May 30, 2019

Here’s some more analysis of Robert Mueller’s statement yesterday, this one complete with the utterly predictable responses from various Democratic Presidential hopefuls (apparently, “impeachment referral” was the big winner of the buzzword focus group test.)


This writer, Joe Sauders at Conservative Tribune, agrees with me that this was Mueller’s attempt to fire up more anti-Trump lunacy in the House as cover for his own shady investigation, and so that’s all we’re going to get out of this House for the next year and a half. He also makes a point made by Roger L. Simon at PJ Media, that the only important question Mueller really needed to answer was the one he studiously dodged: when did he realize that the “Russian collusion” narrative was a hoax?  Because if he knew as early as he should have, then he must've been dragging out the investigation while he tried to lure Trump into a perjury trap, pressured innocent people to turn state’s evidence for a charge he knew to be a hoax, and allowed FISA warrants to be renewed based on false evidence.


Personally, I would compare Mueller’s lobbing of this stink bomb of innuendo as he exits with vows never to speak again to a bad magician who tosses a smoke bomb so he can flee the stage unseen before the tomatoes start flying at him.


Mollie Hemingway of Fox News made an excellent point: that after seeing their ratings collapse with the demise of the “Russia collusion” narrative, the media need impeachment even more than the Democrats do.


And Byron York of the Washington Examiner has a good look back on how the “Russian collusion” fairy tale got started, was whipped up, repeated, amplified and turned into the Democratic version of holy writ, so much so that they just can’t give up believing in it even after their own exhaustive, partisan investigation could find no evidence that it ever existed.


Finally, leave it to the conservative satire site, The Babylon Bee, to explain at last what is really at the bottom of Mueller’s report and more than two years’ of vicious partisan warfare that’s torn America apart: Hillary Clinton’s unbreakable refusal to admit to herself that she lost to Trump because Americans really, really didn’t want her to be President.

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  • LouiseCA

    05/31/2019 02:22 PM

    That was one weird presser, that Mueller held yesterday. For a person of his-perceived, assumed, or thought-to-be stature, to come out there and contradict AG Barr, try to insinuate that he was sure Trump is guilty of crimes but he just could not quite prove it..that he (Mueller) was gathering up his gazillions of dollars in taxpayer money that he was paid for pulling off this charade..then saying, "don't dare call me, because I'm not answering and have nothing more to say".....It was like.....What the heck was that?? Is his brain a clone of Comey's or is Comey's brain cloned from Mueller's? Did Mueller intend to throw a bone to the democrats, or was it more like red meat? There's no way this should be allowed to stand. He has to answer for picking only partisan democrat, Trump-hating lawyers, for dragging his feet and dragging it out when he knew it was a charade, and for wasting tens of millions of our dollars and dragging the country through Hell. If he knew he could not indict a sitting President, what the heck was that whole thing about? Some sleepless nights for Mueller may now be in order. Republicans...find your backbone!

  • Connie Olsen

    05/31/2019 11:42 AM

    So entirely exhausted from the Democrats incomprehensible evil lying and deceitful ways and the "drive-by" rag news!!! Sick, sick, sick of it!!! Will somebody please slap some charges on these perpetrators...hard enough, so that they might think twice about lying to their bosses...which is US!!!?

  • Lucy Schmidt

    05/31/2019 10:20 AM

    Well, you have to understand it from Muellers side of the issue! How many people have died when they have gone up against the Clinton machinery? All these people know the end game when they don't do as ordered! Scary when you are under the thumb of the Clinton mafia!