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  • Allen Savage

    12/11/2019 05:38 PM

    I agree with Graham. This should concern every American citizen regardless of your political affiliation. Republican president today, Democrat president tomorrow. I liked Bush but was really disappointed when he signed the Patriot Act. I knew one day this would be the result. You can not give that much power to someone and not expect them to abuse it. I really hope there is a bipartisan effort to get this corrected ASAP. If it is not there will be more abuses with disastrous results for the American people.

  • Vicki Smith

    12/10/2019 11:27 AM

    I no longer believe anyone will be held accountable. We waited for the Mueller Report and then we waited for the IG Report. Mueller’s Report was written in a way that gave Democrats the leeway they needed to keep using his report leading to this impeachment decision; and while I realize the IG has no prosecutorial ability, his report is tepid. Perhaps, Hannity of Fox News needs to tone down his hype. I respect John Solomon and Sarah Carter; however, we are told over and over “this report will be damning and people will be prosecuted.” I am afraid that those of us who have followed Hannity have been stirred up to expect more of these reports than that which came to fruition. We no longer watch Hannity in our home preferring Laura Ingraham who does not yell over her guests, is an attorney, and is capable of having reasonable conversation with those with whom she disagrees. She is informative and can speak to issues from an attorney’s perspective. Regardless of the aforementioned, we now await Durham’s Report. Since investigations done right take a long time, this will likely continue through the upcoming election. Thus, the Democrats can continue to call us ignorant for believing a so-called conspiracy theory for yet another year. It has soon been four years of resistance and hatred...I, for one, am so frustrated and angry for every day this continues.