July 11, 2019

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had cases of the flu that you’d rather live through again than revisit the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.  But for those who sensed you weren’t getting the full story at the time, there’s a new book out by Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino called “Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court” that exposes a lot of things we didn’t hear at the time and shows just how deep into the partisan muck the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices has sunk. 

Here are a couple of stories that might make you want to steel yourself and read the whole thing.  In the first, an excerpt directly from the book, we learn that Kavanaugh’s self-righteous “feminist” critics had no problem with brutally smearing and threatening women, if they were women who stood in the way of their political agenda.

And in this one, we see some of the advance planning that went into setting the stage for the media and Democratic lawmakers to blindside Kavanaugh.



Must-See Meme!  Stephen Green at Instapundit linked to a story comparing the damage to California from earthquakes and its leftist government (hint: it’s not even close) and illustrated it with a great meme composed of four photos: Detroit and Hiroshima, Japan, right after World War II, and the same cities today.  Guess which one is more devastating to the future of a great city: decades of liberal Democratic leadership or an atomic bomb?  Again, not even close.



If the Democrats really think they can get rid of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by backing a challenger for his Kentucky seat, Amy McGrath, then I sincerely hope that they sink an awful lot of their money into backing her.  McGrath is already trying to spin some Trump Derangement Syndrome comments she made in 2017, when she compared learning of Trump’s victory to “the feeling I had after 9/11.”  That was so over-the-top and offensive that even Jake Tapper at CNN called her out on it.

I would hope any American would be offended by that comparison, but it would probably go over especially badly in Kentucky, where voters backed Trump by a 62.5 percent landslide. 

Also, having condemned Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court last year, McGrath told a Kentucky newspaper that she "probably" would have supported Kavanaugh's nomination because there was nothing to "disqualify" him.  Then just a few hours later (probably after looking at her social media pages), she said she would not have voted to confirm him.  This caused political buffs to declare that she had executed the rare “double flip-flop.”

That is impressive, but before this election season is over, I’m betting Joe Biden will set a new Olympic record for the first triple-axle, quadruple flip-flop.



Archeologists from Israel and Australia announced the results of a massive four-year excavation of an ancient site in central Israel.  Their findings offer the latest in an ever-growing pile of evidence that the Bible is not merely an old book of fables and moral lessons but a record of actual history.



To quote Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby from “Robin and the 7 Hoods,” “You’ve either got or you haven’t got class…”

To be fair, she did manage to say, “Love more, hate less” without inserting any F-words, and to urge people to “listen more and talk less.”  I would urge her to listen to her own advice. 



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  • Gladys Edakattil

    07/12/2019 09:49 PM

    §Agree with July 10th comments by M Galloway, B Nolan on Federal Juges. §Some of the recent decisions and opinions the SCOTUS have released are disappointing, alarming & useless in interpreting or upholding the Constitution! To me it looks so lame just as the Republicans in the Congress especially when it comes to President Trump & the issues that he’s trying to solve!! Justice Roberts (perhaps another plant – a Trojan horse!) seems to be a lame duck & more left leaning than Conservative & no better than Sessions or Rosenstein! He should be fired! (which we can’t – a great pity!). §It’s just commonsense to include citizenship question on a Census. Almost every country in the world ask that question outright on their Census. Democrats don’t want it included for political purpose – more illegal votes, more representatives & gerrymandering! What business does Judges have to do with it out of their jurisdiction? §Judges of 9th, 3rd – circuits, of Co, OR, NY & other Blue States, even though are not elected officials but Obama appointed, are exercising more power than they’re allowed to – that’s rebellion, criminal & encouraging anarchy! Those Judges should be removed! Impeach them! They’re here to encourage law, order & justice & not anarchy! I think all these individuals are planted in strategic positions for exactly such purposes, as to slowly encroach & subvert the rightful authority §Many years ago & so, can’t remember who & what – I read from a reliable Newsletter or listened to an audio recording –– about Bill Clinton’s indiscretions not only with women but also with underaged youngsters including his journeys on Lolita & secret visits of “Pedophile Island”. It was all hush-hush. Not only Clinton, but also so many other high-high officials in the Government! It’s all very likely – it won’t be a surprise knowing the world we live in are without God or Bible Guidelines. I don’t know if there are or were any solid proofs except that it’s so grievous. Now they’re trying to smear President Trump’s name with this as well. §President & Republicans have to be vigilant about what all they’d come up with before the 2020 elections!

  • LeeMar Zarr

    07/12/2019 11:13 AM

    IF you have a Family/House that's personality is full of hate, anger, and totally self-centered interest as spoiled little brats, why would anyone expect the house members to be "nice" in their "OWN SANDBOX?" Nice, concern for others, empathy and compassion is NOT in their personality/behavior profile. The "jackass" is a PERFECT mascot symbol.


    07/12/2019 08:15 AM

    Why can't the democrats that are advising the illegal immigrants on how to avoid ICE deportation be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting a criminal?

  • Carl Smith

    07/12/2019 01:26 AM

    This Female? Soccer player might well be the most talented player on planet earth? That does not excuse her from being an illiterate Moron! I know! Insulting morons by calling her one will not change any minds but the minds that see her as a saint don't need my approval, That's way above my pay grade and I consider it a Giant Plus to be counted as one of her deniers.

  • Vivian Hartsoe

    07/12/2019 01:05 AM

    You are a breathe of fresh air!! Thank you.

  • Michael Hutch

    07/11/2019 09:29 PM

    California's Gavin Newsome is calling for Medicare for all in this state. Why haven't the other 49 states howled about this?? He is using money that 50 states contribute to for insuring illegal aliens. Again, why haven't the other 49 states protested that their citizens are getting less from the shrinking pie?

  • Patricia H Turner

    07/11/2019 08:17 PM

    I am a Kentuckian but will definitely NOT support Amy McGrath. She couldn't win against Andy Barr and she won't win against Mitch, either. She may have served her country, but she sure doesn't show that she loves it!!!

  • Jerry

    07/11/2019 07:07 PM

    I was having flu like symptoms this morning not because of the Socialists they do not bother me these are grown people that still have a toddlers mentally. I do regret the Democratic Judiciary Committee that conducted the most vile behavior that Jungle Primates would find bizarre. Some of those members are actually running to be our President. To watch that hearing exposed the outright destructive behavior for the future of this country. I still do not believe this population has reached the level of ignorance the candidates think they are. We may need 10 years of graduation classes to get to that point if it happens then I will look to the skies for that big asteroid to hit or the illegals will stop coming why would they come they can build their homes out of card board or buy a tent in their own country the sidewalks might not be as nice as ours i am sure they could live with that. Nice work Liberals you have started your destructive behavior.

  • Stephen Russell

    07/11/2019 06:36 PM

    2020 Census: Why take damn census when only the Dems in my state Benefit vs the Joe Voter.
    Why bother & then Pres Ex Order, will have depts " slow walking" info & we all Lose.
    Prove me wrong.Thinking of dumping Census.
    Only Dems, Illegals win, even homeless lose despite count

  • Michael Keith Garrett

    07/11/2019 06:30 PM

    I predict that before the 2020 election, Democrats running for public office and presidential candidates in particular will flip-flop on issues and each other 1,000 times more than a world champion trampoline artist. Biden is probably already borderline senile and by November, 2020, won't remember what he said the day before.
    The party moderates and extremists will continue to back stab each other and build a wall between them so high that all illegal immigrants entering this country won't know who to vote for regardless whether they cast a legal ballot or not. The only way Dem Demons can win any important election is hope enough illegals won't know how to spell Republican or what one is. I also predict that AOC and Nancy Pelosi will get into a big name-calling shouting match proving to all concerned that neither one has a clue about what is real and what is fake.
    Mike Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo.