August 16, 2018

RIP Aretha

Very sad to report that the “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin, passed away today at home in Detroit at 76 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.  While she sang in genres from soul to rock, blues to disco to jazz, her voice always conveyed the power, emotion and authenticity that she developed growing up singing gospel in church as the daughter of a Baptist minister.  Her first album, at age 14, was called “Songs of Faith.”

Her many hits “(R-E-S-P-E-C-T,” “Chain of Fools,” “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman,” “Freeway of Love” and so many more) earned her 18 Grammy Awards from 1968 to 2008. She landed 112 singles on the Billboard charts, with 77 reaching the Hot 100.  And did you know she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a year before the Beatles were?  Aretha Franklin lived a long and amazing life, but not nearly long enough.  My deepest condolences to her family.  For the rest of us, what better way to memorialize her than by playing some of her music?

Colorado in the news

Did you really think that when the Supreme Court slapped down the liberal Colorado officials who tried to destroy Christian cake designer Jack Phillips for declining to create a same-sex wedding cake, that those officials would actually obey the Court and stop their attempts to force him to violate his Constitutional right to religious freedom? 

Well, of course, they didn’t.  The Alliance Defending Freedom that represented Baker is once again suing the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for attempting to discriminate against him by targeting his business because he asserts his First Amendment right to freedom of religion.  This latest case is déjà vu all over again: a liberal lawyer lodged a complaint when Davis declined to create a cake celebrating the attorney’s gender reassignment (there were other complaints about him refusing to make a marijuana leaf cake and cakes with Satanic symbols and explicit messages, which the ADF attorneys believe were also concocted by the same attorney.)

Instead of rejecting this obvious attempt at religious harassment, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission found “probable cause” to believe that Phillips must bake the gender transition cake, starting the whole expensive, time-wasting, business-threatening process of investigations and hearings all over again.  Phillips’ attorneys say it’s clear that because leftist officials despise Phillips' religious beliefs, they’re going to keep misusing government authority to allow leftist activists to target him every time he opens his business, despite the Supreme Court ruling.  They’re asking the courts to put a stop to it.  Funny, I thought the highest court of all already did.

Unfortunately, as I warned at the time, the SCOTUS tried to thread the needle by not issuing a definitive ruling but finding for Phillips only on narrow grounds specific to that case.  When the Court yanked a right to same-sex marriage out of the air, the dissenting judges warned that it would create clashes between a newly-invented “right” and an enumerated First Amendment right.  The majority tried to finesse that by papering over it with vague words, but now, it’s obvious they opened a Pandora’s box and they don’t want to deal with the consequences of their actions. 

It’s long past time for the Supreme Court to face up to its duty and clean up the mess it created by issuing a definitive ruling that First Amendment rights are paramount.  The Founders listed them first for a reason.  If they’d wanted the right to harass people for not approving of same-sex marriage or gender reassignment surgery to take precedence over religious freedom, then they would have listed that first…or even mentioned those subjects AT ALL.

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Media bias

Today’s the day when more than 200 newspapers will attempt to prove that President Trump is a paranoid nutjob for thinking a coordinated liberal media are colluding against him by colluding to run 200 coordinated editorials against Trump at once.  That’ll show him!

Actually, it’ll just show us all that Trump’s right, but only if anyone bothers to read these editorials.  It’s like the old question, “If a dead tree paper falls on its sword for the Democrats and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?” At the link, a terrific article by Andrew Malcolm on what he calls the “briar-patch level genius” of the media in colluding to attack Trump for accusing them of colluding to attack him.

Malcolm spent 40 years in newspaper journalism, and wrote quite a few editorials himself, but he explains why most Americans have grown to viscerally distrust these pompous elitists lecturing to them from the editorial page, and it began long before Trump entered politics.  They didn’t listen when all those newspapers endorsed Hillary Clinton, and they’re certainly not listening now. That’s why, for all of the power these editors think they’re mustering by attacking Trump collectively, most Americans won’t even read the editorials, and even those who still subscribe will likely send them unread to the bottoms of their bird cages the next day. 

Another interesting take: this anti-Trump editorial blitz was organized by the Boston Globe.  They have accused Trump of launching a “dirty war on the free press.”  But as the Boston Herald reminds us, Trump has yet to shut down a single media outlet (he hasn’t even put any reporters under surveillance and spied on their phone and email records, the way Obama did, and they worshiped Obama.) 

But do you know who has abused its political power to kill a newspaper?  The Boston Globe!  The Globe used its connections to destroy one of its competitors.  In terms of success at killing outlets of the free press, the current score is Boston Globe 1, Trump 0.  Here are the details:

The idea that the low approval of the news media is the result of Trump accusing them of bias and fake news is like blaming your venereal disease on the doctor who told you have it.  Public distrust and distaste for the liberal media had been building for decades before Trump came along.  It stretches back to the 1930s, when Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Walter Duranty was whitewashing Stalin’s atrocities.  Flash forward to the ‘60s, when Walter Cronkite and CBS demoralized Americans by reporting that North Vietnam’s Tet Offensive was a terrible defeat for America when it was actually the opposite.  

I’m also old enough to recall Ronald Reagan being characterized as a dumb, belligerent Hollywood cowboy who was going to get us into a nuclear World War III.  George Bush was too nice to assail, so they attacked Vice President Dan Quayle every day for four years.  The bias picked up steam when they ignored Bill and Hillary Clinton's scandals I knew only too well, instead marveling at how “power crackles from Bill's jeans!”  Then we saw the vicious treatment George W. Bush got (the first example of the media sowing distrust in a presidential election came with the “selected, not elected” narrative, even though the media’s own Florida recounts showed that Bush would’ve won a recount.)  

With Obama, the bias became so fawning, it was almost embarrassing, like watching your kid sister throw herself at the varsity quarterback.  But the 2016 campaign was the first time the news media jettisoned even the pretense of feigning to claim impartiality and declared themselves to be “with her,” which is why Republicans keep rewatching their stunned Election Night tears on YouTube over and over while munching popcorn and laughing hysterically.  After going from watchdogs to lapdogs overnight for Obama, the media’s instant self-righteous transformation into attack dogs the second Trump was elected seemed even more preposterous.

And that only takes us up to the night Trump won.  You see, the media had squandered its journalistic integrity and reputation for fairness and accuracy long before Trump came on the scene.  I spent a year or so writing a book about their arrogant disconnection from most Americans outside the NYC/L.A./D.C. bubble, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” and it was published six months before Trump even announced his candidacy.

Do you know how I knew that many Americans held the media and political establishment in contempt?  Because I live and travel in “flyover country,” and I heard it everywhere: from cab drivers, factory workers, hotel desk clerks, small business owners and all sorts of other “deplorables.”  I wrote the book to try to warn them that if they didn’t come down off their high horse, the people were going to do something drastic and knock them off it.  Well, they did. If the only solution the media can come up with is trying to climb back up on the same horse, then they shouldn’t blame Trump when they end up on landing in the manure again.


Cuomo shoots himself in his foot

Republicans should chip in and send a gift basket to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for giving them the perfect video clip for the November and 2020 elections.  In a speech that drew an audible gasp even from his partisan Democratic crowd, Cuomo tried to attack President Trump by declaring, “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.”

Cuomo accomplished the neat trick of making his dad, famous liberal Mario Cuomo, sound like Donald Trump in comparison (see the link for what his dad said on this subject that apparently didn’t get handed down to his arrogant and ungrateful son.)

Cuomo’s aides desperately tried to extract his foot from his mouth, quickly issuing this “clarification”: 

“Governor Cuomo disagrees with the President. The Governor believes America is great and that her full greatness will be fully realized when every man, woman, and child has full equality. America has not yet reached its maximum potential."

Except that’s not what he said…at all.  He didn’t say America is great but could be even greater.  He said, “America was never that great.”  And I think he meant it, because that’s what most people on the left think these days: that America is and has always been a racist, sexist, oppressive, imperialist force of evil in the world that needs to be cut down to size.  I would invite these people to go forth into the world and find a better place to live.  I’m sure they won’t want to return here from whatever socialist paradise they find, but they can send us an email telling us about it 

Personally, I believe that America has always been great (although it’s sometimes been harder when people like Andrew Cuomo were in charge), but one of the greatest things about it is that its people have the freedom to constantly be working to make it even greater.  Because of that, America will never reach its “maximum potential,” because there are no limits on America’s potential.  Just as there are no limits on Andrew Cuomo’s ability to screw up anything he runs, even his mouth. 



 Looking for bad news

I wrote yesterday about the Washington Post awarding Rep. Nancy Pelosi “Four Pinocchios” for her resurrection of a false quote attributed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that she must've known had been debunked.  It was the claim that he said Republicans’ top goal was to make sure Obama’s Presidency failed.  He actually said, “I don’t want the President to fail, I want him to change.”  He was talking about opposing Obama’s liberal agenda, but being willing to work with him if he would compromise in ways Republicans think would help Americans.  Pelosi not only falsely accused McConnell of wishing Obama to fail, but also painted that as “unthinkable” and even “racist.” 

One thing I didn’t go into earlier was the whiplash-inducing hypocrisy of a top Democrat going into a huff (po) over the shamefulness of hoping for a President to fail.  These days, you can’t turn on any liberal media source without encountering some anti-Trump partisan talking about the chances of the economy crashing or the North Korea nuclear talks breaking down, or some calamitous failure that would harm most Americans but hurt Trump and Republicans politically.  Bill Maher openly wished for a recession.  Currently, liberal media outlets are seemingly trying to tank the stock market by trotting out one gloom-and-doom prognosticator after another to warn that the bull market is almost sure crash any day now (“And please, God, please let it be before the election,” they would say, if they believed in prayer.) 

None of these self-centered elites seem to care about the hardships such a crisis would inflict on everyday Americans, who are only now finally starting to recover from the jobless, low-growth Obama years.  I think the most outrageous example of liberals grasping at straws (not plastic straws, of course) was an article I read that attempted to gin up fear of the terrible consequences of potential rising inflation because of numbers showing that real wages were finally starting to edge up after years of stagnation.  Workers couldn’t even enjoy having a few extra bucks in their paychecks before liberals started wailing that it will lead to the “end of the world!”  Because…”TRUUUUUUUUUMP!!!!”  This is why so few workers are spending those extra bucks on newspaper subscriptions. 

At the link, Jeffrey Folks of the American Thinker chronicles some of the left’s recent attempts to find bad news amid the historic low unemployment rates and GDP growth that’s twice what they condescendingly assured us was no longer possible (to be fair, it wasn’t when they were in charge) and their selfish wishes for any disaster that will help their political fortunes, even if it harms America’s.  The article is called, “Let the Bad Times Roll.”  Nancy Pelosi is right about one thing: this kind of selfish doom-spreading at the expense of your countrymen is unthinkable.  So do us all a favor, Democrats, and stop thinking it.




Congratulations to, which has surpassed in total page views for the first time ever (I like to think that’s because I link to  Fox’s website has also beaten the CNN, New York Times and Washington Post websites in terms of engagement and time spent by individual readers.

This is a real coup for Fox, which had to come from behind and catch up on the web, even though it’s long been the dominant cable TV news channel in the ratings.  I have a feeling they hate to brag too much about beating CNN, though, since the latest Neilsen ratings show that CNN’s primetime lineup was even beaten by the History Channel, whose shows that outdrew CNN include “Ancient Aliens,” a pseudo-science wackfest about how space aliens in flying saucers built the Pyramids.  I guess viewers just found it more credible than CNN.



 John Brennan and a tale of two security clearances

 You’d think nobody had ever lost a security clearance before.

Former CIA Director John Brennan, who served under President Obama and is now the darling of the anti-Trump media as a contributor on MSNBC, can’t stop fuming publicly about what he perceives as punishment for disagreeing with President Trump:  losing his top-secret clearance.  He says Trump is trying to intimidate him and interfere with his freedom of speech, and he says it, and says it, and says it some more, whenever  he wants, with no threat of repercussion, because nobody is interfering with his freedom of speech.

No one has the right to a security clearance.  CIA directors have traditionally been allowed to keep theirs after they leave; it’s renewed every five years as a courtesy and also in case current staff wish to rely on their expertise in a given situation.  There’s a condition, however:  that former CIA directors “behave like current CIA employees.”  Brennan has failed spectacularly to fulfill that requirement.

He’s also shown himself to be so heatedly partisan and deranged that he simply can’t be trusted on national security issues.  And after he went so far as accusing the President of committing treason (a death penalty offense) simply for holding a press conference with Vladimir Putin, it’s hard to imagine a situation in which the current administration would wish to call upon him for anything, except maybe to do the opposite of what he says.

But if for some unfathomable reason they did need him, his security clearance could be reinstated.  Peter Strzok’s was reinstated before his recent testimony before congressional oversight committees.  (I assume it was yanked again right afterwards but don’t know for sure.)  So, hypothetically, if the next administration were a bunch of “progressive” Democrats who were so “inclusive” they’d want to give a security clearance to a mouthy ex-spook who admitted during a polygraph when he joined the CIA in 1980 that he'd voted for the Communist Party in the ‘70s --- how did this man get to be in the CIA at all, let alone end up running it? --- they could always (shudder) give it back to him.

The anti-Trump media have gone wild, nonstop, over this.  It was “authoritarianism in its purest form” (that from Ben Rhodes on MSNBC), “a brazen act of intimidation,” and "something you might see out of a dictatorship or authoritarian regime."

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The intelligence community has been ridiculously free with security clearances, seemingly handing them out like candy.  An estimated 4 million Americans have them, including an unbelievable 1 million with top-secret clearance.  (I think about half of those people are now contributors on CNN and MSNBC.  No wonder there are so many leaks.)  And is it any wonder we’re uncovering so much inappropriate –- and illegal –- political activity going on in our intelligence community when John Brennan has shown himself to be “Exhibit A”?  All of those involved need to lose their clearances.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino pointed out on “Tucker Carlson” Wednesday that Brennan was the one who, on August 25, 2016, briefed Sen. Harry Reid about elements in the Christopher Steele “dossier” that were then put in an open letter to James Comey at the FBI, providing a pretense for the FBI investigation into then-candidate Trump.  He’s bound to have been up to his eyeballs in the attempt to take down Trump, and it’s easy to agree with Bongino that he’s “a disgrace and a stain on the United States whose legacy will only be as a cautionary tale told to future CIA leaders about how not to act.”

But back to my original point.  This certainly isn’t the first time a security clearance has been revoked, and Rowan Scarborough writing in the WASHINGTON TIMES has come across an interesting and very timely one.  This is the story of Adam Lovinger, a 12-year strategist in the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment who complained to his superiors in the fall of 2016 about “sweetheart” contracts given to Stefan Halper, whom we now know was an FBI informant who spied on the Trump campaign.  (Lovinger blew the whistle on some other contracts, too, given to a close friend of Chelsea Clinton).  On May 1, 2017, his security clearance was revoked and he was relegated to clerical duties.

 According to Lovinger’s complaint, Halper had been contracted by James Baker, who ran the Office of Net Assessment, to conduct “foreign relations” when that task was supposed to be confined to government officials.  Halper had also been awarded contracts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Pentagon support agency called the Washington Headquarters Service and, according to Lovinger’s attorney, was being paid “astronomically more than others similarly situated.”

As the attorney tells it, the people around the office had no idea what he was doing.  The work they knew about seemed to be subcontracted; he was just acting as the middle man.

Halper’s name should ring a bell; he’s the “confidential human source” (SPY) who approached George Papadopoulos and also contacted Carter Page.  For daring to speak up about the odd arrangement his bosses had with this man and other examples of what he saw as cronyism, Lovinger lost his security clearance.  Ironically, he seems like just the sort of person who should have one.





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  • Gwen Collins

    08/18/2018 01:27 PM

    I always read your comments to get to the truth. Keep up the good work and keep telling "the rest of the story".

  • Michael Galloway

    08/17/2018 04:14 PM

    Always enjoy your newsletters and all the factual reporting. Of all the article today and they were all good, you hit the bulls eye on the mistrust and dislike for the mainstream media, print and TV and all the others. They are biased, have an agenda to destroy our president, but I truly believe that a huge majority of Americans see exactly that the mainstream media is a waste of time to listen to or read from. They have been so irrelevant. Heck, if the media told me that the skies were blue above where I lived, I'd go out and check for myself. That's how much I would trust any of them. I don't waste my valuable time listening to their biased opinions or believe anything they say. So once again that you Mr. Huckabee for giving us facts and the "rest of the story" each day.

  • Bradley W. Shinn

    08/17/2018 12:06 PM

    My only comment to your defense of Pres. Trump calling another human being a "dog," is what would your reaction had been if Pres. Obama had called someone (especially a white woman) a dog. I can only imagine the rant. The one thing through the entire arising of Donald Trump has been how conservatives (and many Christians) are now explaining away things that BT (before Trump) would have been totally unacceptable. It's "okay" because that is what he calls everyone. The hypocrisy is clearly evident and quite predictable. The one thing that Donald Trump has clearly accomplished - he has coarsened our society in a way that I never would have believed possible and made us meaner and much less tolerant to people who not like us. That greatly saddens me.

    Brad Shinn
    Findlay. Ohio


    08/17/2018 11:59 AM


  • Nancy pointer

    08/17/2018 11:53 AM

    Thank you for doing the job of our media -I have been tweeting about Yellow Journalism since Trump was elected -I often look to you to help me figure out what is really going on in the news-we need you on mainstream Tv -abc etc. People are hungry for balance in the media-maybe you & John Stossil should team up!

    Thanks again and even my husband thinks Sarah is awesome -plz tell her to keep up the good work -we think she is doing great!

    Sarah has more balls than all the men in her briefing room! Go girl!

    But not surprised as she is your daughter-keep speaking LOUD for us -you are one of the few voices that speak for us nobody’s that have to live with all the stupid stuff Congress, SCOTUS and the Media are putting out .
    You are a gentlemen and a scholar!

  • Donald E. Renninger

    08/17/2018 11:21 AM

    Never a fan of Aretha Franklin, in fact had never heard of her till she appeared at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL. Don't recall the exact date or year but at least ten years ago. I was a volunteer usher, who among others "worked" her appearance that evening. What makes her appearance stand out in my memory was her instistance she would not perform if the theatre air conditioning was on as normally.
    Of course her demand was granted, what a sweaty evening for over 2500 fans (every seat taken) ensued.
    As to why she made the demand, I never heard, however I also never heard one compliant from a fan. We ushers were allowed to watch any show after our seating duties were finished. No memory as to how much of that show I actually watched for obvious reasons.

    Don Renninger
    Jacksonville, FL

  • Lance E. Brown

    08/17/2018 10:49 AM

    Media bias
    Seems to me that the hurdle that these folks can't get over is that POTUS won the office by presenting himself as the guy that the people wanted. And after gaining the office he continued DOING WHAT HE PROMISED. His supports are not lemmings. They are simply satisfied to get what they asked for. Well, most of it anyway.

  • Lynne Schrom

    08/17/2018 09:49 AM

    Love your perspective and the links to the case you are commenting on.
    In the case of security clearances, it seems to me that they should be revoked immediately after they vacate office. It's amazing we have any security at all! As you said, no wonder we have leaks... they could come from anyone.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    08/17/2018 09:00 AM

    Liberals should run MADONNA for president: well recognized name who encompass's all off their agenda. Love you comments, but what I would like to see on FOX news is you listing all the "scandals" of the Osama Obama admin and then listing all the reasons we have found to show that this is a witch hunt the the collusion is on Hitlery and the DNA, not Trump.

  • Jim allen

    08/17/2018 08:06 AM


    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your information. I use you for confirmation of other articles.

    Thank you.

  • Carole Elder

    08/17/2018 06:26 AM

    Happy Brennan lost his clearance but what’s to stop all his buddies from giving him information? Hopefully President Trump removes all the ex administrations clearances too. God Bless. Tell Sarah she doing a great job!

  • Gerald L. Cassity

    08/17/2018 02:12 AM

    Why does anyone with Ex in front of their former title have security clearance? When I retired from my job I turned in my company ID, and pager. In addition to that, all of my clearance and access to the company’s computer system and control center were revoked. This is the way it should be in Washington as well. We do not need people, who have left their jobs for any reason, to have any kind of security clearance.

  • Margie Shirey

    08/17/2018 12:34 AM

    Thank you for sending me this evening edition! I love it. This is my second email. I look forward to tomorrow's edition. This is a great idea to give Republicans correct, up to date information and keep us in the loop. I watch Fox news (couple of shows bending a bit to the left; not happy about that but...) Love to see you and hear your comments on the current info as well as situations that happened when you were governor and GOP candidate. Keep up the great work.

    I also love your TV show on Saturday nights on the Christian channel--Comcast channel 14 here in Houston. LOVE IT! well organized; excellent guests; well paced and informative. Look forward to your show every Saturday--see the DVD for your show and Jesse Waters on Fox.

    God's blessings to you and your family. Love to hear stories from past and present.

  • Anne Lofranco/Channon

    08/17/2018 12:02 AM

    Governor....another leftist site, SHOPIFY, has struck a blow against free speech and free enterprise today by banning guns from being sold.
    It's only going to get worse for the first for Amendments to the Constitution...while the left degrades them and then abolishes them completely. You know as well as millions of others that they're trying to create one of two things only. Their main objective is to ban any conservative or different agendas in this being done in the UK and Germany. If their main objective fails and they are banking on a "tipping point" being reached and violence, rioting and general upheaval ensues.
    Yet...leftist groups from AntiFa, BLM all the way to the DNSP (Democratic National Socialist Party) are making policy, creating unconstitutional laws in many states, and turning to violence in the streets and business areas.....all condoned by many officials. Where is the leadership of this nation's conservatives? Hiding! The President is fighting alone and many citizens are going to start backing him up on their own. Then this nation will cease to exist....the civil war the crazies want will begin. It's closer than people think.
    * Being a lifelong Catholic, we've already lost the Church that Christ intended by godless minions and atheists. The next blow is going to be our country? When I left the Army and Vietnam back in 1968, I promised never to pick up a weapon again. I've kept that promise until now...but it is now being rethought. I will defend the Constitution.......... I took an oath to back in '66.....oaths never die. Thank you!

  • Evelyn Nikkel

    08/16/2018 11:26 PM

    Mostly, I just read your summary in the evening-- so much more accurate than all the junk. ALWAYS enjoy reading your witty stingers! Can tell where your delightfully entertaining daughter gets it from!

  • Jim Standifer

    08/16/2018 10:38 PM

    On Spot on partner!

  • Bob Ernst

    08/16/2018 10:28 PM

    To me, one of the most amazing things is that liberals still believe what the presstitutes tell them. Especially after being proven wrong so many times on so many levels. It bids very poorly for the future of America when half its population gorges on lies and non-truths, totally refusing to believe the real truth.

  • Russell Sletmoen

    08/16/2018 10:00 PM

    Mr. Mike:
    This evening was my first experience dreading your review of the days events. It was refreshing to be able to get the facts in a quick and concise format and without all the misleading sensationalism .
    Thank you for your efforts to help the busy middle class keep up with important news...

  • Robert Dimlich

    08/16/2018 09:47 PM

    Dear Mike. Thanks for standing for that which is right. The only solution to the many and great problems of this country is a turning back to God. The heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it. Only God through faith in Jesus Christ can change the heart of man. I speak from personal experience. "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold, all things are become new.

  • Debbie Graham

    08/16/2018 09:14 PM

    "four Pinocchio's" LOL....never hear that one....

  • Julie Black

    08/16/2018 09:10 PM

    I seem to recall Obama throwing reporters off of Airforce One when he didn’t like what they reported. Am I wrong? Have all of the reporters forgotten this?

  • anita cogburn

    08/16/2018 08:41 PM

    Dear mike, I must say your nightly newsletter is the most informative, yet humorous, rendition of Real News. It is a pleasure to keep informed by your accuracy and your writing style is simply the icing we all enjoy. Thanks and thanks to your beautiful intelligent daughter, Sarah also. You both are a credit to this country and to honest folks who just want the truth.

  • Suzanne Ryan

    08/16/2018 08:35 PM

    If Pete Strzok can raise over $425,000, the Colorado baker should be able to raise more! I would donate.

  • Livio O Montero

    08/16/2018 08:29 PM


  • William and Doris Huston

    08/16/2018 08:29 PM

    Dear Governor,
    We are not surprised at the gall of the media to conspire to speak against the President. What we are appalled at is the Senate! We wrote to Senator Rubio a little while ago expressing our disgust. We feel the press is the enemy of the people most definitely because broadcast media alone (for those of us who do not have cable) do not report the news but give their biased opinions of what is happening and ignore ALL that is happening every day. They never reported truth under Obama, preferring to kowtow to him. They only broadcast aspersions against Trump daily and misinform us on everything. Just read "Senate Passes Resolution Affirming ‘Press Is Not the Enemy of the People" by M. McArdle August 16, 2018 and are outraged at the obvious Senatorial words against our President: “Tyrannical and authoritarian governments and leaders throughout history have sought to undermine, censor, suppress, and control the press to advance their undemocratic goals and actions…” the Senate “…condemns the attacks on the institution of the free press and views efforts to systematically undermine the credibility of the press as an attack on the democratic institutions of the United States…” What is wrong with them? We the people don't need them to tell us this. We know better. They need to get behind Trump and recognize what is so obvious to us: The media is totally on the side of the left and hate the President and the Republicans. Are they blind or simply complicit? How are we to support them in November? It's beyond comprehension! Thank you for letting us vent. And thank you for being so sane.