December 16, 2019

The massive victory for Boris Johnson and the conservatives, and the implosion of the liberal Labour Party in Great Britain, are sending shock waves through the Democratic Party in the US.  Foreign elections aren’t generally comparable to US elections, but this is just the latest in a series of populist revolts against arrogant leftist elites and smug entrenched bureaucrats that are taking place around the world. 

The parallels between the UK election and the US are even more striking in the post-election reactions.  It’s no coincidence that Trump has been compared to Reagan, and Johnson’s win is called the biggest for the conservatives since Margaret Thatcher.  Reagan, Trump, Johnson and Thatcher have many things in common, but to me, three stand out:

They are all strong personalities…all four were detested and looked down on by academics, elites and insiders…and they all respected the middle class and working people.

By contrast, both here and in the UK, the traditionally liberal parties have been taken over by smug, arrogant elitists who make no secret of their contempt for middle class working people whom they deride as ignorant, racist, homophobic, etc. etc.  Hillary Clinton even gave us smelly Walmart shoppers a name: “Deplorables.”  They’ve made it quite clear that they promote open borders largely because they don’t like their own populations, who don’t vote the way they’re supposed to, so they want to import a replacement population. 

I read a brilliant analysis of the British election by Paul Embery, a British firefighter and trade union activist who now campaigns for Brexit, the push for Britain to leave the European Union (which is now, at last, on track for real.)

He describes how Labour’s meltdown happened across Britain, in traditional working class towns that had loyally supported the party for years, the way the Rust Belt supported the Democrats.  But just as in the US, the liberals there failed to see that people want more than economic security, they also want “cultural security.”

What Embry means is that they don’t just want a bunch of government handout programs:

“They want politicians to respect their way of life, and their sense of place and belonging; to elevate real-world concepts such as work, family and community over nebulous constructs like ‘diversity’, ‘equality’ and ‘inclusivity’. By immersing itself in the destructive creed of identity politics and championing policies such as open borders, Labour placed itself on a completely different wavelength to millions across provincial Britain without whose support it simply could not win power. In the end, Labour was losing a cultural war that it didn’t even realize it was fighting.”

(Sound like any party you know?)

It’s no wonder they didn’t realize what was happening all around them.  Again, just as in DC and the big media centers, US leftist elites live in a group-think bubble and never even talk to the people they seek to rule.  They assume they are our intellectual superiors, and when we vote in a way they don’t like, whether for Trump or Brexit, they scold us, ridicule us, try to punish us and seek to negate our votes.  Embrey says he knew Labour had committed electoral suicide the minute they called for a second referendum on Brexit, in effect telling British voters that they got it wrong the first time, so they’ll give them another chance to get it right and vote the way the elites tell them to.   

And on the very day that massive voter revolt happened in Great Britain, the House Democrats were polishing up their “impeachment” push to tell all us Deplorables who voted for Trump that we got it wrong, and they need to undo our votes and correct us. 

Is it any wonder that many Democrats are looking at the UK election results and feeling like Wile E. Coyote during that brief moment when he’s suspended in mid-air and starting to realize he just ran over a cliff? 

Oh, if only someone had tried to warn our self-appointed betters of the dangers of living in a bubble and failing to understand the people in their own country!  Oh, wait: someone did:


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