September 19, 2019

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  • jai Jacobia

    09/20/2019 07:06 PM

    By not even mentioning Warren's lies and thefts, even Tucker demonstrates disregard for Warren's LIES about her Cherokee heritage.
    However, those lies remain in the hearts of those for whom the opportunities were intended. She used lies about Native Cherokee heritage to STEAL education and employment opportunities intended for all Native Americans including MY CHEROKEE children.
    Her lies are not only examples of her disrespect for truth and the rights of others, they are clear demonstrations of the greed and immorality at the core of such horrific genocidal attempts as the Cherokee Trail of Tears, Custer's Last Stand and other abuses of superior weaponry to dominate the Native culture that enabled the Colonists to survive on America's shores.
    Growing up in Oklahoma, she certainly knew the scarcity of advantages for Natives. She chose to lie about being Cherokee because membership in a tribe with less pronounced indigenous native features might allow her to escape discovery. She also knew the horrific Native genocide carried out in the Cherokee Trail of Tears resulting in the death of more than a fourth of the tribe.
    Her Oklahoma family publicly stated they had never taught her she had any Cherokee heritage so her lies were not simple misinterpretation of family lore. Instead, they were part of a premeditated plan to STEAL the few advantages available to Native people and possibly propel her to the White House.
    Her lies about her heritage are easily forgotten by non-Native descendants of the white Colonists who still benefit from residing on land made available to their ancestors who raped, tortured, enslaved and STOLE the land from Natives. Warren's thefts are not only an insult to the Cherokee Nation and all Native Americans, they are examples of the premeditated THEFTS of minority Advantages proliferating in the corrupt academic system and the country she hopes to lead.
    The lack of remorse evidenced by the academic and government leaders, who allow, even encourage THEFTS of opportunities, sets an example for others out to attain academic standing which may lead to well paid and even more well retired elected positions.
    Apparently lying and theft of opportunities among academic communities has become so common as to be disregarded by government and even Tucker who seem to see it as harmless American GREED.
    Warren's THEFT of opportunity should immediately be investigated and prosecuted. The academic system that allowed and even encouraged her acts of greed should be penalized by forcing her and the academic institutions who abused the privilege and benefits of being funded for Native opportunities. She and any academic facility who benefitted from the greedy lies of Warren and others should be forced to re-pay any funds they STOLE.
    Warren is the worst example for our country where lying to succeed is over-looked and often admired as good business though it STEALS advantages meant for others.
    Her lies brought that horrible heritage to today's media. Now she is trying to cover it all up with apologies and DNA,
    As a Democrat, she supports reparation with descendants of slaves, but what compensation does she and other Democrats offer the Cherokees and other Natives from whom she and other Democrats STOLE their initial survival in America by enslaving, torturing, killing and robbing Natives of freedom and dragging our once beautiful country into the dirt and grime of today's environment and government.
    today's racists, but by those who pretend to be Native for the purpose of some form of minority honor and outright THEFT of the very few opportunities available to our children.