Ainsworth replies to two readers re: "impeachment inquiry"

October 25, 2019 |

The commentary “‘Impeachment’ then and now...” comparing Adam Schiff’s Schiff-ty proceedings to Hillary’s rules-out-the-window proposals for the Watergate committee (which were denied), drew a few critiques from readers who apparently think it’s just fine to deny President Trump due process, at least at this point in the game. Huckabee writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth felt inwardly prodded to respond to a couple of these, so here goes...


From Robert:

I'm sorry, Governor Huckabee. Donald Trump has no one to blame but himself for the absolutely essential impeachment proceedings against him. The Democrats are not "trying to "destroy him ". They're struggling to keep HIM from destroying this country. And how dare this despicable liar and hypocrite whine about allegedly being "lynched"?  

He has been given enough rope to hang himself. This abomination masquerading as a president and a human being is a vile criminal and traitor who has betrayed this country in a manner so heinous as to make Benedict Arnold look like a choirboy! I won't even bother you with a laundry list of all the terrible things he has said and done as our alleged "president ", not to mention in his unbelievably sordid career as the most crooked and inept businessman in US history and his disgraceful conduct in private life.  

Like so many other Americans, I am sick and tired of the mindlessly uncritical worship of a man who has done nothing but harm to America in his life and to countless people.

From Laura:

I’m sorry, Robert. If you are a regular reader, you know that Team Huckabee has never engaged in “mindlessly uncritical worship” of President Trump. Most of his supporters are well aware of his personal flaws and style; they weighed his against Hillary’s and much preferred his. They also know that at this point he has a long list of accomplishments --- not typically touted in the mainstream media, which tend to be as mindlessly critical of him as you are --- and would no doubt have more if he hadn’t been subjected to a relentless inquisition for his entire term of office.

Here are 289 of them, as of October 2018. You may think of this as damage to America, but I think it’s great:

Trump’s list: 289 accomplishments in just 20 months, ‘relentless’ promise-keeping

How, precisely, do you think Trump is “destroying this country”? I see that you don’t want to “bother” us with any examples. If you simply disagree with him on policy issues or conservative court appointments, the place to address that is at the ballot box, not with an impeachment, which the founders did not want used for partisan purposes. Republicans thought Obamacare and the Iran deal were extremely bad for the country, but they didn’t subject that President to such savagery. We tried to defeat him at the ballot box but were unsuccessful.

Perhaps since you wrote your letter, you’ve seen the clips from the ‘90s of Democrats (both white and black) calling the impeachment of Bill Clinton (white) a “lynching.” (Never mind that Bill used to be referred to as “the first black President," haha.) Even Joe Biden used that reference –- though he has since apologized, though only sort-of because he still implied Trump and his supporters were racist by saying that when Trump did it, “it was a dog whistle.” (Huh? Note to Biden: if you’re the one hearing the dog whistle, you are the dog.) Lynchings, throughout history, were part of a horrible, indefensible vigilante tradition, subverting the justice system, and were carried out on blacks and whites alike. No one is saying that lynchings for racist reasons were not just the worst, most vile thing imaginable. But Trump wasn’t talking about those. So, please, just give it a rest.

Your letter is so over-the-top that I don’t think you’re able to think clearly about this, but I’m glad you wrote, anyway, as it demonstrates the level of Trump-hate that exists. Your letter is Exhibit A. It sounds like what was said about him from the stage during the 2016 Democratic National Convention: “Donald Trump has never done anything to help anyone in his entire life.” I remember that, at the time, many Trump supporters came forward with their stories about particularly wonderful charitable actions he had taken or individuals he had helped, with no fanfare. This will not change your mind, I know, because nothing will.

You speak of Trump’s “disgraceful conduct in private life.” I assume you mean his past sexual conduct. Though Bill Clinton was not impeached for his “private life” --- it was for lying under oath and suborning perjury --- I do believe that his conduct regarding Monica Lewinsky was NOT private, in that it took place in the Oval Office and created a hostile work environment a la #MeToo. Disgusting. And in the White House yet, though his behavior was legendary long before then. Unlike President Clinton, Trump has never been accused of improprieties while in office. 

Moving say Trump “makes Benedict Arnold look like a choirboy”? Robert, you can’t be serious. Think about what you are saying before you fire off with such mindless hatred and lack of knowledge of history.

Still, thanks for writing. Your letter is quite enlightening, though not in the way I’m sure you would have liked it to be.

From William:

Mike, since you are repeating yourself, I will repeat my comments on your ‘charges’ i.e. As White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote in his letter to the committee heads, “[Y]ou have designed and implemented your inquiry in a manner that violates fundamental fairness and constitutionally mandated due process. For example, you have denied the President the right to cross-examine witnesses, to call witnesses, to receive transcripts of testimony, to have access to evidence, to have counsel present, and many other basic rights guaranteed to all Americans...All of this violates the Constitution, the rule of law, and every past precedent.”....THE HOUSE INVESTIGATION IS NOT A TRIAL. THEY ARE GATHERING EVIDENCE TO POSSIBLY SUPPORT CHARGES. THE TRIAL IS DONE IN THE SENATE. THIS US WHERE THE ISSUES YOU BRING UP ARE ADDRESSED.


From Laura:

If we repeat ourselves, it’s because the story is complex, updated and expanded all the time. Perhaps at the time you wrote, you hadn’t seen the superb press conference Sen. Linsday Graham gave on Thursday in which he compared Adam Schiff’s “rules,” point by point, with the due process that was granted to Bill Clinton by the House. None of the due process violations that are taking place now were inflicted on him. Yes, an actual trial would take place in the Senate, but the House doesn't get to throw legal precedent out the window in the meantime.

If the transcripts of their secret hearings were providing evidence of wrongdoing, they would be making them public, you can be sure. They’re withholding cross-examinations but releasing opening statements –- which can be ANYTHING, no evidence required –- to try to shape their narrative, make the President look guilty and drive down his poll numbers. This is so obvious that I have to wonder about people who don’t see it. That would include you, William.

Sorry to have to end this so abruptly, but news has just broken that the DOJ has officially opened a criminal investigation into the origins of the “Trump/Russia” investigation. I guarantee you that Brennan, Clapper, Comey and that crowd, if they are implicated, will receive the same due process “due” all Americans, during AND BEFORE their trials, even if I think their sorry hides don’t deserve it. That’s what America is all about.



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  • Amelia Little

    10/26/2019 04:09 AM

    Robert sounds like a number of leftists I know. One thing that stands out is--as usual, "he's done so much wrong" or "told so many lies" and "is destroying our country" but it seems no one has been able to specify a single wrong or lie, or what action is destroying our country. Even with the Russia collusion kangaroo court--they were desperately LOOKING for something to hang their hats on--with never a specific action. With Ukraine-gate---they actually specify an action, except it's based on THEIR lie about what was said.

    I wait until the democrats accuse President Trump or others of his administration, the congressmen who are (FINALLY) pushing back on the bullying of the left of something---because that is an arrow to show what the left is doing. They think that everyone is as underhanded as they are. As with the Russia collusion, election meddling--THEY are the ones who rabidly started down these roads, and now they are complaining because when this administration is following through, as they should, to see if there was collusion/meddling what is being found is that people of their party are the ones who have done the colluding and meddling. They aren't used to political opponents to stand up, to push back, and now they are caught with their pants down.

    Thank you for your articles which explain things without all the extra gobbledygook.

  • Hazel Siebrecht

    10/25/2019 09:11 PM

    So encouraging and enlightening to get unbiased news. Thank you for providing it without wading through a bunch of skirting the real issue and the truth.

  • Joanne Sgrignoli

    10/25/2019 05:26 PM

    I just have to say this: Woo Hoo! Excellent responses! *standing ovation*

  • Jane Baldwin

    10/25/2019 04:19 PM

    Thank you, Laura Ainsworth! To think this entire impeachment inquiry started with a “hearsay” whistleblower, which makes him/her not a whistleblower but a partisan leaker. Yet we can’t know who this person is because they must be protected??! Yet the President is afforded none of his rights as a citizen, and a 1/3 co-equal branch of our government - duly elected by 60 million voters. This is outrageously unfair. The democrats’ and their sycophant media’s blind hatred for President Trump is harming our country in many ways. It’s truly amazing how Trump has withstood all this and managed to keep almost all of his promises.

  • Robert Wrucke

    10/25/2019 03:17 PM

    Laura,I appreciate your knowledgeable responses to the comments that are, no doubt, being made without knowledge! Sometimes when I read some of that stuff I say to myself, "I wish they would engage brain before commenting". Unfortunately, I believe, most often it happens because of who they are trusting for their information.

  • Richard M. Rominger

    10/25/2019 12:47 PM

    Good rebuttal Laura. I enjoy reading articles from Mike Huckabee.

  • JR Nagelkirk

    10/25/2019 12:19 PM

    My first thought when I read 'Robert's' letter was: "Wait! Are you talking about Donald Trump? Because it sound's like you're talking about Barrack Obama. That's him in a nutshell."

  • Rick Clark

    10/25/2019 11:43 AM

    Governor do a Great wife & I look forward to your Sat. night TBN program...Top Notch. Also Laura does a superb job with her effort to show these Trump bashers what the truth is. TY Laura!!!! Prayers much needed for the left side...all in God's plan at this end time!!!
    Also Governor TY for all your daily email updates!!!!
    Have a Blessed Day