July 22, 2019

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  • Pamala Monis

    07/28/2019 12:54 PM

    GREAT song! What a beautiful voice. Multi talented individual. It's just a shame that we need songs like this for OUR country.

    And, as always, appreciate you and your work Mike.????????

  • Priscilla E. Patterson

    07/27/2019 01:44 PM

    I loved this! So talented to tell the true story by song..

  • Pat Reeder

    07/26/2019 03:04 AM

    Reply to Tim Touchstone:

    Tim, believe me, I understand your feelings. But she was crazy enough to marry me already, and I ain't giving her up.

  • Leonard Overton

    07/25/2019 07:07 PM

    This not only hits the nail on the head, it's driving the golden spike.

  • Jeanne Meade

    07/25/2019 05:11 PM

    Love it, good job. Spot on!

  • Tim Touchstone

    07/25/2019 01:58 PM

    Laura, pardon me for leaving an additional comment, but I failed to mention that your "American Pie" parody literally brought tears to my eyes. My proposal still stands!

  • Tim Touchstone

    07/25/2019 01:52 PM

    Laura, I can't tell you HOW MUCH I enjoyed your parody of "American Pie" (one of the best rock songs EVER)! I think you captured all of the players, and called them "SPIES" which was very apropos. I love your singing, and your writing! Will you marry me!?

  • Carolyn Weber

    07/25/2019 11:40 AM

    Awesome remake!!! Speaks volumes as to where our great country has been. Hopefully we can pull it back up to 'make America great again'!

  • Bill Trimborn

    07/24/2019 09:06 PM

    I love it, Laura!

  • Joe Duhr

    07/24/2019 03:39 PM

    Could not have Re Written it better my self,I can only pray that the Guilty Heads will Roll. That just might make a new song for Her to work on! Great job...

  • Elna Morton

    07/23/2019 11:58 PM

    I love the song! I wish it could be played on all different kinds of radio stations so the general public can get a chance to hear it. Thank you.

  • Verlyn Steinbach

    07/23/2019 10:18 PM

    Love it.

  • William and Doris Huston

    07/23/2019 09:19 PM

    Excellent summary of the events of the last three years! Well done, Laura! A great song from the 60's + THE TRUTH = Freedom Wins!
    Thank you for sharing your talent. Beautiful voice!
    May the Lord continue to bless you and those who work with you to let America know the truth.

  • Patricia Zachary

    07/23/2019 08:41 PM

    Beautiful parody which needed to be aired. Loved it!

  • Maxine Oswalt

    07/23/2019 08:14 PM

    Love it- marvelous!

  • Vivian Sill

    07/23/2019 07:10 PM

    Very good. So sad that it’s true. Not for the election but the spying.

  • Norman Scott

    07/23/2019 07:00 PM

    I loved Laura’s song, Bye Bye American Spy!

  • Paul D. Hurd

    07/23/2019 06:38 PM

    Love It!

  • Joyce Ellen Staley

    07/23/2019 05:23 PM


  • Gail Benensohn

    07/23/2019 05:21 PM

    Wow! Laura is terrific! Should get more play so everyone can enjoy the laughs! Thank you.

  • Marilyn DeMarco

    07/23/2019 05:17 PM

    Love it and hope it all comes to light and my President is fully cleared and those who deserve to be incarcerated will be to the full extent of the law. God bless you Laura and God bless America! Let freedom ring.

  • Keely I Gerlach

    07/23/2019 04:36 PM


  • Linda Walker

    07/23/2019 04:33 PM

    That's GREAT! Very talented singer/songwriter! Thanks

  • Connie Moser

    07/23/2019 04:30 PM


  • Naomi Jane Moellenhoff

    07/23/2019 03:36 PM

    Absolutely amazing song!! Explains the whole hoax.Brilliant!!