Google bias uncovered

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June 26, 2019 |

Project Veritas’ latest bombshell video of a top Google executive talking about the steps they’re taking to prevent another Trump in 2020 has already sparked a grilling in a Senate hearing.  Sen. Ted Cruz became visibly angered and frustrated by a Google executive who claimed not to know about that story (that would have been a good place to remind her of the perjury laws).  She rather snarkily replied that she had a “day job” and was too busy.  Cruz snapped, "Well, I'm sorry this hearing is infringing on your day job."

It sounds as if some people at Google believe they are now too big and important even to have to answer to the US Senate, a delusion they need to be disabused of immediately.

Meanwhile, the Google executive who inadvertently let the bias cat out of the bag is claiming she was misrepresented or tricked by Project Veritas (she’s the real victim here!!) while simultaneously going into hiding and shutting down access to her media accounts – which sounds like exactly what you’d expect from someone at Google if you heard the Project Veritas video.  You also won’t be surprised by this almost hilarious irony: YouTube (owned by Google) has removed the Project Veritas video that accuses Google of censoring speech it doesn’t like.

But Google can’t control all the information: on Tuesday, Project Veritas released another revelation.  It’s a leaked internal document showing emails between Google employees allegedly referring to mainstream conservative voices Prager University, Jordan Peterson and Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro as “Nazis using the dog whistles.”  More at the link.

I usually don’t quote anonymous comments from social media sites because the sources can’t be vetted, but this one from the Daily Wire story’s comment board is so provocative, it’s worth reading and thinking about:

“I'm a software engineer who's worked in the industry for over twenty years. It has become a requirement, at least for the 'internet startup' model, for the owners to be hard-core leftists. They go way out of their way to hire leftists. They obsessively evangelize the leftist ideology internally and externally. In reality, they are close minded, hypocritical, self righteous, self important, ignorant, bullying, deluded, mean people who care nothing about anyone who is not a leftist believer. This is a fact. What is going on at Google is the norm. It is condoned. Don't kid yourself. These people have no respect for you.”



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  • Charles Blake

    06/27/2019 04:48 PM

    Hay Google, Your way to late, my mind is made up. I AM VOTING FOR MR TRUMP. TRUMP 2020 what do ya think about that?