April 5, 2019

There is a recently-elected female member of Congress who is young, dynamic, attractive, outspoken, a racial minority and she is saying things that should make her a rising leader of the Democratic Party.  And no, it’s definitely not the person you’re thinking of. 

This is someone who really deserves the attention being lavished on the other one, and for the sound future of both America and the Democratic Party, the media should turn its attention away from the Bronx socialist and toward Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy. 

She’s the first Vietnamese woman ever elected to Congress.  Her family fled the Vietnamese communists when she was six months old and were rescued at sea by the US Navy.  While there are a number of policy issues upon which we would disagree, she’s a more traditional Democrat than many of her Party’s younger generation whose only knowledge of socialism came from their leftist college professors.  She’s seen Marxism in action, and you need to read what she has to say about it at the link.

In fact, all her Democratic colleagues and a big portion of their voters need to hear it, too. Let’s hope some of those hypocritical fashion magazine editors who give so much space to glamorous socialists in between ads for designer clothes and luxury goods will realize what socialism would mean for them and start putting Rep. Murphey on their covers instead.

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