May 21, 2019

One thing I’ve noticed about the Dems-who-would-be-President is that they all seem to have any number of grievances that they want to remedy by wielding the power of government as if it were the hammer of Thor.  The very same people who think that President Trump doesn’t even have the right to use the enumerated powers granted him by the Constitution, and that any federal judge in Podunk can outrank and thwart him, believe that once they are in office, they will simply sign an executive order and create sweeping new laws that will make billionaires cower and mighty industries quake and the entire planet heal itself.


It’s only Tuesday, and there’s already another one of these massive government remodeling plans, this time from Sen. Kamala Harris.  She says she will end the “gender pay gap” by forcing all corporations to disclose their pay policies by applying for a mandatory “Equal Pay Certification” from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Businesses would be fined 1% of their profits for every 1% wage gap they allow to persist for work of equal value.  She says it would raise $180 billion over 10 years (translation: it would suck $180 billion out of the private sector that businesses would have to get back by raising the prices they charge consumers.)


Her campaign declared: “Kamala Harris has a simple message for corporations: Pay women fairly or pay the price.”


Well, I have a simple message for her: it’s already illegal to pay women less for the same job than men. Even the Obama Labor Department admitted that the so-called “gender pay gap” is not due to sexual discrimination but to workers’ own choices.  For instance, more men choose to take jobs that are physically and financially riskier and less personally fulfilling but that potentially pay more, and to work longer hours and take fewer sabbaticals.  


More women go into fields that are personally rewarding but pay less, and to work fewer hours and take more leaves, usually to spend time with their families.  The “77 cents on the dollar” number comes from comparing all women in a company to all men, regardless of their jobs, work hours, seniority, etc.  It’s like comparing apples to screwdrivers.  When you compare women to men in the same jobs with the same seniority and hours, the “gap” virtually disappears.  And when you limit it to young single men and women, women actually tend to be paid more than men. 


If you are against that system, then aren’t you “anti-choice”?  Leftists now have an answer for that: they claim that because of “systemic sexism,” girls are raised to be risk-averse and family-oriented. We need to revolutionize society to eradicate ideas like family being of primary importance to women because women don’t realize that they don’t actually have a free choice because of their societal conditioning.  That sounds like condescending sexism to me, but it’s the best argument they’ve got.


Again, to put it simply: Kamala Harris just vowed that if elected, she will seize powers far beyond the Constitutional limits of the office and replace the free market system of personal choice of work and rewards based on effort and productivity with an economy-destroying, top-down, Soviet-style government-control-of-pay system.  So if you were looking for a reason to eliminate her as a viable choice for President, that should suffice.  That should also apply to any Democrat who claimed that Trump shouldn’t be President because he was a wannabe dictator.


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  • Debbie Gurnack

    05/21/2019 11:40 PM

    I do not know what the Democrats are thinking at this point. I chose to work in a less risky environment, so I could be with my daughter and made sure that she was able to make a better income, she has achieved that. Gender pay gap is non-existent when you look at the upper management in major companies. My husband works for a major airline, he is an operations controller (they were formally middle management, now unionized after a convergence of two airlines), they have several woman in the same capacity as my husband. Currently he is at the top of the pay scale due to having 45 years and if he was a woman in the same job with the same number of years seniority she would be making the same. They do not think a woman doing the same job as man should be paid less, their pay is based on seniority not on gender.

    What is the house and the senate going to do about the 90000(may or nay not be correct) migrants that are coming in from Mexico and South America, all I see them doing is complaining about the president or trying to find out if he is in collusion with the Russians and now with obstruction. The economy is doing great, unemployment at the lowest level in years and they still have not passed or created any bills during this session of congress. They have done nothing for the American people. They want all illegals to vote in the elections, get money for nothing so they can control them with the money and the entitlements they give them. That money they freely hand over can be better used. Give my elderly mother money, who paid into social security and is living at just above poverty level and just trying to make ends meet and sometimes not being able to afford medications. Due to Obama Care. Give the money to the veterans who are out on the street, set them up with housing help them find the work. With immigration, it should be sponsored, like the great-grand father needed to be when he came to America in 1900, he had to have a job. He came over with a job, his wife and kids and eventually bought a farm, and had his American Dream come true. We are a nation of immigrants, but come over here legally and work hard and get your American Dream.

    Thanks for listening, Mr. Huckabee, always enjoy you on TV.

  • Patricia Godish

    05/21/2019 05:11 PM

    I have a concern about the tax reform. Before the tax reform the Standard Deduction plus a deduction for each member of the family, (exemptions), was deducted from the gross income. Now, the Standard Deduction was increased and the exemptions were eliminated. Doing this actually lowered the total deduction for a family of four or more. Increasing the child tax credit to $2,000, helped the families with dependents under age 17years. However, if a family has dependents over 17, many who are attending college, these dependents are no longer counted as members of the family. It's like they no longer exist. This lowers the middle class family's deductions. When applying for college loans these same dependents have to give the family income for loan purposes. Why should they have to do this when they are no longer included as a family member for income tax deductions or credits? I believe the personal exemptions should be brought back for income tax returns to be fair to the middle class families with dependents attending college over the age of 17. They do exist.

  • Robert Clegg

    05/21/2019 02:34 PM

    why is it they never say equal pay for equal work is when the outcomes of the efforts of the employee produce success for the company? I listen and hear only the idea that if a man and a woman hold the same job title they have to be paid the same regardless of effort or outcome. Seems merit should fit in someplace but that would mean hard work from everyone and I am not certain this candidate believes in that