August 12, 2019

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The story of the death by apparent suicide (sorry: “suicide”) of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is changing so often that rather than try to fill you in on every detail, I’ll link to this site, where Fox News has helpfully created a page that’s regularly updated with all the latest breaking news:

To briefly recap what has happened since the announcement of Epstein’s death on Saturday morning:

He reportedly hanged himself in his Manhattan jail cell.  Despite earlier reports (and an alleged similar suicide attempt in July that might have been an assault), Epstein was taken off suicide watch as of August 1st

It’s puzzling that someone who had allegedly tried to hang himself would be taken off suicide watch so soon, but even if that was a simple mistake, how could he have been put into a cell with no supervision (he reportedly hadn’t been checked on for hours), no security cameras on, and obviously, some sort of supplies that could be used to hang himself with?  Even Barney Fife would know better than to lock a suicidal man up in a cell that contains the means to hang himself and then go out on the town with Thelma Lou.


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Mike Huckabee



Campaign update

By Mike Huckabee

Campaign Update: Bill DeBlasio campaigned at the Iowa State Fair, where a “crowd” of 15 people showed up to hear him.

To be fair, though, here’s what he was competing with:

Why listen to the big cheeseball from New York with a stick up his rear when you could be enjoying a Chocolate-Covered New York Cheesecake on a Stick?


Rare agreement with Booker and Beto

By Mike Huckabee

I don’t often find myself in agreement with Cory Booker and “Beto” O’Rourke, but they do have a point in criticizing President Trump for retweeting conservative commentator Terrence K. Williams’ tweet about Jeffrey Epstein that read, “Died of SUICIDE on 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH? Yeah right! How does that happen #JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead.”

Yes, you can argue, “But everyone is thinking that” but sometimes, it’s unseemly and unnecessary to say out loud what “everyone is thinking.”  The President especially should stand above that.  His job isn’t to point fingers, it’s to release investigators.  Besides, we now know Epstein wasn’t on suicide watch.  Why he wasn’t should be a major focus of any investigation.  By jumping the gun on that tweet, Trump gave his critics a welcome distraction, an excuse to claim that he gets facts mistaken (or as Democrats call that when a Republican does it, “He LIES!!!”) 

Besides, we don’t need any conspiracy theorizing to convince the public that this story stinks like a truck full of fish that’s been stalled in the Arizona desert for a week.  It might even be a cold day in Arizona in August because even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in agreement with Republicans that something smells fishy and we need to investigate.

Before you think I’ve gone over to the Dark Side, let me also point out how staggeringly hypocritical it is for Booker and O’Rourke (doesn’t that sound like a ‘70s cop show?) to say of Trump, “What he’s doing is dangerous, he’s giving light to conspiracy theorists and whipping people up to anger against different people in this country” (Booker) and that the retweet is “another example of Trump using his position to attack political enemies with unfounded conspiracy theories. Trump is changing the conversations so we can’t focus on the real problems that he is part of” (O’Rourke.) 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t these two just last week running around claiming that Trump, and by extension, 63 million Americans who voted for him, were racist, Nazi, white supremacy sympathizers who were personally responsible for the mass shooting in El Paso?  All while studiously avoiding mentioning the shooting in Dayton by a Warren-supporting socialist, in an attempt to change the conversation from the real problem of why we have young people who turn violent and have no respect for life by blaming it on gun laws and their political opponent?   Talk about dangerous tactics to stir up anger and divisions.

And speaking of distractions, I’ve just had to write five paragraphs because of a stupid Twitter tweet and the various reactions and overreactions to it.  How about if we all come together as Americans and agree to stop giving any more attention to distracting comments on Twitter than we would pay to a random guy in the park, standing on a soapbox and yelling through a Mr. Microphone? 

Just FYI, here’s Twitter, circa 1978.  Would you pay any heed to these people's political statements?




The President exonerated

By Mike Huckabee

It was exactly a month ago that I wrote about the desperate attempts by the Democrats to try to tie President Trump to Jeffrey Epstein, even though he’d thrown Epstein out of his Florida resort years ago and was the only person in Manhattan society circles who’d actually helped the attorney of one of Epstein’s victims.  I even noted that reliably liberal Vanity Fair magazine apparently had some inside knowledge of what the unsealed court records would show, and warned that it was Bill Clinton and other Democrats who should be worried, not Trump.

Maybe this is the little-reported part of the testimony by one of Epstein’s chief accusers that Vanity Fair had seen. According to this, she not only denied that Trump ever had sex with her, but she also corrected a mistaken 2011 article by saying, “Donald Trump never flirted with me.”

Gee, the President of the United States exonerated?  I wonder why this isn’t front-page news today? 


I wanted to make sure you also read this comment:

Since there’s going to be an investigation of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, let’s hope someone follows up on this intriguing story:

Remember how Democrats hounded Alexander Acosta into resigning as Secretary of Labor because he was the US Attorney who signed off on Epstein’s cushy plea deal in 2008 (even though he will now always remain the only prosecutor to get any conviction at all on Epstein)? 

Well, I don’t know if this story is true, but it’s certainly something for the IG to look into.  Reporter Vicky Ward, who had been following Epstein for a long time, writes in the Daily Beast that she was told that during Acosta's vetting process for Labor Secretary, he was asked if the Epstein case was going to cause a problem with his confirmation.  Ward goes on:  

“Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had ‘been told’ to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. ‘I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,’ he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)”

I’m sure this will be brushed off as more conspiracy theory nonsense, but is that story true?  And if “Intelligence” was involved with Epstein, exactly how?  If you aren’t curious about that, then you might have no intelligence yourself.


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– Heb 12:1

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  • florence Siljenberg

    08/12/2019 11:17 PM

    We love president Trump and he's been thru enough but God knows there are times he should stay off his tweeter account. We have been praying. Biden can get away this the crap he says but it's getting well had gotten for sometime wish that the President would stay off his twitter account. If God can't stop this sad to say the voters may very well put this back to permanently living in Trump tower but would rather have him living in the White House for at least 4 more years.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/12/2019 02:42 PM

    Epstien update:
    His own attorneys removed suicide watch.
    Guards are Innocent in demise.
    & they ordered cameras off.
    Gee giving attorneys a Bad name 2.
    Your own defense team says turn off cameras & scrap suicide watch MUST be bad.