The Democrats' big problem

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June 24, 2019 |

While AOC is comparing our efforts to keep up with the tsunami of illegal immigrants to the Nazis, Karol Markowitz of the New York Post has noticed something about all those Democrats running for President: they may not go as far as AOC, but they’re all blasting President Trump for his “cruel,” “callous” and “inhumane” border policies (even those that are exactly the same as Obama’s) – and yet none of them will tell us what they would do to fix the problem.

They claim they don’t want “open borders” (which at least some of them obviously do – even though “open borders” is a euphemism for “the end of the United States as a sovereign nation.”)  As far as I know, only back-of-the-pack contender John Hickenlooper has actually called for giving 10-year-plus visas and a pathway to citizenship to every one of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the US.

As California is proving every day, the combination of open borders and lots of citizenship-level privileges creates a magnet for illegal immigration.  That’s so obvious that many Californians see and reject it, while most Americans east of California recognize it as the suicidal insanity it is.  Most of the Dems’ Presidential hopefuls aren’t politically suicidal enough to admit that’s what they want.  So what do they say instead?

As Markowitz points out, they declare that they want “comprehensive immigration reform.”  And that means…? 

Well, they’ll get back to you on that after the election.  “Comprehensive immigration reform” is like “common sense gun laws.”  It means they’ll apply the same failed, anti-American nostrums that punish law-abiding citizens while making the real problems worse, but under a vague new name that makes it sound more reasonable.    

Ms Markowitz rightly notes that the Democrats’ big problem is their unthinking “Resistance” stance.  They have to oppose whatever Trump says or does, even when he says things that are unquestionably true (“there’s an illegal immigration crisis at the border”) and wants to do things they once supported (she points out that under Obama, the US spent $2.3 billion building and maintaining 654 miles of Southern border barriers, with Speaker Nancy “Border walls are immoral” Pelosi’s support; and that while Trump “cruelly” deported over 256,000 people last year, Obama deported over 409,000 in 2012 alone.)   

So far, the media have let the Democrats slide on the “You attack Trump a lot for how he’s dealing with this problem, but what would YOU do about it?” question.  That’s because they like attacks on Trump (they think it’s their job, too.)  So chances are that question won’t be asked in the upcoming reality shows masquerading as debates. 

But the voters who attend town halls and other candidate events shouldn’t let them off the hook. If a candidate slams how Trump is dealing with overwhelming illegal immigration but refuses to say specifically what he or she would do differently, then assume that answer means “I have no answer, I just really want to be President.”

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  • Rick Augustine

    06/25/2019 11:32 PM

    Boy is this right on target. I wonder when my State realizes it’s out of money, and has most of the homeless in America?

  • Linda Olds

    06/25/2019 01:05 AM

    Of course the Dems running for president accuse President Trump of cruelty, and of not fixing the immigration problem. Meanwhile, it's the Dems in Congress who are being cruel by not fixing the problem.
    All of this is expected. Politicians spout nonsense, but do nothing because voters might not like what they do.
    Recently, a commentator on Fox news criticized Trump for criticizing the media, saying that the media is necessary to fairly interpret the news for the public. That's a great idea; unfortunately, it's not what the media does. They unfairly criticize everything President Trump does. The president is right to criticize them.
    The media (an arm of the Democrat party) are worse than the politicians. It's their job to inform and be fair, but they don't do it, and don't even have the excuse of trying to please voters.

  • Chuck Matthews

    06/24/2019 06:11 PM

    Perfect article! The Dems offer no solutions.

  • Gloria Grace prosper

    06/24/2019 05:50 PM

    They don't want to be "president". They want to be "dictator-in-chief".