July 18, 2019

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Wednesday’s commentary on the link between all four members of “The Squad” –- featured this week in a horrifying press conference –- and a radical leftist organization called Justice Democrats sparked a huge number of letters, many of which asked the question, “Is George Soros funding Justice Democrats?” We were tempted to simply answer, “OF COURSE he is!” but, unlike the FBI, we don’t like to print material that hasn’t been verified.

So we went looking. We found a few sites that had been dedicated to Soros-related topics but that were no longer online, no doubt because they were thought to deal with fringe conspiracy theories and were taken down. But then we found some solid information from the Daily Caller News Foundation dating from about a year ago.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee



Trump vs. Democrats

By Mike Huckabee

It’s no wonder President Trump is a billionaire: he just tricked his toughest competitors into committing professional suicide with only three posts on a free social media platform.

In an extraordinary (and breathtakingly dumb) move Monday, Nancy Pelosi and every House Democrat voted to pass a resolution declaring that Trump’s “racist comments have legitimized fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color."  (A reminder: he said that people who hate America and think everything about it is so bad should go back where they came from, fix the problems there first, then come tell us how to do it.  Also a reminder: these are the same Democrats who couldn’t bring themselves to vote on a measure to condemn anti-Semitism when the obviously true charge was against Rep. Ilhan Omar, one of the very same radical Congress membersTrump criticized and that the Democrats are now rushing to embrace publicly.)

Not only did this broadcast to the entire world that every Democrat in the House supports the four most far-left, America-bashing, camera-hogging members (whom Pelosi had been trying to corral and downplay just last week), it also elevated them into the public faces of the Party heading into the 2020 elections.  A poll in June found that Omar had a 9% approval rating nationwide, and I’d be willing to bet that’s plummeted in the month since.  Meanwhile, here’s what this news has done to Trump’s poll numbers:

To pour even more kerosene on the fire she lit under her own feet, Pelosi spoke in support of the resolution by making an angry, emotional rant calling Trump a racist into the Congressional Record.  She was immediately called on it by Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins, who demanded that her words be taken down for violating House rules that remarks on the floor “be confined to the question under debate, avoiding personality."

That sparked a long, arcane discussion with the parliamentarian, during which Pelosi left the floor (also a violation of House rules.)  As Kimberly Strossel of the Wall Street Journal noted, "So, Democrats vote to break House rules and decorum, so that they can call Trump out on decorum. Surreal."

After watching this embarrassing, confusing, unprofessional, unhinged political circus conducted in the People’s House on the taxpayers’ time and dime, let’s hope that in 2020, American voters will be wise enough to send every last Democrat in the current House back where they came from.



Meet Scherie Murray 

By Mike Huckabee

Back before she let President Trump panic her into committing political suicide by elevating her freshman Mount Rushmore of Radicalism into the face of the Democratic Party, a more clearheaded Nancy Pelosi explained Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s election by saying that in parts of New York City, a glass of water with a “D” after its name could get elected (I’d add, even if the glass is half-empty.)  It was assumed that no matter what happened, that was the very definition of a “safe” Democratic seat.  

Of course, nobody expected that AOC would quickly become the media lighting rod she’s so determined to be, constantly staging provocative photo ops and Twitter feeds that prove she’s more interested in being a celebrity agitator leading a socialist, open borders revolution than in representing her constituents.  So far, her proudest accomplishment is chasing away Amazon, which was going to create thousands of new jobs in her district.  But hey, you wouldn’t want a job with a capitalist company, would you? Apparently, a lot of people would.

There’s been talk of primary challenges to her, but Democratic politicians are notoriously loyal to the Party (at least, the traditional non-AOC kind).  Even the ten-term incumbent she barely beat in the primary could have stayed on the ballot and crushed her in the general election, but he bowed out.  Democratic primary challenges are frowned on, even though that’s why she’s in the House, and she's threatening to do it to other Democrats who aren't radical enough.

But on the chance that no Democrat steps up to give NYC District 14 voters a choice, try this exciting news on:  A Republican is stepping up to challenge AOC.  And I mean a serious challenge, not just a token challenge.

And not just any Republican.  Meet Scherie Murray.

She’s a successful businesswoman.  Like most Republicans, she’s pro-jobs and doesn’t think a Congress member should chase away employers.  She thinks the Green New Deal would kill jobs and opposes “Medicare For All.” She says there’s a crisis in her district “and it’s called AOC.”

She’s also female, black, and an immigrant from Jamaica. 

In a perfect world, those things wouldn’t matter.  But imagine AOC having to run against someone who is not only promising to actually serve her constituents instead of alienating the world, promoting herself and chasing away employers – and she can’t accuse that opponent of being a racist…or a sexist…or hating immigrants. What could she say? She would actually have to run on her record!

I imagine Ms Murray is going to get a LOT of support, both inside the district and from outside.  She should try using Trump’s famous appeal to Democratic voters: “What have you got to lose?”  If the answer is, “We could lose AOC as our ‘Representative,’” I can’t think of a more persuasive argument.


Polls and more polls

By Mike Huckabee

It’s long been assumed that Democrats run to the left to win their primaries, then scurry back to the middle fast to win the general election.  But the current mob of Democratic Presidential candidates have gotten into such a competition to see who can go furthest to the left that they’re running over a cliff and might not be able to get back to the middle.  It’s like the old days when service stations would get into gas wars and lower their prices so much that they both went out of business.  In fact, on at least one issue, every candidate is to the left of their own primary voters! 

Polls show that a majority of voters oppose just about everything the Democrats are pushing: open border, free health care for illegal immigrants, shutting down ICE, unfettered and late-term abortions paid for by taxpayers, much higher taxes, etc.  A majority do like the sound of “Medicare For All,” but only because they don’t know what it is.  They assume it’s a voluntary option to switch your current plan to Medicare. When it’s explained to them what it really is (everyone forced onto government health care), support drops sharply. 

But now, here’s a sign of just how far the leftward race has gone: according to a new Gallup poll, not only do 64% of Americans oppose statehood for DC, even Democrats oppose it by 51-39%.  Yet 100% of the Democratic President candidates support DC statehood.  Likewise, a DC statehood bill just garnered the votes of a record 216 House members, just two short of the number needed to pass it.

So it’s official: this is the first issue on which national Democratic leaders and Presidential candidates have moved too far left even for their own base. 

Note that this poll was taken in June, before Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders foolishly took Trump’s bait and rushed to defend their socialist, anti-ICE, anti-Israel/pro-al Qaeda, open-the-borders, empty-the-prisons, 90% tax-rate, call-everyone-who-disagrees-a-racist, freshmen Gang of Four.  I can’t wait for next month to see the late July polls and find out just how in sync the Party leaders are with rank-and-file, blue collar Democrats.   



I wanted to make sure you also read these comments


Watch a devastating new RNC ad, using the actual words (or in some cases, the refusal to answer) of the House’s radical “Squad” that Trump’s Twitter strategery and Pelosi’s partisan blindness have now made into the faces of the Democratic Party.

As noted, this recent Babylon Bee satirical story turned out to be absolutely true, proving that it’s impossible to write comedy anymore because it becomes actual news before you can publish it.



To quote the great Yogi Berra, it’s “déjà vu all over again!”



Incidentally, on the very day that Nancy Pelosi was self-immolating to protect her four socialist freshpersons, they were on TV, once again chomping down on the hand that she tried to reach out to them and implying she’s a racist.  You know, if Pelosi just followed President Trump’s Twitter feed, she would’ve known that these women are completely ungrateful for everything they get handed.


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  • Nellie Williams

    07/18/2019 11:51 AM

    Thank you Mike Huckabee for all that you are doing. And thank you for being the voice of so many of us that are unable to say what is on our mind. Now it is up to us, the silent minority, to get out and vote and get everyone we know to vote. We have to turn this thing around, now!