September 24, 2019

You’ve no doubt heard the comparisons made lately between the Democrats and Wile E. Coyote as he chases the Roadrunner (Trump) and ends up falling off a cliff, exploding, or being flattened by an anvil, over and over. It’s a compulsion, no matter how repetitious and self-destructive it becomes.

This time, with the so-called “whistleblower” story, that ACME anvil is going to slam down harder than ever. (Appropriately, a cartoon anvil makes a sort of “whistling” sound as it falls from high above. Hear it?) Thursday is the day acting Director of National Intelligence is set to testify before Congress, but the story is already falling apart. We know the report is hearsay --- that the “whistleblower” didn’t even have firsthand knowledge of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president, which is just one reason why he or she is not really a whistleblower as the statute defines it. Numerous officials were listening in on that call –- as on all calls between President Trump and foreign leaders –- and if something untoward was said, one of them should have reported it through officially designated channels.

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We also know that Trump did not talk specifically about a quid pro quo –- and that the REAL quid pro quo of this story appears to have been between the Bidens and the Ukrainian government, when Biden threatened to deny over a billion dollars in aid if a certain prosecutor wasn’t fired. (The prosecutor was investigating a Ukrainian natural gas company that had put Biden’s totally inexperienced son Hunter on its board of directors.)

Also, we’re looking deeper into the relationship between the Democratic National Committee and Ukrainian officials who were helping not Trump but Hillary. I continue to recommend the book BALL OF COLLUSION by Andrew C. McCarthy as a superb source of facts and analysis.

Most of the news media won’t look at any of this, except to reach for ways to get the Bidens and the DNC off the hook. Democrats in Congress won’t address it, either. We’re going to need Republicans in the Senate, such as Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Lindsay Graham, and Attorney General Bill Barr and his Justice Department to dive into it. In the meantime, there’s a lot of information already out there for those willing to look.

For example, to piece together what happened with the Bidens and the Ukrainian company Burisma, we can hop into our time machine and go back to 2014. Here’s the timeline, as assembled by bestselling author and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer and brought to us on Monday night’s HANNITY show, courtesy of guest Mark Levin…

On April 16, 2014, Devin Archer, Hunter Biden’s business partner, goes to the White House for a private meeting with VP Joe Biden.

Five days later, Biden lands in Kiev for a series of high-level meetings with Ukrainian officials.

Soon after that, the U.S. and International Monetary Fund pump more than a billion dollars into the Ukrainian economy.

The following day, it is announced that Devin Archer has been asked to join the board of Ukrainian natural gas company Barisma.

Three weeks later, it is announced that Hunter Biden (who has no background in energy) will join the board as well.

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Just like that. This is one small part of an extremely suspicious chain of events that absolutely needs to be investigated. If you’d like to stay in the time machine a while and go back even earlier, to 2009, to see how and with whom Hunter Biden formed his company and conducted his hedge fund business, particularly concerning an entity called Rosemont Seneca Partners, I’ve linked to a timely excerpt from Peter Schweizer’s latest book, “SECRET EMPIRES: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.” It goes on to detail Hunter’s travel to China in December of 2013 on Air Force Two, where he and daughter Finnegan were feted along with his father, and how Hunter’s firm went on to do investment deals with the Chinese government that had “serious national security implications for the United States.”

Just to name one, Rosemont Seneca and the Bank of China (owned by the Chinese government) created a $1 billion investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST, which in 2015 joined forces with the automotive subsidiary of the Chinese-owned military aviation contractor AVIC to buy an American “dual-use” (meaning they have a military application) parts manufacturer, Henniges. AVIC is a competitor of the United States and, according to Schweizer, has “a long history of stealing Western technology and applying it to military systems.”

Because of the type of technology it was, this deal had to have approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) --- remember, that was the committee Hillary was on when she was Secretary of State and the Uranium One deal was approved. By this time, new Secretary of State John Kerry (stepfather of Hunter Biden’s business partner Chris Heinz) was on the committee, and the sale of Henniges was approved.

Inside the shady private equity firm run by Kerry and Biden’s kids

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All of this information has been out there, but until now it’s been taken examined by relatively few investigative reporters (the ones who know the score) and some FOX News hosts, in particular Steve Hilton on his show THE NEXT REVOLUTION. The attempt to “get” Trump by tying him to Ukraine is succeeding in finally calling more attention to the real scandal. The call between Trump and the new Ukrainian president took place in mid-July; a couple of months earlier, Peter Schweizer had called publicly for the Senate to force Hunter Biden to testify on his Ukrainian and Chinese business deals. He said this on Laura Ingraham’s FOX News show and also in an interview on Hill.TV, summarized here. I’d say that now, it’s almost certain Hunter will be making that appearance.

Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden needs to testify on Ukraine, China business dealings


This latest effort to take Trump down hasn’t just fizzled like all the others; it’s backfiring big-time, and the anvil can be heard faintly whistling high in the thin atmosphere as it drops. This is not going away. I’ll close with a video of someone else who is doing his bit to call attention to it. (I should mention that it was recorded before we learned that Rudy Giuliani had been ASKED by the State Department to talk with Ukrainian officials; his contact was a bureaucratic mission and NOT part of any scheme to get the Ukrainians to investigate Biden, as early reports implied.) And now, here is yours truly…


The Trump WHISTLEBLOWER Story Is A SHAM! | FOTM | ATS | Huckabee


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  • Nancy A. North-Gates

    09/30/2019 11:49 PM

    This mess is literally making me ill. I know that our constitution is strong but I actually couldn't work today and spent the day in bed. I am just too old for this _____.

  • Paila Smith

    09/30/2019 08:26 PM

    We know there is corruption and illegal activity with Hillary et al, now Joe Biden, why do the Dems never EVER get prosecuted when it’s so blatant? That’s why they keep breaking the law-no consequences!!!

  • Houston hyman

    09/30/2019 04:55 PM

    Congress and the Senate need to get down and work for the people as they were elected or else get the hell out

  • George J Murrey

    09/30/2019 08:14 AM

    This is an ongoing by the left not to do their jobs, but to find one small nugget they can pin the pres on. Nothing has gone well for them since Pres Trump was elected. Nothing like bunch of little school girls who lost their boyfriend.

  • Wanda Dorsey

    09/26/2019 05:18 PM

    I've never seen such hate for a President. What happened to RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA ??Hope this will be dead b4 too long, so we can get back to important events.

  • Karen Brothers

    09/25/2019 11:23 PM

    Looks like the democrats in congress are nothing but a bunch of crooks who are out for themselves and their families and friends and who have no interest in really serving the people of America. How dare they cause so many problems for a decent man like Trump!

  • Tom Larson

    09/25/2019 11:03 PM

    Will this information be made public?

  • Craig Ruggles

    09/25/2019 04:19 PM

    God truly has his hands in this! Protecting President Trump and Gods sense of humor in this is Hilda’s he causes truth to win over lies! Amen Mike! Thanking God for you and your wisdom!

  • Lula Broome

    09/25/2019 05:07 AM

    Joe Biden and his son deserve to be investigated. What would make it any difference as to the reason why he should not be? Because he is Democrat?? I DO NOT THINK SO! I sure hope that the Republican's do stand up and support President Donald Trump. We are already in enough trouble with the constant pounding from the leftist Democrats. They have done absolutely NOTHING since being in office except pursuing the impeachment of President Trump. I would like to convey to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer and the other ridiculous dems in Washington.....because you are pursuing impeachment against President Donald have just ensured his RE-ELECTION! Trump fans will rise up and show up at the POLLS!!!! THAT IS WHAT TRULY MATTERS!!! No one wants to see a steady decline of America with the socialism that the Dems want to take America on!!! REPUBLICANS......LET'S MAKE OUR VOICE BE HEARD COME ON PEOPLE, GET UP OFF OF THE COUCH AND DO SOMETHING!!!! VOTE REPUBLICAN!

  • Joe Wilkerson

    09/24/2019 06:31 PM

    Frankly Gov. Mike I am sick to death of the left always attacking us I think it is time,long over due, for Rep. to start investigating them for a while. Thank God for Barr. The ones I want to see covered with ofal are Nadler, Schiff, Biden and Pelosi. It is going to tickle me to no end if Trump wins again. The Dems are as crooked as a barrel of snakes.

  • Rafael A Salaz

    09/24/2019 06:21 PM

    President Trump wants some investigating done on Joe Biden and his Son nowadays. The Democrats , don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot. But the Democrats have wasted three years and millions of dollars chasing nothing and haven’t done any real work they get paid to do . Now they want to Impeach President Trump, for no real reason , just a made up reason .

  • Dolores

    09/24/2019 06:02 PM

    In a past rant against Nancy Pelosi, I warned that her Party, which she has placed before any other considerations, including decency, compassion and religion, is splintering into slivers around her. I am still praying for you, Nancy, but you have taken another step closer toward the destruction of your Party today. By agreeing to entertain Impeachment, you have crossed the point of no return. To quote Julius Caesar, “the die is cast.” To quote another ancient pundit, “Whom the gods destroy they first make mad.” What a train wreck!

  • Marilyn Madore

    09/24/2019 05:58 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee-I do not believe republicans will pursue any investigation into Biden or his son. I fear many republicans want Trump out as much as democrats do and may go along with this impeachment inquiry. Sean Hannity may expose all this, but unless those in authority will hold these deep-state actors accountable, I do not have any confidence that any will ever be charged.

  • Tom Barnhart

    09/24/2019 05:37 PM

    Thank you, Gov. Huckabee, for your political expertise and frank reporting. Please continue to address Bill of Rights that the Left is attacking and why. The truth behind their attacks is not being reported and explained. Please expose their lies and deception.

  • Dawn Street

    09/24/2019 04:45 PM

    Have you ever seen an animal turn on itself, snarling and biting at its own tail and hindquarters? This is what our "new" DemonRat Party participants remind me of. Or Wylie Coyote works too. However it seems they are gnawing on themselves with all the hubub and confusion that I see. And who is the father of confusion? He is NOT God our Father in Heaven for sure. Maybe we should rename the DemonRat Party the Satanic Party. Might get them new voters.

  • Kevin J Cook

    09/24/2019 04:21 PM

    The president asked Ukraine to bring back the criminal investigation into Biden’s son’s and his boss after Biden admission of him getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. How is that impeachable? It’s not but democrats lust for power is like Hitler so watch these goons move forward.

  • jack macdonald

    09/24/2019 03:52 PM

    Ruminating about the imminent destruction of the earth brought me to AOC beliefs and her actions that belie them. When she breathes she emits the dreaded CO2 and when she farts she pollutes the air we breath. If she had been educated while in school she would know that trees and plants need CO2 to survive and create O2 (oxygen). These 2 gases work in harmony to sustain a livable planet. Whey do Libs (uneducated by our school system) not know these basics and why does our fake media not correct them when they spout their lunacy? When she quits farting and holds her breath, I will take her more seriously. jm

  • Hank Cincere

    09/24/2019 02:40 PM

    What I don't get is there is no support from Republicans todate defending Trump and calling for Biden investigation. D. Nunes is the only one I have seen.