April 5, 2019

The government reported this morning that hiring in March rebounded strongly from February’s drop, with 196,000 jobs created. February's numbers were also revised upward a bit.


Meanwhile, jobless claims fell last week to 202,000, the lowest level in half a century.  The last time they were this low was in December of 1969, when there were about 120 million fewer Americans than there are now.


This is more bad news for doomsayers who keep predicting a recession. On top of that, President Trump backed off his threat to close the border and instead gave Mexico a one-year warning to get the drugs and illegal crossings under control.


So now, Trump’s critics don’t even have the threatened catastrophic avocado shortage to frighten us with.  On the bright side, they can drown their sorrows over the booming economy in lots of delicious, cheap guacamole.


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