November 19, 2019

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  • Dianna

    11/19/2019 07:38 PM

    Fox news you so called "poll" is a JOKE! That in NO WAY represents the American People! We Elected our President and we support and back Him FULLY!

  • Denise Jackson

    11/19/2019 05:35 PM

    How long do we have to keep hearing 'polls say'? I am a Californian who recently moved to Georgia. I have family and friends scattered throughout the United States. I did a count of everyone I know. Those who believe MSM and support impeacement are about 25 to 30%. Even allowing for the fact that I am more likely to know people who think like I do, that is a huge difference from official polls results. So many business decisions and political decisions on based on polls. Yet the only polls that is ever verified are the predictions of election results. Polling is big money and the results have way too much influence in a multitude of decisions. It is scary. I would be interested in your opinion and understanding of polls.

  • Kathryn Smith

    11/19/2019 05:23 PM

    Thank you for all your effort and hard work. We The American people appreciate you for your service. Kathryn Smith Birmingham, Alabama