May 30, 2019

I’m always amused that whenever the weather provides an easy premise for jokes (like when a global warming rally is cancelled due to a blizzard in May), leftists sneer that conservatives are too stupid to know the difference between “climate” and “weather” (actually, we do know the difference – we also know the difference between a serious statement and a joke, which leftists definitely don’t know.) Yet, whenever there’s an isolated weather event that could bolster their case, like a summer heat wave, that’s ironclad evidence of climate change.


For instance, unusually costly hurricane damage is proof that climate change is making hurricanes more destructive, and the fact that we’ve overbuilt so many structures on what used to be empty ocean coastline (to quote every HGTV show, “I have to see the beach from my porch!”) has nothing to do with it. 


Likewise the recent floods and hurricanes in the Midwest are being described by the Democratic Presidential candidates as “unprecedented” and ascribed to climate change.  But are floods and tornadoes in the Midwest really unprecedented, or does it just seem that way to people who’ve spent their lives in California or Massachusetts and only fly over the Great Plains?  Are there really more frequent and destructive floods and tornadoes, or do we just have more buildings there to get in their way, and more people and better technology to detect tornadoes that once might have touched down far from civilization, rearranged some dirt, and gone away without anyone ever noticing? 

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At the link is some actual historical and meteorological data from National Climate Assessment reports that seeks to answer that question.


And here’s some more data on why we’re having so many tornadoes, and it’s not because of global warming but because the winter cold keeps hanging on.


In the meantime, remember there is very little new under the sun, even jokes about the weather.  It was in the early ‘60s, over half a century ago, that the great Southern comic, Brother Dave Gardner, made this still-timely observation: “Farmers used to pray to God for rain. Now, they call Washington.” 



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  • William Carroll Cook

    06/01/2019 09:08 AM

    Read Psalm 104 vs 5 thru 9 for it says very plainly that the boundaries of the waters have been set and will not return to cover the earth. So, how can there be global warming that is going to melt the polar caps and change the boundaries of the seas and oceans?


    05/30/2019 03:00 PM

    Mr. Huckabee. These climate crises are caused by the globalists through their weather modification schemes as another method to try and take down our president and return the nation to being under their control as it has been since the Reagan administration ended. Massive flooding in the midwest is the result of cloud creation & seeding and then steering the clouds to where they want flooding. These is not natural weather events we are experiencing nationwide. creator Jim Lee has laid all these schemes out rather clearly.