August 4, 2018

The latest Rusmussen poll shows that President Trump’s approval rating among African-Americans is 29%.  That doesn’t sound too high, but it was 15% a year ago.


If you think that trend is terrifying high level Democrats, they’ll need a change of shorts after hearing this: AFL-CIO union president Richard Trumka declined to rule out endorsing Trump’s reelection.  Trumka said he was concerned about “growing wage inequality” but that “we will consider every candidate who’s running in 2020.”  He didn’t mention that under Trump, wages for lower income workers are growing, while the worst income inequality is in California, a state run by the same job-killing, far-left policies that would be instituted by the kind of liberal candidate the AFL-CIO usually backs. 


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Trumka’s demurral on denouncing Trump sent Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers and faithful Igor to the DNC, swooning to the fainting couch.  Weingarten claimed that after talking to workers, it’s clear they “oppose the damage Trump is doing. Yes we want him to help steel workers but his tax giveaways to the rich, attacks on ACA, his divisiveness, his attacks on democracy & his caging of children are disqualifying.”  (FYI: the grammar mistakes are those of the head of the teachers’ union.)


There’s an awful lot of partisan spin, projection and outright misinformation in that quote (the linked story goes into it), but I have a hard time believing that she actually talked to any real laborers who think that it is better to have their factories shuttered and their jobs sent overseas than to experience “divisiveness” (which requires two sides, one of which declared that it was going to “resist” and divide the nation before Trump even took office.  By the way, what “attacks on democracy” have happened under Trump, other than a lot of leftists refusing to accept the results of a free and fair election and cheer for overthrowing the duly-elected President, by military coup, if necessary?  But I digress.) 


Trumka might want to try listening to some of his union members for a change, the ones who gave more of their votes to Trump than Romney and a whole lot fewer to Hillary than to Obama.  We know that union bosses’ political decisions are often at odds with their members’ beliefs, because look at how many workers quit paying union dues when laws are changed to stop forcing them to.  We keep hearing about how important it is for unions to survive, and I can see their point.  I want workers to have a strong voice in negotiations with employers. But instead of trying to hold them together by force of law, how about making workers want to stay in unions by listening to them and making decisions that reflect their values and best interests, rather than those of the Democratic Party?



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  • Sam

    08/06/2018 10:40 PM

    I'm glad to see Trump's approval rating is rising among blacks. Incidentally, I noticed that you changed the word "black" (used by Rasmussen) into "African-American." We get enough PC garbage from the media—do we really have to get it from you too? Tell me—what do you find so objectionable about the word "black"???

  • Laura Buntin

    08/06/2018 08:52 AM

    Good point about it taking two to bring division. If people would just wait"it" out.....they would see that most of Trump's plans have a fruitful end.

  • metin morgil

    08/06/2018 06:47 AM

    If the President had a good strong Attn. Gen. America would be in much better. But now this Alien looking Attn. Gen. he works for Democrats , Obama. he is destroying not only Trump , America too. President he be came a YOYO to all Mainstream Medias and the many others. If he had good strong Attn. Gen all those would never happened. That is President fault, and he talk, says too much he should not.

  • Arlen Williams

    08/06/2018 03:29 AM

    Well said. More and more "minorities" are enjoying being Americans with decent jobs, rather than dependents of the Democrats' Dole Plantation. Add to demographic horror of Planned Parenthood's eugenic holocaust and it is no wonder the Democrat Party is desperate to reinforce their perversely ambitious proletariat ranks with mass illegal migration.

    Add the continuing exposure of collectivist cartel globalism and we see the reaping for the putrid sowing.

  • Jim Presley

    08/05/2018 09:24 PM

    *Earlier today I posted a short comment here that prompted a ‘error’ response from my browser, Chrome, making me wonder if my comment ‘took’, so I’ll re-post. By the way Mike, I gotta tell you, despite the financial support provided by the advertisers the disorderly interlacing of the ads, the associated difficulty tracking your commentary, and, I’m going from an impression here, not perfect memory, it seemed like there were a confusing number of ‘controls’ , text, icons, or similar visual cues that indicate a ‘clickable’ item of uncertain origin whether it was from you or from an advertiser. Here’s an oddity right now: just below the memo box component accepting my current key strokes is a free-floating caption in blue font saying BBML accepted! What the....?* finally my comment:

    The rapid and significant increase in Trump’s African-American polling, and that it comes from the only polling group I believe in any more, is just wonderful! The false narrative the Dems have targeted upon our African-American brothers and sisters is losing its audience and those kind of numbers are election-changing and breath-taking. People who have reversed their opinion have been visited by a force strong enough (no need to mention the Trinity here <grin>) to overcome the inertia of all pevious Democrat and media lies. These folks are much more likely to get out and vote!

  • Deborah McCallum

    08/05/2018 09:13 PM

    Labor union heads/bosses are fickle and are playing the Dems vs Repubs for money payoffs for votes.....just like N Korea is doing between China and US.

    Trump needs to soften the verbage or even stop for a while...going afyer "fake news/media liars". It turns off potential supporters who do not like "strong" talk and gives talking lib heads a platform to bait him further.
    Need tweets from Pres Trump on successes including more details on the "Space" branch of military, what's at work in black urban communities in line with Trump's agenda, dept of education successes, which Senators reuse to meet with the SCOTUS nominee, etc.

  • James Edward Presley

    08/05/2018 06:26 PM

    The African American poll is exhilarating. What do you want to bet they are going to turn out to vote too?

  • David Wilson

    08/05/2018 03:34 PM

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Mike. Unions have played an important role in giving voice to The Working Man. However, as happens quite often absolute power corrupt absolutely! The union leaders need to change the way they conduct business and that is listen to the workers that pay for their salaries much like government officials should do. It's encouraging to hear the union leaders saying that he's not ruling out voting for anybody including current president Trump! And that should indeed scared the bejesus out of leaders of the Union, as well as comma the teachers union. In the next two years as the reduction in regulations are put in the place and actually implemented in real-world jobs our country is going to experience a true Renaissance and continue to grow Beyond many wildest imaginations! I heart back to Barack Hussein Obama saying how does he plan on doing that waving a magic wand! The truth is the magic one is experience knowledge put into practice becomes wisdom. Does President Trump spout off sometimes of course he does but who could blame him given the barrage he faces everyday from the Fanatics on the far left and some even in his own party. Thanks Mike for keeping us headed in the right direction and I appreciate your input daily.

  • Linda Ward

    08/05/2018 02:49 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    I must admit I'm not too surprised that Pres. Trump's poll numbers are rising given the accomplishments that are scantly reported in MSM or most cable networks, however, I firmly believe that they would be much HIGHER if the President would stop tweeting his frustrations and temper tantrums over the Mueller investigation. While I too believe that this investigation will not show collusion with Russia, the President is only making the case worse for those working for Mueller by trashing them and calling them names. You don't win people over who are looking at every single word and deed you have done and are doing by acting like an impulsive teenage who rages on ALL the time about this instead of putting out the positive things he is getting done. If he would ONLY talk about the good things getting done, and what he plans to continue to deliver on, I'm sure he'd be more popular. As a woman and a mother/grandmother, his talk at his rallies and many times on twitter make me cringe! I've never been a fan of the name calling and belittling tactics he uses against his opponents. It's simply un-Presidential and unprofessional. You and so many others in his administration can and do speak the truth of what is going on without resulting to angry, name calling tweets that make him sound like a guilty person. I'm sure it's frustrating, and the war with the media is as much his fault as theirs. He gives them so much negative stuff to harp on from his daily tweeting about everything he's upset about. All the great news gets buried, and really he's mostly to blame. Our country is horribly divided and I wish he'd suck it up and realize that his actions and words need to be more measured and thoughtful. Most men of faith that I know, including you, know that kindness wins over more people than unkindness and petty tit for tat rhetoric. It's time for that to stop and show the American people that no matter how the MSM portray him, he is results oriented and positive thinking in works, words and actions. It wouldn't hurt him to give compliments more often than insults. It wouldn't hurt him to give thanks to God in public more often and be more humble. I hate to think of some of his tweets, and I'm sure they will be used, showing up in ads for the mid-term elections and beyond. He's really given them a lot of negative material to use.

  • kobi kisos

    08/05/2018 01:11 PM

    I Mr. Huckabee! I mainly wanted to thank you for your amazing political work and your daughter is just the best!!!! Im an american/ israeli and your work means so much too me. Id love to know if there is anything i could do to support the cause in israel!

  • Ann Ault

    08/05/2018 12:59 PM

    Thank you for your ever-encouraging news and incredibly right-on posts (including HUMOR ... "we laugh that we may not weep" and a "sense of humor is the safety valve on the boiler room of life!") I heard a European leader comment that he admired President Trump: "Trump is one who leads ... doesn't appease!" Prayers for President Trump, his family, administration: God's strength, wisdom, protection ... and the same for YOU and your family and team! Keep up the GOD work! Your fan, Ann

  • David Bevil

    08/05/2018 11:44 AM

    What's with all the crazy pop up ads in the newsletter?

  • Bradley W. Shinn, Pharm.D.

    08/05/2018 10:08 AM

    Me Again. Two comments regarding your recent postings. One, maybe some people who do Broadway shows care more about the world and the plight of imprisoned, innocent children than their own receipts. I actually admire people who are willing to take a stand for right (and, I might add Christian) values at the risk of their own popularity or income. Sadly, I see almost no protestant "ministers" standing up for what is right and willing to confront the true evils of the Trump administration, including his own appalling personal behavior. Regarding "prison reform," I note that the Trump administration is re-establishing the use of private prisons, which were being phased out under Pres. Obama's administration. You need to actually investigate some of the horrors that have went on in some of these private prisons over the years (including multiple cases of sexual abuse by guards). Prison reform, indeed !! I know you have already pegged me as a "liberal, Hillary-loving Democrat" because like most people of your ilk who post on social media without any editorial or responsibilities toward the truth, you like to label people - people you have not even met or know anything about (assumptions are a great way to fill you blog and you can always be "right"). The great power you have. So, call me whatever you wish. I notice you don't really wish to truly debate anyone who differs in views from you, either in your blogs or on your TV show. I would love to have that opportunity, but I am sure that you do not wish to show another side, and that their are truly knowledgeable people out "here" who could counter your arguments - one-by-one, with actual facts. I am sure you don't wish for your contributors to see such an example. Thanks for reading (as you claim you do).

    Brad Shinn

  • Tom Buttram

    08/05/2018 09:54 AM

    If union members pay dues because they choose to, just imagine how many Trump supporters would pay out of their pockets to build the wall! Just like a pastor who stands before his congregation illustrating the need to build a new sanctuary, and asking his parishioners to dig deep to start the ball rolling: Can you see the passion among Trump supporters build as attendees at one of his rallies come forward to throw money into the till? If Donald J. would look the camera in the eye and ask me to help because the Democrats and Republicans are dragging their feet, and help him make America great again--I would be the first to sent $5000 or more, if he would ask me to.
    Watch the pile grow as the grass roots would dig in to help the first president who works for FREE. The biggest surprise wouldn't be Mexico paying for the wall, it would be the red-collar worker and evangelical who believes it isn't the government who comes to save the day, but those who believe in America. Unconventional? Yes! But who could better pull it off that Donald J. Trump.
    I just wish I could help him in this way, rather than standing back wishing and hoping.

  • Barbara Whitfield

    08/05/2018 09:45 AM

    Just want to let you know how much my husband and I love you! And we love Sarah!
    We pray for you all and our President and his family every day. And we give prayers of gratitude for sending all of you to save our country! We are 75 and 80 years young and hope that we can still be here when we can feel our USA is safe again and free to talk about our politics.
    (I have lost of my two closest friends because they "found out" I am a conservative. They refused to even discuss this and I tried to tell them that PC is fascism pretending to me manners.)
    Thanks for being here for us every day! You help us to stay sane!

  • Anne Jackson

    08/05/2018 09:13 AM

    Dear Mike, Keep up the great work! You are a true Patriot-you always tell it like it is-not some fanciful distortion.
    America needs more like you and your smart beautiful daughter.

  • Stan V Griep

    08/05/2018 09:07 AM

    Thanks for posting your article about President Trumps' approval rating Mike. I pray that God continues to make holes in the devils veil of hateful deceit so that folks can see that he is truly working for We The People more than any President in a very long time. His businesslike approach is what is bringing America back. The politics as usual had far too long a run. After 8 miserable years of outright deceitful decisiveness it is like a breath of fresh air. I pray for President Trump, VP Pence and your daughter that they can all continue to stand strong against the totally unacceptable behavior of the main stream media and many others in the Democratic party. When they booed the prayer at their convention their true colors were put on display, that is tough to recover from. I honestly believe that Pelosi and Waters, to name just a couple, need to be taken into custody and taken to a mental hospital for a minimum 72 hour hold and treat. There is something seriously wrong there and I am serious about that. Their mental states as seen through the media are shocking to say the least and makes one wonder how much worse it is in person. Again, thank you for your newletters and tell your wonderful daughter that one old man in Colorado thinks she is doing an OUTSTANDING job!