December 11, 2019

From William T:

Please stop making it sound evil, and maybe even criminal, for someone to be a donor to the opposition party’s political campaigns. I also think you should recognize that while significant errors were made in the FBI’s Russia investigation, that is a loooong way from treason or a coup attempt on their part
Errors might be called a hoax by some but it judges intent and we ought to know that is hard to do. Just look at the current impeachment efforts.


From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, William. I absolutely did not even intend to say or imply that donating to a Democrat or the Democrat party was evil or criminal. It’s just part of the total picture, especially if the person has given close to $100,000. So this notion is coming from your own head, not from mine.

I also cannot conclude that what the FBI and friends did to Trump is such a loooooong way from a “coup” attempt. If it’s not a coup, it’s doing a really good impression of one. I wonder:  If you had learned that the Bush FBI made all these egregious “errors” in looking into allegations of “Obama/Russia” collusion when Obama was first running for President, including spying on his campaign with a paper-thin pretense, would you have seriously entertained the thought that it had all been unintentional? Few would have.

So read the full Horowitz report; there’s extremely improper and downright shocking stuff in there that serves to vindicate John Solomon and others we’ve counted on to find the facts. Watch Horowitz’ Senate testimony on Wednesday. Note the incredible Trump-hate that continues to spew from John Brennan & company (yes, that goes to "intent").  Wait for the Durham report. Then we’ll talk.

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  • John Decator

    12/13/2019 06:21 PM

    I grew up believing the FBI was the premier law enforcement agency in our country, a champion for the innocent and providing swift justice to criminals. That belief was damaged after Ruby Ridge and Waco, and made me question the integrity of the organization leadership. Now that it has been revealed how more innocent citizens were spied upon and deceived by agents, because of loose association with Trump. I think the only solution is to entirely eliminate the entire agency, and start fresh with new leadership and new organization.

  • Christi Berry

    12/13/2019 02:51 PM

    I’m curious about your level of awareness of the “deep state” while you were in office in Arkansas & also while running for President?
    I supported your run for Pres in 2016, because as a minister, I felt you would lead by biblical principles.
    Thanks for your conservative & so funny takes on all we are currently enduring. Continued blessings.
    Christi Berry