AOC says no to concentration camp trip

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June 24, 2019 |

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still getting flak for her misinformed comparison of US detention centers for illegal entrants to Nazi concentration camps (and to all the hair-splitters trying to defend her, her invocation of the phrase “never again” in her original post made it clear that she was indeed making reference to the Holocaust).  But she’s doubling down and insisting it’s her critics who should apologize.

I’m beginning to wonder if she’s just doing this to get invitations for free travel.  So far, I’ve invited her to accompany me the next time I visit one of the actual concentration camps or the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, and a leader of our border guards invited her to come tour a detention center to see what they’re really like and the nightmare the guards are dealing with thanks to the Democrats’ policies that are encouraging mass illegal immigration. 

And now, a third invitation: Polish Parliament member Dominik Tarczynski was so distressed by her cavalier conflating of protecting our borders with the mass incarceration and murder of millions of Jews to score “political points with enflamed rhetoric” that he wrote a letter formally inviting her to come tour Auschwitz.  Having been there myself on more than one occasion, I can assure you that it would take a heart of stone or a brain of concrete not to grasp the enormity of the tragedy and horror that took place there.

Tarczynski wrote, “I wish to extend the olive branch of education to you, Congresswoman, and would be delighted if you would accept my offer to come to Poland and study the concentration camps here for real, so that you can see firsthand how different it is from your immigration processing centers on the U.S. border.”  He noted that Poland was where “Adolf Hitler set up the worst chain of concentration camps the world has ever seen.”

I like the idea of the “olive branch of education.”  It reminds me of the small tree branch my mother would have made me fetch to "educate" me if I’d ever said something that offensive.  I sincerely hope she takes MP Tarczynski up on his kind and generous offer.  I’m sure it would be a very educational trip for AOC.  In fact, his letter should alone should be very educational for her, since he mentions that the Nazis were “the National Socialist German Workers Party of Germany.”  Doesn’t that sound “progressive”?   


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  • nascarccmgrlfan

    06/25/2019 03:31 PM

    I've heard of Hitler and I'm the same age as AOC. I'm not enrolled in a party and I don't like the Nazis because I'm part German with a late gramma that lived in that era and somebody was mean to her then, my mom said once. Said "Oh, you're a German" in a derogatory way to her mom.

  • Janne Thiebaud

    06/25/2019 02:05 AM

    AOC is a SICK, warped, insane excuse for a woman, or a politician, she fits right in with the other crazies of her party! She has ZERO idea of just how offensive her comments were. How dare she compare the horrific concentration camps of WW2, to the processing going on at the overwhelmed border. She and her party, along with Mexico itself, are 100% responsible for the border situation, but they will never claim ownership of that fact! They are great at deflection and passing the buck!
    I feel for every Holocaust survivor and their families, as they deal with this latest kick in the guts from an ignorant parasite like AOC!!!

  • Su Chavin

    06/24/2019 06:36 PM

    AOC does NOT KNOW what she is talking about. Where did she learn about concentration camps--I truly doubt she ever studied this subject or had it covered in school. Most Americans under 40 yrs barely are aware of the details surrounding the round-up, torture , imprisonment in concentration camps and murder of the Jews during WW II. I would think AOC would be willing to go visit a concentration camp to improve her education on the subject. Failing that, why doesn't she make a trip down to the southern border to see with her own eyes what the situation really is (and not accept someone's probably biased report/opinion). BUT none of these ideas will do much good is she does not go with an open mind and willingness to learn the truth.