December 10, 2019

Guess who’s smiling warmly on the cover of PEOPLE magazine’s big 2019 “The Year in Pictures” issue?

You guessed: Michelle Obama, who’s been named, along with lesser lights Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift –- who warranted inside “covers” –- as one of the 2019 “PEOPLE of the Year.” (Aside: we learn from this that to receive the honor this year, one had to be not just female and attractive but fabulously, incalculably wealthy.) The headline reads, “Michelle Obama: The Year I Told My Story…‘It’s easier to just be me.’”

Now, if you don’t know how PR campaigns work, let me tell you that nothing is an accident. The nature and timing of big-money publicity is planned down to the day, if not the hour. PR professionals on this level are tight with editors at major publications such as PEOPLE, not just to get covers and feature spreads but all sorts of helpful little mentions sprinkled here and there. I guarantee you, there is no one in the entire world who has PR “special handling” to rival Michelle Obama’s.

This year, she was named not only as America’s Most Admired Woman (her husband is Most Admired Man, with Trump coming in second), but also as Most Admired Woman on the planet.

Her spread in PEOPLE starts on page 80 with a photo of smiling, approachable Michelle –- wearing a bustier, no less, but still looking appropriately modest –- and the words: “Michelle OBAMA...a record-setting bestseller. A book tour that sold out stadiums around the world. With the White House behind her and an empty nest at home, the former First Lady revels in THE WIDE-OPEN HORIZON AHEAD (emphasis mine): ‘Life feels a little different now.’”

In the interview by Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, the question of running for President is never specifically asked; Michelle, conveniently, doesn’t have to bother saying once again that there was no chance she’d run. Instead, in the introduction, there is a worshipful quote from her former-President husband: “I’ve been basking in the reflected glow of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama for the better part of my life now, but somehow this past year, she’s raised it to another level.” Oh, and he goes on.

“Her vulnerability, her wit and wisdom and her fundamental decency have opened the door for millions of people around the world to get a better sense not simply of her story but of theirs,” he says. Imagine Obama himself, the former President of the United States, introducing her as the 2020 Democrat Party nominee for President of the United States. Mark my word, this is what we are going to see.

Look at everything the Democrats have tried to stop Trump from winning re-election. It is all backfiring. Increasingly, the impeachment is being seen for what it is, a purely political “coup” attempt that will end in failure. If it goes to the Senate, they’ll dismiss the charges --- not before bringing up witness after witness to reveal what the Democrats were really up to. It’s a disaster, and they are going to need something huge to turn attention away from it in time for the November election. Michelle is the ONLY person with the star power needed to do this.

Also, look at the incredible economic numbers, so strong that even many black people, glad to be working, are taking a more positive look at the current President. Democrats know the 2020 election absolutely cannot be about the economy. For Democrats in 2019, it’s personality, stupid.

By the way, one sidebar story that really struck me as a slap at Melania Trump is titled “Forever First Lady.” It seems that after Michelle told aspiring college students in 2018 that she’d always have their backs as their ‘forever First Lady,’ her young fans started putting that on T-shirts, handbags and jackets. News flash: we have a very lovely First Lady, her name is Melania, and she is never featured on magazine covers at all. Trump-haters have all sorts of lame reasons to rationalize that.

Also, PEOPLE does have a new article about Melania, or, rather, about a new book called FREE, MELANIA, that the White House really does not like. (I get the impression that Melania herself just does not give a flip. Good for her.) It’s eye-opening to contrast the worshipful “Michelle” prose with the unsparing “Melania” piece.

At the close of Michelle’s interview, Westfall asks her, “When you’ve been to the mountaintop –- successful career, First Lady, bestselling memoir of all time –- where else is there to go? What’s next?” Michelle’s answer (condensed): “I suffer no illusions that I’ve reached any mountaintop –-and, really, I hope I never do...Becoming is a lifelong process, and I take a lot of comfort in that fact. I don’t ever want to look around and think there is nowhere left to go –- because where’s the fun in that?”

She’ll run. As a “uniter.” As a rock star. As a moderate-appearing standard-bearer for identity politics. And if she wins, she’ll bring the whole Obama machine back with her. Ironically, if people vote for her because they think Trump “abused power,” they will be bringing back the same crew who DID abuse power to infiltrate Trump’s campaign, and, later, to impeach him with no evidence or due process.

Eric Beach, co-chair of the Great America Alliance, said Saturday on FOX News that the entrance of Michael Bloomberg into the race tells us, “...there is not a clear front-runner in the Democratic primary, and I also don’t think that [we’ve seen] the last candidate come out, whether it be Hillary Clinton or even Michelle Obama, because, as Michael Bloomberg also said, you know, Trump would eat up pretty much anybody that’s gonna be on that stage.” Democrats “have a message problem”, he said, and “impeachment’s not going to help that.”

He noted that Hillary has been dropping hints about getting into the election, and we all know she DESPERATELY wants to do that. I would add that Hillary’s entry, with her total charmlessness, outrageous lies, fragile health and boatload of baggage (with the ongoing investigations into 2016 likely to bring up even more) would be the kiss of death for Democrats, some of whom –- including the Obamas, of course –- are smart enough to get that. This corrupt, phony, clunky, unlikeable two-time loser who has alienated at least half the country would surely go down a third time, even if both coasts continue stubbornly to support her. Thank you, Electoral College, for working exactly as you were designed to do!

There’s only one thing that might stop Hillary in her aspirational but dead-end tracks: if Michelle gets in. She’s their ultimate weapon –- their atomic bomb, if you will, and the Enola Gay is getting ready to fire up its engines. There is NO ONE else within striking distance of President Trump, which is why she will be “persuaded” to launch her campaign, either as President or President-in-waiting (as in, VP). Hope I’m wrong, but the White House and GOP had better be ready for this.

Michelle Obama among People magazine’s ‘People of the Year’

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Comments 1-25 of 29

  • Cynthia Pacheco

    04/14/2020 05:14 PM

    No.....I don't think so.

  • Mary Britton

    04/14/2020 01:54 PM

    This is all-out war and the possible division of our country. This Corona virus is the latest attack against the sitting President by the ruthless, evil left

  • Alice

    04/14/2020 12:43 PM

    Christians need to keep praying for the protection of Trump, Pense, their families, their Pastors,the inner circle of people helping them and the military .Pray that Trump will win the election on his promises kept and the handling of the pandemic.A time line of when Trump cut off China,Europe, and England needs to be spelled out to combat the lies of the fake news. We need to thank God for putting such a smart loving man in the White house. Christians spread the message of prayer needed many times a day and night. God is watching and listening !!

  • Sammajane Way

    04/08/2020 08:28 PM

    I couldn’t agree more. The whole thing makes me sick.

  • Mable Alford

    04/02/2020 05:05 PM

    I have had this in the back of my head for a long time. I hope and pray it does not happen.

  • Jane Messer

    03/11/2020 03:20 PM

    I have thought this from the beginning!! Everyone tells me I’m crazy. We shall see......
    (I’m praying not!!!)

  • Delbert Sanders

    01/26/2020 06:13 PM

    She is an Idoit. She ranks as evil as Killiary.She is as guilty as Obummer in his traitorous two terms. It will take America years to get over the damage they inflicted on us.

  • Jerry

    01/02/2020 12:54 PM

    I have commented when the loons on the Left are running for President what they would do if elected President are so outrageous and foolish that some one would come in at the last minute and try to win the White House. I think Foreign money is behind most of this lunacy and the idea Obama may run is proof our enemies wants our country weaken just like B Obama did during his 8 years.

  • Steven Miller

    12/17/2019 06:14 PM

    Not real sure Ms. Obama has the emotional strength, fortitude, and/or the thick skin necessary to jump into the political arena? Especially with President Trump sharing the lime light.

  • Michele Riley

    12/13/2019 09:30 PM

    Oh yes bring the traitors back to the White Hiuse to complete the destruction of American. They have no allegiance to our country only bringing destruction
    And despair to our country. They openly despise America and what she represents to the world. We do not need anymore of their “hope and change”. They nearly destroyed us.

  • Kari Hand

    12/11/2019 09:04 PM

    I know that is why Obama never endorsed Biden... 1st of all, he knows Good Old Joe is only just thaaat... Good Old Joe!... He is just “good enough” to be a bumbling VP but not “good enough” to be a President... & if Obama endorsed anyone now, how could he then endorse his own wife??? Hope to God she just enjoys basking in the limelight of being loved & adored right now & doesn’t think about running because she knows how nasty politics can become...

  • Brian Chandler

    12/10/2019 10:41 PM

    She will not run. Why would she? She’s on easy street with popularity and lots of money. Her and Barack are enjoying life away from Washington. Sun, relaxation, and a Mai Tai. Not happening!

  • Ann Bruce Pineda

    12/10/2019 10:27 PM

    Brother Mike, thank you for the gracious and kind host you were with Tulsi Gabbard, as you always are, even to people who have less in common than you and she. Please ask POTUS to offer her a really good job that will make Hillary grit her teeth in anger. Maybe Tulsi won't accept it but she has so much to offer and both she and POTUS want to get us out of the quagmire in the Middle East. Kashmir is becoming a problem for Modi and Tulsi might help Trump help Modi and help Kashmir. That could win Trump the Peace Prize.

  • Andrea Wilson

    12/10/2019 09:27 PM

    Since God is in control, I really doubt that even Michelle Obama can beat Trump. Not worried.

  • Stephen Osterday

    12/10/2019 09:10 PM

    I too hope your wrong, but....
    Michele did *nothing* for this country as first lady. Her husband committed all the crimes they're try to accuse Donald Trump of and more. Obama was sent here on a mission by George Soros and he came excruciatingly close to succeeding. If he were to accompany Michele to the WH you can bet he will finish the total destruction ("transformation") of America. They've been actively dumbing down America so they can assure their vote. We *ARE* under attack by the enemy right out in the open.

  • Michael

    12/10/2019 07:23 PM

    Michelle Obama would be a complete disaster. But sadly almost all the blind liberals who voted for that fraud Barack would vote for her.

  • steve citron

    12/10/2019 07:23 PM

    Carmen Rice....I would have said "Gag me with the crowbar" about that nasty, mean, ugly, and racist transvestite !

  • steve citron

    12/10/2019 07:19 PM

    If that PHONY, racist, and all about Narcissist, tries to usurp the election, I would be one to throw my DOG in as a candidate. She, my DOG is cuter, has as much personality, and is at least loyal to me and the home of the brave.

  • Amelia Little

    12/10/2019 05:54 PM

    I pray very hard that neither hil nor michelle run. hil, I don't think she has a chance of a snowball in hades (and all the "urging" her to run is most likely those voices in her head) but michelle-female, black, liberal (left, that is to say) people might jump at that. I'd sure hate to have more of the school lunch dictates from her. Don't know if she'd be smart enough to not go to the extremes on what she SAYS she would run on. But, regardless of her campaign, the goal would be to continue on with barry's leftist/socialist agenda. Maybe her agenda would include--because she's woman, because she's "of color" and because she "earned this right" after 8 years as First Lady--and have no substance about any of the issues.

  • Rosemary Scott

    12/10/2019 05:21 PM

    NO, NO, NO!!!! Pray everyday ?? that will never happen!!

  • Carmen Rice

    12/10/2019 02:29 PM

    They need not worry about me buying their rag, but to coin an old phrase "Gag me with a spoon".


    12/10/2019 02:24 PM

    Great article ............sure hope your wrong ......and the "sheep" will vote for her just like her husband - no accomplishments - no or "very little" known past - after another 8 years of Democrat failure - we will all be eating at the "garbage dump" plus "forced abortions" "health care" even worse than the VA ..........and "disaster" after "disaster" ............

  • james randolph

    12/10/2019 01:44 PM

    Interesting theory ...
    And the GOP will suddenly REVERT to "don't be mean" campaigning ...
    Nobody will be able to criticize HER lack of credentials ...
    Because MICHELLE has "identity" ... black, woman, not REPUBLICAN ...
    When critical logic disqualifies her ... the whiners will claim OPPRESSION .. and "XXXISM"

  • Audrey Skarness

    12/10/2019 01:36 PM


  • Tavane Gerber

    12/10/2019 01:11 PM

    I would never vote for MO and neither would anyone in my family. We damn well don't support liars and traitors like the Obamas. Oh, and Epstein didn't kill himself.