The failings of Biden and Warren

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August 21, 2019

On Monday, Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, offered a somewhat less than compelling reason to vote for her husband for President. It’s just about the most lackluster endorsement I’ve ever heard. To paraphrase: You may think some other candidate has a better position on, say, health care, but you’ve got to look hard at who can win this election, and maybe you “swallow a little” this time and vote for my husband, even if you like someone else better, because the bottom line is, we have to beat Trump.

As I joked with Sean Hannity Tuesday night, I would hope my wife would be more enthusiastic than that. I can’t even imagine Janet, back when I was running for President, offering this kind of ringing endorsement: “Come on, you've got to vote for my husband. Hold your nose, swallow hard --- he’s not worth a darn, but, heck, we’ve just gotta win, so we really need for him to get your vote.” Janet was a tad more enthusiastic than that when I was campaigning. But Jill Biden said essentially that while speaking on behalf of her husband. With that level of enthusiasm on her part, you have to wonder if she might be holding her own nose a little bit when she votes for him.

Alana Goodman at the WASHINGTON EXAMINER has just reported on six different major events that Joe Biden has described from his life that, as far as anyone knows, never actually happened, such as working as a coal miner, being shot at in Iraq, having his helicopter being forced down in Afghanistan and discovering the location of Osama bin Laden’s safe house, being a leader in civil rights sit-ins, little things like that. Is Biden mistakenly inserting himself into a variety of historical situations, a la Forrest Gump, because that’s the way he actually remembers his life? (Of course, we know Hillary must have been outright lying when she said SHE was fired upon in a foreign country, in her case Bosnia, but I digress.) Or does he just think you get to say anything and everything during a Presidential campaign because it all just mushes up together and doesn’t much matter? Maybe it’s a little of both.

As fellow HANNITY guest Judge Jeanine Pirro said, you’ve got to admit that it’s entertaining. “I’m no brain surgeon,” she quipped, “but this guy, he’s got something missing...[His connections] don’t function; they’re not connecting those circuits.” But surely Judge Jeanine was reassured, as we all should be, by the story about Biden’s own literal, real-life brain surgeon from 30 years ago vouching for the viability of his brain. I am not kidding.

Joe Biden's brain surgeon is defending Joe Biden's brain

As I told Sean, any of the current candidates would be "a delight for President Trump.” If it’s Joe Biden standing on stage with him, I’ll pay good money to watch that show. Put it on Pay Per View; it would be well worth the price. Speaking as someone who has stood onstage with Donald Trump myself during the so-called “debates,” trust me, the President would eat Joe Biden’s lunch. And Joe wouldn’t remember what his lunch was (although that might be a typical state of affairs for him).

Judge Jeanine expressed as little confidence in Biden as I did. She thinks that among this group, Elizabeth Warren is the one with the smarts to prevail on the Democrat debate stage. Certainly, she appeals to leftists, but it still seems to me that she’ll be seen as too far left for the general electorate. Will she be perceived as someone who can be counted on to beat Trump? I don’t think so. And she’s still trying to undo the justly deserved bad karma resulting from her years of phony claims; as the NEW YORK POST reported, she has scrubbed her website of any reference to Cherokee ancestry. She had announced that her DNA test results (revealing as little as 1/1,024 Native American DNA) were on her site, but, at least at this writing, they aren't.

Standing onstage in Sioux City (ha), Iowa on Monday, she admitted to mistakes and said she was sorry for any hardship she had caused. “I have listened, and I have learned a lot,” she said. Really, that tepid an apology is not going to cut it with a lot of people. Ironically, she took advantage of the exact same leftist views on intersectionality that she advances today, using false claims of being a Native American woman to advance in scholarship and further her successful and highly profitable career. She should never have used vague “family lore” as an excuse to claim Native American ancestry on official application forms unless she had verified the claim. (What is it about these Democrats thinking they don’t have to verify information?) Maybe she really did cause hardship to someone more deserving whose place she took in school or on a professional staff. She likely would never know, but I’ll bet it happened.

So, both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have misrepresented themselves. In Joe’s case, it may have been unintentional because his brain was all glitchy. In Elizabeth’s case, we know it must have been intentional because her brain was working just fine. It’s hard to know which type of fakery is worse in a candidate for President.  Personally, I'd say someone would have to "swallow a little" to vote for either one of them.


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  • Anita Mae Barker

    08/24/2019 03:53 AM

    I think Biden needs mental help.
    Bless you.

  • Dennis J Houk

    08/22/2019 10:35 AM

    Actually I am concerned for Joe Biden's mental health. I wonder if he is suffering from mental confusion Or maybe excessive fatigue from the pressure of the campaign, or maybe a stroke. He has appeared confused repeatedly. Stumbling during interviews, he had to have cards on what he was going to say several time... were the questions rehearsed before the interview? And many time he gave a stumbling answer that was no answer. And this is the man the Dems are offering as their best contestant

  • Linda Olds

    08/22/2019 05:34 AM

    Biden knows that what he says doesn't have to be true, because even if the media notes the discrepancies, they're not very critical. It's ok if good old Joe gets a few things wrong, according to them.
    It's the same with Elizabeth Warren. They may mention her lies, but don't criticize her much for them.
    It's different with President Trump. If the wrong city name slips out of his mouth, they claim that he's lying or incompetent. If he exaggerates, it's a horrible lie. If he changes his mind after listening to advice, it's a crisis.
    So yes, Biden and other Dems can say what they like without fear of the media being too critical.
    Meanwhile, the Dems and the media (I know, redundant!) criticize everything President Trump says and does. This encourages people from other countries to be disrespectful of our president. I am sick of it!

  • Sarah Faith Buntin

    08/22/2019 05:12 AM

    If Elizabeth Warren is so sorry, I mean Truly Sorry, why hasn't she offered to pay back the Scholarship money she stole under her lie, so that some deserving Native American can go to College?
    Joe Biden is showing signs of dementia, or CRS, Can't Remember Stuff! Either way who would want a president like either one of these two?

  • Robbie Mize

    08/21/2019 09:34 PM

    Those who will vote for any of them has no sense of smell . That along with some of the senses which are also missing.

  • Barry Ligus

    08/21/2019 08:33 PM

    Maybe Warren could resign from her position in academia, and apply for an entry position as a senior white female.
    Biden is so far gone his next claim might be that he and Gandhi protested in Mumbai together as young men. Hopefully he gets the nomination, the President will sweep him off the stage.

  • Erla Richards

    08/21/2019 07:38 PM

    I don't use twitter so I don't know how to reach Tucker and Hannity so I'll reach out to you.
    I am sick and tired of hearing about the gaffes and downfall of VP Biden night after night. I turned them off last night. But mainly, I think it is cruel and unnecessary to make fun of him over and over. He's not going to win the primary and even if he does, he can't beat Trump unless the Republican news people don't stop being so petty. There's a lot more beneficial news that could be reported. Thanks for listening. Erla

  • Beverly A. Francolino

    08/21/2019 06:33 PM

    First of all, after putting my heart & soul into a comment a couple of days ago! It was rejected because you or someone thought I could be a Robot!! I’m just an ardent Republican Conservative and I love our President and want him to win in 2020!! I love your daily input and most of the time read the entire thing. Wish you had a regular program on FOX again - I loved it Music & all!! XOX

  • Mary Kennedy

    08/21/2019 04:36 PM

    I agree with your message

  • Dennis THOMAS

    08/21/2019 04:23 PM

    Frankly, I think Jill Biden, a physician, is more keenly aware (than are we) of her husband's rapidly declining intellectual abilities. I think Biden is suffering from early dementia. And I don't think he's going to last. She know's that and probably couldn't come up with a better pitch than the one she gave.


    08/21/2019 04:09 PM


  • Edward Engle

    08/21/2019 03:48 PM

    I think Donald Trump could beat any of the current list of Democratic candidates without much trouble. (And I think they know it). The only candidate that can beat Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He has to stop taking the 'liberal bait' that the progressives throw at him. Each time he responds to their phony accusations, he puts himself down into the gutter with them.

    I'd like to see the Democrats proceed with their impeachment agenda. Then President Trump should simply ignore them and concentrate on running the country. Let them put all their energy and money into their phony charges and stupid subpoenas.

    Anytime President Trump or other high ranking Republicans respond to the Democrats accusations, they tend to seemingly give the accusations a shred a believability. Just ignore them. President Trump's stock answer should simply be, "I don't have time for this, I have a country to run, remember; the country you were elected to represent". Then let the people see how they make fools out of themselves as President Trump is seen as the only adult in the room.

  • Marida binsted

    08/21/2019 02:50 PM

    I don't understand why his wife doesn't take his hand and say let's go home. It is pitiful to watch and she has to know it.

  • Joanne Schmidt

    08/21/2019 02:10 PM

    Why not borrow a history from someone else's life when it sounds so much better? Kind of like plagiarism, which got Biden suspended from Syracuse University law school. If I remember correctly, it was that revelation that forced Biden to abandon his first presidential bid several decades ago.

  • Deborah Hafer

    08/21/2019 01:41 PM

    I've never been a fan of Biden but I do not see hilarity in his failing due to age. So sad. If anyone cared for him, they should have prevented his humiliation.

  • Michael B. Aronson

    08/21/2019 01:22 PM

    I just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I respect and admire you. We look forward to being enlightened every day. Thanks for helping us to understand what's going on.

  • rodney burke

    08/21/2019 01:13 PM

    Jill is a symptom of the times. She has "beat Trump at any cost" on the brain. How many do you suppose in 2016 held their nose and voted for Trump becasuse he CLEARLY was the "lesser of two evils"? If holding your nose and voting is the criteria for dems, they have a serious problem. Time to END the excuses for Joe, he is NOT the man to run the country...not now not ever. And since all dems must be liars, Liz is the poster child. She IS of sound mind and dishonest as the say is long. she too should NEVER be allowed to be prez. That kind of systemic dishonesty is NOT presidential, although Hilary would disagree.

    No matter WHO is chosen, when they get into the one on one, there is far too much video tape and the congressional record. DT will destroy either one on national TV which will be a joy to watch for US. Rus is right, we MUST defeat them...repeatedly in crushing blows. It is all they understand. The Dems are communists with one goal, destroy america. We finally got them to admit it in public, now we KNOW what we must do. The domestic enemy has identified itself. Many take an oath, time to carry OUT that oath.

  • Norm Harrison

    08/21/2019 01:12 PM

    Why is no mention being made of Joe's son's having profited hugely by the then VP's influence in China? Is this being saved for use if Biden actually gets the noimination?

  • Jack Willis

    08/21/2019 12:56 PM

    Hey Mike, maybe the good Dr. Biden is a secret MAGA supporter and that is all the baloney she could stand to spout about the (not so) honorable Mr. Joe Biden.

  • Mary Gail Oscarson

    08/21/2019 12:49 PM

    The last thing that America needs now is for Biden to run this Country..Wishing that you would run again for President,i would surely vote for you..Gods Blessings Always

  • Dennis Lee Cook

    08/21/2019 12:44 PM

    More like swallow a lot and gag on it till you puke

  • Susan Teresa Daffron

    08/21/2019 11:57 AM

    "What is it about these Democrats thinking they don’t have to verify information?"

    That is definitely a question, at the forefront, of most logical, intelligent, honest folks of integrity!

    They, apparently, insult our intelligence without shame, because....well....they think we're stupid.

  • Patricia Frances Adams

    08/21/2019 11:46 AM

    Thank you kindly for these daily reads?? Most enjoyable...forwarded onto ‘my list’ with ditto on enjoying part ...., Well! Ok had one “Never” (never forward these to me again or you’ll never near from me) but that was from my brother lol...ignored respectfully and FYI he’s still talking to me??

  • David Marchant

    08/21/2019 11:44 AM

    Why do we find so many of the politicians adding to their resumes false information. How can we trust them to make real decisions.

  • David Colonna

    08/21/2019 11:39 AM

    Mike, How do we get this message out that all Liberal Democrats exaggerate the truth and most (90%) blatantly lie. I just cannot digest or figure out how any American and especially a Christian can vote for any Democrat!