September 5, 2018

My essay about letting Attorney General Jeff Sessions go ("It breaks my heart to say this...") inspired a very thoughtful letter from reader Sevy Gangemi:

My father was a CEO/COO of his company. He sent me to school to become an engineer for his company. I had always worked for him before and he was completely satisfied with my performances. However, when I returned from college, he sensed that I did not have the stomach or the heart for my new role in his company. Basically my father fired me, though he asked me in a loving way to leave. I knew that he was right, I was non performing in my tasks, and everyone would suffer from it. 
I knew that he loved me, and it was a difficult thing to do. My father’s business thrived without me and for the good of all his clientele. I was’nt a bad engineer, just not in the right position. I went on to be successful in my own engineering and business endeavors. 
Jeff Sessions is a good man, and probably a good legal professional, but all of Trump’s love cannot make him fit the job. My father was the greatest father I could of had and we loved each other until he died. I always respected him. Trump has to let Seessions go. It will be better for his own well being and more importantly for the USA.

- Sevy Gangemi

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