November 23, 2019

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  • James V. Cothern

    11/25/2019 02:04 AM

    Do you remember the movie "Manchurian Candidate" ? The Buffoon of a Senator who always numbered the "Communists" in Congress remind me of "Shifty Schiff" who years ago had hard irrefutable solid evidence of Trumps CRIMES. As in that movie I think this real life drama will so play out with this accuser being the "ONE" in Congress who is drummed out of the Capitol.


    11/24/2019 03:37 PM


  • Beverly Schaffield

    11/23/2019 08:23 PM

    Has anyone else noticed how Schiff never calls the President anything other than "Trump"? Never President Trump or even Mr. Trump, just "Trump". This is obviously intentional and is very disrespectful to our President. I was not happy when Obama was elected, but still considered him the POTUS.

    I feel God allowed him to be elected so that the people of this country could get an idea of how bad things could get if we didn't turn back to God. I further believe that He chose Donald Trump as our last best hope to turn this country around and make us One Nation Under God. Yes, Mr. Obama, we ARE a Christian nation, regardless of how you wished it to be otherwise.

  • Johnny Davis

    11/23/2019 07:34 PM

    He has ridiculed our Great President one to many.

  • Maureen Baisden

    11/23/2019 03:20 PM

    Adam Schiff is part of the investment company, this is why he is fighting so hard to get Trump.

  • Becky mickelson

    11/23/2019 02:10 PM

    Loved watching you put Schiff in his place go TRUMP 2020