March 2, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  News roundup - Justice served -- "Huckabee" preview  -- Wait, what just happened?!?  -- NY Democrats contemplate legalizing "sex work" --- SCOTUS decision on monuments likely in June -- NC Democrats: Change "F" grades from 60% and 39% -- Book proposal -- Katherine Helmond RIP   -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


After watching violent leftists run roughshod over other people’s rights (and bodies), I’m happy to provide you with an overdue roundup of news about justice finally being served.

Mike Huckabee

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"Huckabee" preview

By Mike Huckabee

A massive winter storm is expected to bring snow from California to Maine this weekend.  The good news: it’s a great excuse to stay home tonight, pull up a blanket and keep warm with a new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN.  My friend, Arkansas Rep. French Hill, will discuss defending religious freedom and the latest Democratic proposals to spend all the money in the world and then some.  Best-selling author Brad Meltzer will tell us about his latest historic thriller inspired by a true secret plot to kill George Washington. The man of a thousand voices, comic/impressionist Rich Little, returns.  We’ll have music from internationally-renowned gospel singer/composer Darlene Zschech. Sprinkle in my commentary on new both serious and goofy (“In Case You Missed It”), plus a few more surprises, and it’s a show guaranteed to warm your heart.

Catch it all at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and the same times on Sunday, only on TBN.  To find your local TBN channel and stream previous episodes online, visit


Wait, what just happened?!?

By Mike Huckabee 

I knew it was supposed to be bitterly cold across a large swath of the US this weekend, but when CNN host Van Jones praised President Trump’s work on criminal justice reform and helping the poor in inner cities…

And when Democrats Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Chris Coons and Chuck Schumer praised Trump for walking away from the North Korean nuclear summit in Vietnam when Kim Jong Un made too many demands…

…Then I could only assume that not only is it cold across the US, but Hell has also frozen over.



Selling socialism

By Mike Huckabee

The annual CPAC conference is going on in Washington, and there are a lot of excellent conservative speakers there.  One of the highlights was a timely message from Vice President Mike Pence to those who are falling once again for socialism’s phony promises that always lead to disastrous consequences.  

Despite the literally mad rush by many prominent Democrats to embrace socialism (or to embrace its precepts under a different name) and the attempts by the media and academia to whitewash its catastrophic history, a recent Fox News poll found that 57% of respondents had a positive opinion of capitalism while only 25% viewed socialism positively.  Considering that the young are more likely to view socialism positively, the fact that it’s as high as 25% should be read as a massive failure of our current, politically-biased education system.


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SCOTUS decision on monuments likely in June

By Mike Huckabee

The Supreme Court heard arguments by a group of atheists seeking to force the removal of a large cross-shaped monument in Prince George’s County, Maryland, that was erected after World War I to honor the war dead.  They claim that this violates the separation of church and state.  Thankfully, most of the Justices did not seem inclined to separate common sense from the law and order that a 93-year-old piece of history memorializing fallen war heroes be knocked down to placate the plaintiffs.

A decision will come at the end of June.  Let’s hope it will not require that this and similar memorials to the war dead be removed all over America simply because a handful of atheists with way too much free time on their hands don’t like the shape of them, want to eradicate all vestiges of religion from US history and the public square, and think that associating a cross with the dead means the government is forcing every American to become a Christian.  Next, they’ll be claiming that the Pentagon is forcing citizens to become Pentecostals.   

I wish the Court would not only rule against these whiners but also order them to attend a showing of the new World War I documentary, “They Shall Not Grow Old.”  Maybe that would give them some perspective on history, sacrifice and how microscopic their alleged problem is compared to what the soldiers of World War I had to face.


NC Democrats:  Change "F" grades from 60% and 39% 

By Mike Huckabee

When you can’t meet standards in some endeavor, there are two options: demand more effort or lower the standards.  Some North Carolina Democratic legislators want to take academic standards to the basement with a bill that would lower the school grade for an “F” from 60% to 39%.

Pretending that students are succeeding academically by getting four out of ten answers right does no favors for students or for competent teachers who are trying to uphold higher standards for education.  For instance, can you imagine someone believing they’re an expert in economics because they have a degree in it when 60% of what they think they know about the subject is wrong?  Wait, come to think of it, I can imagine someone like that.  And we sure don’t need more of them!


Book proposal

By Mike Huckabee

Michael Cohen may have claimed under oath this week that President Trump is a liar, a cheater, a racist and a con man. But according to a newly-revealed book proposal, that’s all a lot of malarkey from Trump’s political opponents, and he is not “crazy, dumb, paranoid, in over his head or a liar.”  And you can believe that because the author who pitched it is one of the most inside Trump insiders of all:  Michael Cohen.


Katherine Helmond RIP

By Mike Huckabee

Sad news from Hollywood: longtime TV favorite Katherine Helmond has died at 89 from complications of Alzheimer’s.  In a career that spanned half a century, she was nominated for multiple Emmy Awards and won two Golden Globes, one for each of her most famous roles: Jessica Tate on the ‘70s sitcom “Soap” and Mona, the randy grandmother on “Who’s the Boss” in the ‘80s.  She also played many other roles, including recurring parts on “Coach” and on “Everybody Loves Raymond” as Debra’s mother. 

At the link is an obituary that will remind you of all the entertainment she was a part of.  It also includes tributes from fellow celebrities.  But what you’ll want to read most is the beautiful and heartbreaking tribute to her by her husband, David Christian.  In an industry where many marriages don’t last as long as a Fox sitcom, David recalls that he and Katherine met when he was 19, and they were together for 57 years – and it still wasn’t long enough.



Evening Edition - March 1

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"We love him, because he first loved us."

– 1 John 4:19

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  • Stephen Russell

    03/02/2019 01:51 PM

    Dems threat own party for voting with GOP:
    Thanks Dems, OK Mods Come over to OUR Side & We get The House back.
    Comments anyone, is this doable
    IF some Dem made threats to me Id quit the Party then & there & Go GOP

  • Floyd Kimmel

    03/02/2019 01:16 PM

    I'm not going to call Michael Cohen a lot of nasty names like what being passed around, however, I will
    they this I see a man who for the love of creed got in over his head sold his soul to the devil and now
    the devil won't sell it back to him so he will keep running around trying to find a replacement for his

  • Ralph Stahley, Pastor

    03/02/2019 12:50 PM

    Thanks for your newsletter, Mike. I do enjoy it. Just want to say that I find it ironic that the same group screaming about illegal children on the border are kept in cages are the same group cheering the passing of laws allowing the killing of babies.

  • frederick oates

    03/02/2019 12:50 PM

    Sir, I'm very happy that someone of your stature was also astounded by Van Jones' alignment that actually made me ask myself "Has he started looking at the bright side of life"? How do you reach your goal? One step at a time!!!