump taking heat from Dems and some Republicans for praising Kim Jong-Un, whom he knows is a brutal, murderous dictator. Guess they’ve never heard the old saying: “Diplomacy is the art of saying, ‘Nice doggy,” until you can pick up a rock.”


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Must read

By Mike Huckabee

Today’s must-read, by Matthew J. Peterson at American Greatness asks the vital question on every foreign policy expert’s lips:  Does Donald Trump have enough experience and expert wisdom to screw up as many things, give away as much for nothing, start as many wars and create as many terrorists and refugees as the foreign policy experts have over the past 30 years?  Or are his lack of the “skills” prized by diplomatic hothouse-bred, Ivy League “experts” and his real-world experience at dealing with thugs in the construction business precisely why he is able to accomplish on the world stage things they would never even attempt?  




Evening Edition - June 13

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

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 - 1 Corinthians 1:10

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