July 18, 2019

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  • Leanne Shepler

    07/20/2019 06:58 PM

    I am not convinced yet. This woman hesitated when asked about Trump and worded it carefully not to compliment him. Although its hard to do worse than AOC

  • Kay Bard

    07/20/2019 08:54 AM

    She is right on target! AOC May be on her way out! ??

  • Tommy Sensenig

    07/19/2019 10:16 AM

    I hope you win. AOC needs to be part of history.

  • jacki Montano

    07/18/2019 03:49 PM

    I do want to know more about her. From what I have heard so far I really like her. I would like to see more of her. She would be a breath of fresh air in NY, someone with a real platform, intelligence, and dignity. Lets see more of her.

  • Peggy Clay

    07/18/2019 10:37 AM

    Well let’s hope it’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy”!??????

  • Christine Perry

    07/18/2019 09:19 AM

    I live in NC, would love to donate to her election campaign ????

  • Deborah Rambach

    07/18/2019 09:09 AM

    If she runs, I will contribute to her campaign.

  • Barbara Mandese

    07/18/2019 09:05 AM

    Please tell FOX to make their videos louder. EVERY YouTube video they have you can barely hear them. I have external speakers turned all the way up and it's still too low to hear anything. Thank you.