June 21, 2019

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  • Gary San

    06/22/2019 02:15 PM

    There no law that compels a person to vote. As much as it is a right to vote it is also a right not to vote.

  • Amelia Little

    06/21/2019 08:33 PM

    Hope the GOP is successful in their maneuvers. Interesting that the gov. mentions rule of law. Now, Oregon might have declared itself a sanctuary state, or at least there are sanctuary cities. But, they are bypassing the rule of FEDERAL law to do so.

  • Eva

    06/21/2019 07:12 PM

    I am 66 years old a business owner in Salem Oregon have lived here my entire life I have never been so proud as I am of our Republican senators today. You’re the only ones standing in fighting for Oregon. Kate Brown has an agenda and I has nothing to do to help Oregon at all

  • Lorraine Smyth

    06/21/2019 06:33 PM

    Wow, quite a little power monger she is!