April 2, 2019

Senate Republicans are blasting Democrats for playing politics with disaster relief after a bill to help flood-stricken areas was voted down because it didn’t include enough money for Puerto Rico for hurricane rebuilding.  The bill did include $600 million for Puerto Rico, but Democrats want to add $700 million more.  Republicans such as Sen. Marco Rubio accuse the Democrats of playing political games to force more money for Puerto Rico at the expense of Middle Americans who need help right away.   

President Trump jumped into the fray with a Twitter barrage, arguing that Puerto Rico has already received far more hurricane aid than Texas and Florida combined ($91 billion to Puerto Rico, $29 billion to Texas, $12 billion to Florida), but it’s still a “mess” because its incompetent and corrupt government isn’t spending the money wisely. 

Read more details about this at the link.

This is one of those stories that can easily get muddled in partisan accusations (Republicans are racists who don’t care about Puerto Ricans/Democrats think you can solve every problem by throwing more tax money at it and don’t care about Heartland America.)  So before you decide what to believe, let’s hear from someone who is not political, who is Puerto Rican, lives and works in Puerto Rico, and is involved in helping with the recovery, but who refuses to work with the local government because of its corruption and incompetence. 

He wrote this op-ed in 2017, warning not to let Puerto Rican officials play the victim and fool Congress into sending unlimited relief funds that they will mishandle.  It sounds as if some in Congress didn’t see this, so here it is again for their consideration.



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  • james randolph

    04/02/2019 01:16 PM

    Hey Mike -
    Let's do Puerto Rico a YUGE FAVOR !!!!
    Let us declare their INDEPENDENCE for them.
    Let us declare their sovereignty as a nation, then deport ALL illegal Puerto Ricans back home.
    Let us invite all Democratic Socialists (DS) with PR heritage to emigrate there, and be the DS Boss.
    Let us invite all DS worshippers to join the great PRexodus and build the utopia they demand.
    I will save the admission cost for statehood for another time....