June 4, 2019

Sunday, Americans across the nation took part in a day of prayer for the President.  I talked about this on my TBN show this weekend.  The idea was suggested by the Rev. Franklin Graham.  Naturally, it was attacked and misrepresented by the left, but it was not a partisan political event or an attempt to claim God’s support for any particular policies.  It was just to ask God to bless and guide the man who leads our nation, that he will be safe and make good and wise decisions in these dangerous times.  As Graham said, “The Bible instructs us to pray for those who are in authority,” and if the President succeeds, we all benefit, while if he is torn down and fails, it harms our entire nation.

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On Sunday, President Trump was in Virginia Beach and took time to attend a local church to pray for the victims of Friday’s horrific shooting.  The pastor invited him to come up, and he gave a wonderful example of how to pray for a President that is not partisan or political but that reminds us all of what is truly important. It was a prayer for wisdom, safety and guidance, not just for the President but for his family and for all officials in Congress and the courts.  This is what it looks like when we put aside the partisan hatred and divisiveness and let what Abraham Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature” take the lead.

At this link are some excerpts from that prayer and a must-see video.  Imagine how much better off America could be, and how much less hatred and divisiveness we would feel, if only everyone would just listen to these words and bear them in mind every day instead of taking their cues from angry Twitter tweets and 24-hour “news” channels.

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  • Patty Hager

    06/04/2019 11:37 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, there will always be naysayers speaking against a Godly behaviors. Do we as believers like it? No, but Christ told us just as they persecuted Him so would we also be persecuted for the stand we take. We pray. We pray more. Itvus through those prayers rising to His throneroom that we know He listens and responds. We need His grace more than ever sir. The evil is rising across this land. We see it daily. But we also know ourctedemption drawers nigh. I fear for the people who act as though their hearts are hardened and their consciences are seared. They hate us! But greater is He thatbus in us than He that is in the world. Thank you for your voice today. Have a blessed day sir. PH