March 18, 2019

You’d assume from President Trump’s Twitter feed that he doesn’t need any help coming up with controversial statements to make his critics’ eyeballs pop out in outrage. So why do Democrats and media outlets (pardon my redundancy) think they need to keep making up things he never said to get themselves riled up over?

To cite just a few of the most famous ones: He was first branded as a racist for calling all Mexican immigrants drug dealers, murderers and rapists...except he never said that. He said our lax border security was letting in some illegal entrants, like MS-13 gang members, who are drug dealers, murderers and rapists. That’s unarguably true, but too hard to get outraged over.

Likewise, he was accused of being sympathetic to white supremacists by saying there were “fine people” on both sides of the riots in Charlottesville. But if you read the whole quote, you can see he wasn’t talking about the riots or the alt-right, he was talking about people on both sides of the debate over whether to remove Confederate war monuments.

And this week, we have another example. No, despite what you heard on over a dozen media outlets, Trump did not call for his supporters to use violence against political opponents. At the link is the full quote, with some examples of hysterical media misrepresentations of it.

Ironically, some of these outlets have no problem ignoring or condoning leftist Antifa violence against Trump supporters. Some of them are even being sued for promoting another false narrative that resulted in death threats against innocent Trump supporters.

I understand how tempting it is to deliberately misquote Trump in the most negative way possible. It gets clicks and views from the rabid Trump haters that are the target audience. Plus they think it hurts Trump’s ability to enact his agenda and to get reelected.  Besides, it’s just so much fun blowing a gasket railing against Trump. The problem is, more and more Americans are tiring of hearing the left cry wolf 24/7/365. They’re tuning out in droves.

I know that no young Democrat would dare listen to a capitalist but they should heed the words of Danny DeVito’s character, Larry the Liquidator, in the movie “Other People’s Money.” Explaining how the last buggy whip company left in business must have made the best buggy whip you ever saw, he says, “You know the surest way to go broke? Keep getting an increasing share of a shrinking market.”

The media are fighting so hard for the waning attentions of a dwindling audience of diehard Trump haters that they are willing to destroy their own reputations by repeating easily disproven hoaxes. If the idea is to torpedo Trump’s career, they’re aiming their torpedoes in the wrong direction. At this rate, if the defamation lawsuits don’t bankrupt them, the distrust they’ve earned with their buggy Trump whips will.


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