August 6, 2018

Feminists demanded equality, and as H.L. Mencken once said, "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” And so, the people who elected the ultra-liberal leaders of California who passed all those pro-equality laws are now getting what they voted for good and hard.

The latest targets for lawsuits are events that charge women less than men.  Those used to be known as “ladies’ nights,” the idea being that gathering places want to entice women to come in, because they attract men to come in.  Is this outrageous sexual discrimination or simply a recognition of the basic fact of life that’s been true for millennia that men pursue women?

Well, if it involves recognizing basic facts, it can’t be a California law. So, in the name of gender equality, originally touted as something to help women, women are being forced to allow men into their bathrooms and locker rooms, give up the safety and sisterhood of women-only social events, and pay more for things they used to get free or at discount. 

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The latest example: three single men are suing a San Diego Double Tree hotel for sexual discrimination for hosting a pool party that charged $175 per couple, $20 for single women, but no single men were allowed. The plaintiffs feel that $16,000 in damages each should soothe their hurt feelings at being barred from hitting on single women in swimsuits.  Next, the attorney is suing a pool hall over an event that cost men $40 to enter and women $5. 

Considering he’s making everything more expensive for women, and discouraging bars from doing anything to attract women, I have to imagine that he must be pretty widely hated by both women and men. But I guess being a lawyer, he’s used to that.


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  • Deberah Looper

    08/06/2018 04:36 PM

    I was young once. Yes, it does attract men. I always thought it a nice. That was back when men were men and women were women. Men didn't curse in front of ladies, if a woman was getting unwanted advances from a man, the other men took care of the troublemaker. Times have changed thanks to the women wanting to be like a man. I understand u should be pd the same if u can do all of the same work. Personally I still enjoy a man opening a door for me, holding a chair even holding their arm out so I can wrap my hand or arm thru theirs while walking. No one does these things much anymore. Mainly because the men had to be careful or the women would yell. God made man, then made woman for man. Our world is way out of bounds. It hurts me to see this mess. I hope you can help America and the downfall of God's creation. But ladies night was to attract men. I'm still for it. There's a lot of difference between the coastal and middle America. I'm glad I'm in the middle.