April 5, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Democrats going insane waiting for Mueller report (read this instead) -- Herman Cain -- Laura Ainsworth: A follow-up on Joe Biden   --- "High Capacity Magazines" -- Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy -- The March jobs report -- Quotes from American History -- Georgia fights for life -- A new fishing expedition   -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


Attorney General Bill Barr has said that the Mueller report will be ready to greet its eager public by mid-April. That’s only a week or so away. So why are Democrats embarrassing themselves by calling nonstop for its immediate and total release, even when they know perfectly well that it contains material –- classified records, grand jury proceedings, etc.--- that would be illegal for Barr to make public. Barr has made it plain that he wants to be transparent and will turn over as much as he can, even though he’s not obligated to turn over anything at all. Trump is saying the same.

So why is House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler acting like he’s got a wasp in his underwear? (Apologies to the late Morey Amsterdam.)

There’s a clip of Nadler from a couple of decades ago that’s been making the rounds: Nadler argues that Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s report on President Clinton should NOT be released. It’s quite hilarious, considering that this time, Nadler wants every last unredacted word of the report on President Trump, even all the supporting documents (which I understand run into the millions of pages). At this writing, he’s readying the subpoena (which the DOJ will refuse, simply because complying with it would be breaking the law). Nadler’s hypocrisy is even worse when you consider that today’s special counsel statute is different from the independent counsel law that governed Ken Starr. Barr is not compelled to give the entire report (or for that matter, any of it) to Congress; Starr was supposed to.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Herman Cain 

By Mike Huckabee

Thursday, President Trump nominated Herman Cain to fill one of the seven seats on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. 

Since just about everything Trump does is given a negative spin by the media without including all the facts, you’ll probably hear that Cain is a former presidential candidate and news commentator who is lacking in qualifications for such a high level job related to finance. There’s about a 50-50 chance that the mainstream media will mention he’s the former president of the Godfather’s Pizza chain, the former president of the National Restaurant Association and one of the most successful African-American businessmen of the past 40 years. 

There’s a very good chance they’ll mention the accusations of sexual harassment that came out of nowhere when his 2012 campaign was rising in the polls and not mention how they mysteriously vanished once he left the race.  And there’s probably very little chance that they’ll mention his first appearance on the public scene, debating Bill Clinton and arguing that Hillary’s health care plan (a precursor of Obamacare) would force businesses to lay off workers (I’d say he was proven right on that one). Or that he also happens to be the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

But since this link is to a conservative-leaning publication, it actually has all that information and more.


Laura Ainsworth: A follow-up on Joe Biden

By Laura Ainsworth, Staff writer

Something has been bothering me ever since I wrote yesterday’s piece on Joe Biden and "the trotting out of the women."

My view on the #MeToo Movement certainly has not changed --- I still think this whole PC business is setting women back decades by making men paranoid about even being in the same room with us. How are we supposed to get ahead at work when men are constantly afraid of being slapped with lawsuits? On the other hand, if it hadn’t become so rigid and political, it could have been a huge force for good, as no woman in the workplace should have to indulge her boss’s disrespectful behavior in order to advance at work. No one wants to go back to the working environment of “Mad Men” --- except for the teakwood paneling and cool shag rugs, but I digress.

But something else was nagging at me, not just #MeToo, and I couldn’t put it into words. Heather Mac Donald’s appearance on Wednesday’s Tucker Carlson show helped me figure out what it was.

Mac Donald described the modern PC world as one in which “there’s no forgiveness, there is no acceptance of differences, of behavior --- we’re all supposed to be for diversity, right? How about accepting the diversity of an older generation that has a different style of engagement, that has not been terrorized into frigid self-criticism by the feminist harpies that cannot understand that there are different human beings, there are different ways of relating to people. This is going to end normal human intercourse as we know it if they are allowed to get away with this.”

She implicates Biden in helping to bring in and solidify the very campus PC culture, rape culture and war on due process that, ironically, is victimizing him now. In a way, she thinks of his current problem as a case of “turnabout is fair play.”

“What’s at stake here,” she says, “is the livability of human society. Young people have to understand --- [with] old people, people have to be a little flexible. But the feminist world view is brittle, it’s intolerant, it’s unforgiving, and it’s utterly narcissistic. These females are saying their world view, their subjective experience, should be now the norm for everybody else, regardless of whether it is objectively reasonable what their interpretation is.”

In other words, what matters is if THEY get triggered, not you. What THEY feel about any interaction you have with them, not you. And they get to interpret it any way they want. Your behavior will be controlled according to their whims.

Mac Donald warns about going down that PC path, because, as she says, “there’s gonna be a whole line of Republican politicians who deserve to succeed who are gonna have photos taken of them when they’ve got an arm around somebody...”

The concept of “consent,” she says, once novel on college campuses, has now been taken so far that it’s even being applied to platonic touch, as with a daughter who objects to her mother hugging her because she didn’t get consent. This is where we’re going, towards a completely sterile world of superficial interaction.

As I’ve said many times before, leftists ruin EVERYTHING!

As a singer of romantic old jazz songs from before my time, I deeply lament the unromantic age in which we live. Romance was for older generations, not us in 2019. Today’s kids are culturally deprived. Today it’s trashy hip-hop, fleeting hook-ups, social media, mandatory genderless pronouns and campus consent forms. It’s a strange, cold combination of the Junior Anti-Sex League and abortion in the delivery room. Whatever happened to “Some enchanted may see a stranger...”?

But as far as I’m concerned, this is the worst problem of all: The criticism of Biden’s cluelessness inevitably comes down to his age, when it shouldn’t. Leftists see an OLD guy. (White, too, which makes it worse.) As Tina Brown put it, he’s from the “crustacean period” of gender relations. In this time when diversity seems to be the most important thing of all to leftists --- much more than wisdom, intelligence, competence or experience --- diversity of age is not valued. Just the opposite; it’s something to be avoided, along with all other reminders of the past. Lip service is sometimes given to it, but that is all. Older people need to move out of the way; it’s so much easier to get a group that thinks as one when everybody’s about the same age.

Clearly, when Biden grasps the shoulders of a 13-year-old girl and whispers in her ear, he really does look like the cliché of a creepy, dirty old man, and he’s got to bring himself to understand the discomfort such behavior causes. (The fact that this hasn’t been made a serious issue until now tells me this really is all about politics.) In his mind, he likely does not mean his actions in a perverted way, but that’s the way they come across. No matter how friendly he wants to be with new acquaintances, he absolutely can’t be the slobbering puppy dog he wants to be. And all young girls need to know that no one, not even someone in a position of authority like a former Vice President, may presume to invade their personal space like that.

Given that, Mac Donald helped me understand that the Presidential race is being viewed as a generational thing, when it should not be. Anyone who says the Presidential candidate needs to be “young” and “fresh-faced” and needs to act in just the right PC way and express everything in just the right PC way and phrase his repeated apologies for being old (and white and male) in just the right PC way IS EVERY BIT AS BIASED AND INFLEXIBLE AS THE DINER OWNER IN 1952 WHO WOULDN’T LET BLACKS EAT AT HIS LUNCH COUNTER. It’s called “ageism,” you hypocrites. YOU, “progressives,” are the prejudiced ones for looking at people this way, and history will show you for what you are.

Here’s the irony of this “diversity” garbage: that what leftists want isn’t diversity at all, just variations on their one overarching politically-correct theme, offered up in fixed proportions of skin tones, hair textures and sexual orientations, but, underneath, disturbingly alike. No diversity of thought, no diversity of expression. Liberal as he is, maybe an “old” guy like Joe Biden just doesn’t fit with their idea of people with whom they prefer to associate.

This makes it sound as if I’m defending Joe Biden, when the very idea of that is surreal, as I do think he’s far too familiar with women and girls and I absolutely do not want him to be President. But as I hope my original commentary made clear, there are other, bigger reasons for not wanting him to be President, and these have nothing to do with his age, his generation or even his wandering hands. They have to do with positions he’s taken, indefensible things he’s said, and potential involvement in some pretty huge corruption scandals in China and Ukraine. But it must be said to “progressives” who are all excited about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: People of Biden’s age belong to a great generation that I think we should all be sad to see go.


"High Capacity Magazines"

By Mike Huckabee

A federal judge in California recently struck down that state’s ban on so-called “high capacity magazines.”  That means more than 10 rounds, which doesn’t seem high when you’re being attacked by criminals and need to fire, say, 11 or more bullets to stay alive.

You might not have heard much about this case (it’s not the kind of gun law ruling the media like to report on), and if you did, I’m almost certain they didn’t quote the judge’s reasoning for striking down the ruling, and the cases he cited in doing so.  This article does.  You’ll want to read it.


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Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy

By Mike Huckabee

There is a recently-elected female member of Congress who is young, dynamic, attractive, outspoken, a racial minority and she is saying things that should make her a rising leader of the Democratic Party.  And no, it’s definitely not the person you’re thinking of. 

This is someone who really deserves the attention being lavished on the other one, and for the sound future of both America and the Democratic Party, the media should turn its attention away from the Bronx socialist and toward Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy. 

She’s the first Vietnamese woman ever elected to Congress.  Her family fled the Vietnamese communists when she was six months old and were rescued at sea by the US Navy.  While there are a number of policy issues upon which we would disagree, she’s a more traditional Democrat than many of her Party’s younger generation whose only knowledge of socialism came from their leftist college professors.  She’s seen Marxism in action, and you need to read what she has to say about it at the link.

In fact, all her Democratic colleagues and a big portion of their voters need to hear it, too. Let’s hope some of those hypocritical fashion magazine editors who give so much space to glamorous socialists in between ads for designer clothes and luxury goods will realize what socialism would mean for them and start putting Rep. Murphey on their covers instead.



The March jobs report

By Mike Huckabee

The government reported this morning that hiring in March rebounded strongly from February’s drop, with 196,000 jobs created. February's numbers were also revised upward a bit.

Meanwhile, jobless claims fell last week to 202,000, the lowest level in half a century.  The last time they were this low was in December of 1969, when there were about 120 million fewer Americans than there are now.

This is more bad news for doomsayers who keep predicting a recession. On top of that, President Trump backed off his threat to close the border and instead gave Mexico a one-year warning to get the drugs and illegal crossings under control.

So now, Trump’s critics don’t even have the threatened catastrophic avocado shortage to frighten us with.  On the bright side, they can drown their sorrows over the booming economy in lots of delicious, cheap guacamole.



Quotes from American History

"To those of you who received honors, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, I say: You, too, can be president of the United States."

- George W. Bush


Georgia fights for life

By Mike Huckabee

Georgia legislators have passed a bill banning abortion after the baby has a detectable heartbeat, which is around six weeks, unless the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life or poses “substantial and irreversible physical harm” to the mother. 

The bill is under furious attack from the pro-abortion movement, particularly from Hollywood.  The Writers Guild  and over 100 liberal actors and comedians so far (there’s a handy alphabetical list at the link) are threatening a boycott of Georgia if it becomes law.  Leaders of pro-abortion states such as Pennsylvania are seeking to cash in on the graves of unborn children by aggressively trying to poach Georgia’s lucrative film business.



A new fishing expedition

By Mike Huckabee

When Democrats claimed they were doing to do great things for America if they were put back in power, voters probably didn’t think that meant they would immediately go fishing.  But that’s all they’ve done since retaking the House: gone on endless fishing expeditions, concocting investigations and writing subpoenas and now, requesting that the IRS show them six years’ worth of President Trump’s personal and business tax returns, all in a desperate fishing expedition to turn up something – anything! – to impeach him over. 

Good thing America doesn’t have any real problems that Congress should be working on.



Evening Edition - April 4

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God."

– 2 Corinthians 7:1

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  • Diane Burke

    04/06/2019 06:52 AM

    Stephanie Murphy is against our second amendment. I find that hard to overlook. She may be a better version of Democrat but she's still a Democrat.