November 1, 2019

A while back, we examined Hillary’s participation on the Watergate committee in 1974, when she was a 26-year-old recent law school grad, and the proposals she made --- thankfully shot down by the Judiciary Committee --- to control the process for impeaching Nixon. Now that the full House of Representatives has voted, along partisan lines, to approve rules for Schiff’s “impeachment inquiry,” which still has not been formally initiated, we can see that when it comes to denying a political enemy due process, Hillary (at least then) was an amateur. 

Since those days, the Democrats have refined their skills and expanded their tactics. As I’ve said, they do not care about preserving concepts such as due process and executive privilege. With glistening eyes, they brandish the Constitution while knowing deep in their hearts that they would secretly use it for toilet paper if that got them what they want at the expense of their political enemies. They worship one thing, and that is power. We now see, very clearly, that the “whistleblower” complaint that kicked off Schiff’s secret “inquiry” was a set-up from the start. And it’s not an impeachment at this point, just a way for Schiff to pick and choose what he wants to release to try to shape a narrative that calls for one.

So, what are the “rules” that just got approved by the Democrats (no Republicans voted for this garbage), and how does this process differ from that followed by the Judiciary Committee during the Clinton inquiry? To start with, we don’t have the Judiciary Committee looking into it; we have numerous other committees instead.  Here are a few more examples...

Schiff has the authorization to make transcripts public, BUT HE IS NOT REQUIRED TO

He must prepare a report for the Judiciary Committee, BUT HE GETS TO SAY WHAT GOES IN IT.

Other committees are authorized to hand over “records” and “materials” to the Judiciary Committee, BUT THEY DON’T HAVE TO.

The resolution does provide for some due process, BUT ONLY AFTER THE CASE IS REFERRED BY SCHIFF TO THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE.

Committee chairs must consult with the ranking (Republican) member, BUT APPARENTLY THEY GET TO CHOOSE WHAT THEY REVEAL AND WHAT THEY DON'T.

This means the House may choose to withhold information exculpatory to President Trump. During the debate on this provision, Arizona Republican Debbie Lesko proposed that the language be changed to say the chairs of those committees “shall” be required to transmit exculpatory evidence to the Judiciary Committee. The ensuing discussion tells you all you need to know: that the Democrat congressional leadership is capable of using mental gymnastics to rationalize ANYTHING and counter ANY argument made by a Republican.

Joel B. Pollack at Breitbart News lays it out (link below). Lesko thought it was absurd for members to have to rely on a partial account provided by Schiff, and noted that in previous impeachments, members of the Judiciary Committee would have heard the entire testimony for themselves, including exculpatory evidence. “There is no reason why anybody in this body should disagree that all materials must be transferred to the members of Congress on the Judiciary Committee,” she said.

Well, who needs a reason? Democrats don't, but they countered with some lame ones. Rules Committee chair Jim McGovern of Massachusetts said there might be national security risks associated with transferring all the evidence. Lesko pointed out that, at least at this point, there is no classified material involved and that members could not be expected to vote on impeachment with incomplete information.

Sure they could!  Democrats countered Lesko again by saying that language such as “shall” (as opposed, I guess, to “may if they feel so inclined”) would be “too broad, taking in irrelevant as well as relevant information.”

Georgia Rep. Bob Woodall argued that the committees were already authorized to turn over everything if they wanted to; this would just guarantee that exculpatory information definitely would be.

Not so fast! McGovern countered by saying that Republicans would be allowed to submit a minority report –- mighty nice of them –- and that if Republicans had been serious about improving the bill, they would have submitted their improvements earlier.  (See?  It's all Republicans' fault!)

Republicans pointed out that they had received the resolution only 24 hours before.

Too bad!  “I understand the point Ms. Lesko is making,” McGovern said, “but I think it’s a poorly drafted amendment. And I think it is all-encompassing, and I think it could potentially be dangerous to somebody.”

Texas Rep. Michael Burgess correctly noted that a prosecutor who withheld exculpatory information would face penalties.

Doesn’t matter! Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin countered Burgess with the false canard that the impeachment process is like a grand jury. Lesko had already attacked that argument by saying a grand jury wouldn’t be allowed to leak the way the Democrats on this committee have been doing.

So what! Raskin then countered with the ludicrous claim that the resolution was going to make all the material available to all the members. Lesko pointed out that the resolution merely “authorized” them to release it; it didn’t require them to, which was why she had proposed an amendment requiring that.

Shut up, Republicans! All right, let’s vote.

Also, here’s a good opinion piece to serve as follow-up on Eric Ciaramella, who has been named by many sources as the person who posed as a whistleblower to kick off the “inquiry.” It reiterates what we reported yesterday, that this person, with his ties to John Brennan and others in the group spearheading the attempted “Trump/Russia” takedown; that this is someone who had tried before to use leaks from the White House to damage Trump; that his other associations, such as with DNC officials, are telling; and that an acknowledgement of his identify destroys the anti-Trump narrative and shows it to be an obvious set-up.

“Moving forward on impeachment based on the word of Ciaramella is like initiating a study to prove tobacco is healthy because of a report presented by Philip Morris,” it says. But as we see from the bizarre debate over "inquiry" rules, that won’t stop the Democrats from shooting down any arguments against doing so.

If Eric Ciaramella really is the whistleblower, the whole impeachment narrative is decimated


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  • Patsy Prothro

    11/04/2019 10:42 PM

    This is worse than a kangaroo court! Shifty Shiff is having his cake and eating it too! When will this guy get his comeuppance?

  • Michael Moody

    11/04/2019 10:07 AM

    Dear Mike:

    I am hoping you will go through the channels available to you and pass a word on to President Trump. Nothing I have heard of during this whole deal about Ukraine is illegal, no matter what the Democrats make of it. There is no quid pro quo, period. They would have said that the program assistance to Ukraine was reduced and I have heard no evidence of any such reduction. Indeed, I think the Democrats are violating the law themselves with this selecting leaking which is a violation of grand jury rules. This is essentially what this special committee is. But for the President to release the name of the party who signed his name on a form, almost certainly is a felony. That is something the Democrats would jump all over.

    I was a federal employee until July when I retired. Every year, we had to take a mandatory class in whistle blower protections as prescribed by an Act of Congress. I remember enough about that annual training to argue that this whole monstrosity did not follow that law. I don't think President Trump has ever seen the law. I don't think the Congressional Democrats have ever read the law either.

    And they all may be exempt. It wouldn't be the first time laws have been written that specifically or by implication exempted the Congress but that were applied to everyone else. Obamacare is the easiest example of that. But if I released the name of someone who was at the bottom of the chain on this mess, I could go to jail. Exempt or not, I wouldn't want Donald Trump to risk it. He already has a target on his back. He doesn't need to give the Democrats another one.

  • Kenneth Hadler

    11/03/2019 10:42 PM

    Sounds about as pure as the water running down the hill from the barnyard during a heavy rain.


    11/02/2019 02:20 PM

    What the heck? How do "we the people " stop this. They are making up the rules as they go along. They truly think the American people are stupid. Disgusting.

  • Mac Moody

    11/02/2019 02:04 PM

    What if anything can the Republicans do to counter this Democratic fiasco? The info that I have read and seen indicates that the Democrats are in complete control. The Republicans either can't, or won't, or bound by House Rules to allow the Dimms to do whatever they want.

  • Mike Horst

    11/02/2019 12:55 PM

    Mike...Saturday morning and I just took a poll by one of the more what would have to be considered conservative polls on "who you would vote for if the Presidential 2020 election were held today...who would you vote for?" This one is Trump vs Warren. Results show that Trump would Win by a vote of 80% to Warrens 18%. An absolute landslide! This one has 100,000 people taking the poll. Hum? Then we have RealClearPolitics showing Trump losing to the top Democrats or virtually dead even. In a lot of cases these polls are only sampling a 1,000 or so "potential voters". Of course it doesn't take into account the millions of people who don't respond to these pollsters!
    But to hear the rabid media...Trump will lose if the election were held today. Yah right!

  • Vernon Hinz

    11/02/2019 11:34 AM

    I know everyone is saying that the Democrats are so out of control that they are gong to get burned at the poles next election. Don't bet the farm on it, they are so corrupt you don;t know what they have up their sleeve. Don't shoot a bear then walk up to without making sure it isn't going to jump up and attack you.

  • William Domenico

    11/02/2019 09:47 AM

    Since America was founded and guided by Divine principles until this new
    Century, I believe the only way out of the mess created by the "Swamp" will be
    by Divine intervention. Patriots vividly remember how united this country was
    in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Love for one another filled the air. This
    situation with our country's leadership is scary. Brace yourself and maintain
    belief in the Almighty in order to sleep peacefully!

  • Linda Olds

    11/02/2019 02:51 AM

    This whole "inquiry" is so frustrating! There's nothing to look at. President Trump gave us the transcript of the conversation. Any part that was left out was not about the so-called quid pro quo or Biden.
    The Dems know that. That's why now Nancy is saying that they're also looking into obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation!
    It's also why this is all being done in the basement, where Schifty can control the sound bites that emerge. His investigation is truly like a Soviet court--no truth allowed; it would get in the way of the conviction they want.
    Meanwhile, Nancy has no time (or desire) to bring up the USMCA, or other important issues. She only has time to stand in front of the cameras and lie about doing this for the sake of the Constitution. If any of the Dems have any decency or concern for America, they would come out and condemn this farce (or witchhunt, or lynching).
    It is very frustrating that it seems that nothing can be done.

  • Kevin J Cook

    11/01/2019 11:00 PM

    Democrats are a national disgrace with communist Schiff Show.
    This only ends when democrats are destroyed at the polls next year.

  • Elizabeth Houghton

    11/01/2019 10:16 PM

    You all know what to do: join any committee that is formed to work against the reelection of your representative if they have participated in this sham. Only when they lost their position in Congress will any one of them get the message.

  • Mike Horst

    11/01/2019 09:47 PM

    Mike...this nonsense by the Democrats has gone on since the day the President was elected. The only thing I can think of as to why they are doing all this is that if they scream “wolf” long enough and loud enough the American people will somehow believe all their resistance, protesting,lying, false narratives and somehow get rid of Trump! I suspect not until January 20, 2025.

  • Granny Anne

    11/01/2019 09:23 PM

    President Donald Trump is a soul/spirit sent for this time to bring peace to this planet. Those who oppose him are the negative/dark side who want to destroy anything of the light. I pray that everything that is sent toward him will be returned to the sender 7 fold. It looks like it is happening.

  • Anita Ward

    11/01/2019 08:25 PM

    It is extremely rare for me to make a crude comment, but when these DemocRats die and an autopsy is conducted, the Pathologist will find only the smelly stuff found at the bottom of the swamp! If they ever had grey matter, it was replaced were replaced with HATRED for AMERICANS, STINKING SWAMP MATTER and MANY YEARS OF GREED at the expense of the citizens of the USA!

  • Martha Schafer

    11/01/2019 07:30 PM

    I have been following the dastardly deeds of the Democrats for months now ,thanks to you Governor. All of their shenanigans remind me of a quote from my favorite 1930s crime fighter, The Shadow. ( I first heard these wonderful radio shows in the 1970's.) Every show opened with
    "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (women and assorted Democrats*) ? The Shadow (and Deplorable Patriots*) knows!" Of course The Shadow always did know and everything worked out fine. The show ended with "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay...The Shadow (and Deplorable Patriots*) knows!" * equals my edits. Thank you Governor for being our Shadow and informing and educating us about the crimes being perpetrated against The Constitution and We, the American people.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/01/2019 07:11 PM

    Again I would like to make clear the Left hates Donald Trump Please do not misunderstand the Left hates me and America they use Trump for many reasons he is a powerful man in our world he is the President Of THE UNITED STATES and they are NOT. Clinton was to be the President and not only did she lose the media lost the Legacy of Obama lost the entire Left lost all of that was to remain intact Tremendous amount of money was lost promises made are not to be kept a lot of people that pay to play didn't get their money back are out and they are not happy Clinton and Obama had a lot riding on her winning so don't be confused the number of pissed off people is staggering and they all want Trump out as everyone sees the attempt to lynch him yes white people can be lynched and were.

  • Ron Besse

    11/01/2019 06:12 PM

    I thought I would add my 2-cents on Warren's $52 trillion dollar healthcare plan. The plan indicates as many as 2 million would lose their jobs. You and I both know the corporations need to make a provide to survive and grow the business. The stockholders expect a return of their investment. So, if the tax rates on business increase and they want to continue providing a return on investment that means people lose jobs, work less hours, see increased automation, and lastly there will be price increases on the products they sell. Even if the middleclass don't pay taxes for her plan the fallout will be higher costs for everyone when they make a purchase. I have a accounting degree with minors in economics and business and the one thing I remember from those boring econ classes is as follows; for every action there will be a equal and opposite reaction. Translation good news for some and bad news for many.

  • Carmine Fea

    11/01/2019 05:10 PM

    We Trump supporters do not want him impeached, regardless of what the Senate may do.
    President Trump and republicans could have stopped impeachment weeks/months ago, but did not. I feel like saying "its the people, stupid". Initially, the majority of the people of this country were with Trump and against impeachment, something like 47 to 34 percent against impeachment. Now, it's about 47 to 34 percent for impeachment or an impeachment inquiry. President Trump and his team lost the majority they had. Why? Because they did nothing, or did a poor job of fighting back to keep the majority of the people with Trump. Advertising works. Trump is not being well served. Vultures are emboldened by weakness. Having a majority of the people with Trump against impeachment, and not only in the swing states, would end impeachment. Trump does not have the BEST team, which he needs up against Pelosi a pro for years at this stuff and the lying Schiff. I almost fell out of my chair last night when I heard a chatty leader of Trump's team say they were just going to sit back and do nothing. What?? Trump is also likely taking incoming fire from Soros, if the Move On. Org web site is Soros. Move On. org is pushing for impeachment of Trump and was actually out there working hard Wed. night pushing the democrats to vote for the impeachment inquiry Thurs., information taken from the Move On web site.

  • Richard Edler

    11/01/2019 04:13 PM

    Governor Huckabee, are we going to be able to save President Trump or not? Why do Dems want to have his presidency shadowed by impeachment? Will we ever have another good man or woman who is for the people be willing to run for President ever again? Is this our last chance? We can now see that Dens have never been elected to represent everyday Americans. Our political process and government by the people for the role is a sham. How do we get back to the real purpose of government to serve the people? Term limits? Stronger ability to fire public officials who never seem to be able to be fired. Also why did Chicago agree to the Teachers unions’ outrageous demands when that state is broke and Teachers pensions are drowning citizens in that state? They take huge pensions and then move to another state to avoid paying taxes. It is a win-win for them but not for the taxpayers of Chicago. I heard that public employees’ pensions in Chicago double after 25 years into retirement, which is a crime.

  • joseph orsini PhD

    11/01/2019 03:58 PM

    Republicans need to list each of these hinderances in BULLET POINTS rather than narrative, and discuss them REPEATEDLY on all the media they can get to. And keep doing it until polls show that all voters are aware of them.

  • Cheryl Dowd

    11/01/2019 03:51 PM

    The whole impeachment process is a farce and a sham! Its only purpose it to take down this president. It has nothing to do with honesty, transparency or the constitution. It has everything to do with power and control and the democrats can't gain it any other way than through this disgrace they call a process. Hopefully, Americans see through it all and will show them that come election day. It can't come soon enough. If only they cared about the welfare of this country as much as they hate President Trump, maybe something worthwile could actually get done.

  • Dot Whitley

    11/01/2019 03:26 PM

    I never knew what it was to seriouly dislike people until Hilary ran for president. I suppose life will never be the same again ,because it gets worse every day.
    Dot Whitley

  • Cheryl A Weeks

    11/01/2019 03:23 PM

    The United States government has been taken over by CORRUPT, EVIL THUGS!!!!

  • Carol Kloberdanz

    11/01/2019 02:35 PM

    Are AG Barr and the IG giving the Democrats enough rope to hang themselves so there will be an ironclad case for treason? What the democrats are doing is not an impeachment inquiry. It is a coup. We all see it. We all know what these treasonous traitors are doing. Certainly AG Barr sees what they are doing. If he doesn’t, I’ll believe he’s one of them...We love you and your daughter, Sarah. We love our President. Trump 2020!

  • Linda J Wellmann

    11/01/2019 02:28 PM

    I am at a loss!! I feel that Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and others live in a parallel universe!! And have absolutely have NO idea of what the people who elected them want much less the 65 million deplorable WalMart Rednecks! Why can't the Senate get the USMCA going?? It isn't a money bill, so????? Help me out Mike. . . . .