January 9, 2020

I almost feel sorry for President Trump’s rabid critics in the media and the Democratic Party.  He’s winning so fast, they don’t even have time to accuse him of losing before he wins again:   

“The American people are outraged that Trump committed a war crime by taking out Gen. Soliemani and…”

Uh, this just in: Obama’s former DHS chief says that was perfectly legitimate. And a new poll shows a majority of the public approves.

“Oh...But his reckless bumbling with no plans for the consequences will spark World War III, and…”

Iran just backed down.  It’s over.


The latest example of Trumpus Rumpus Interruptus involves Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to tie Trump’s hands in dealing with America's enemies.  She announced that the House will vote today on her “War Powers Resolution” to prevent him from taking further action against Iran, because, apparently, when the voters picked him to be Commander-in-Chief, they really wanted those decisions made by Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, two people who can’t even take out the garbage in their own districts. 

Pelosi claims that Trump "endangered our service members, diplomats and others by risking a serious escalation of tensions with Iran" (Note: the airstrike came after multiple provocations from Iran, including a rocket attack that killed an American contractor and an attack on our Embassy.)  She declared that it’s obvious Trump "does not have a coherent strategy to keep the American people safe, achieve de-escalation with Iran and ensure stability in the region" and said Congress has "serious, urgent concerns about the Administration’s decision to engage in hostilities against Iran and about its lack of strategy moving forward."

This statement came after Congress was briefed on the intelligence about imminent planned attacks by Iran which Democrats found unconvincing. (Note: Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of the House Foreign Affairs Committee was also in that classified briefing. He said, “I am convinced even more than ever — and I was fully convinced — this was the right move to save American lives on an imminent basis, and they did the right thing,” but that the Democrats in the meeting seemed uninterested even in listening to the evidence.)

Nevertheless, Pelosi is pressing forward with her vote to rein in the President’s powers today, even though Trump already spoke to the nation yesterday to announce that no Americans were harmed in Iran’s face-saving missile launch, damage was minimal, and Iran seems to be standing down.  But he’s still imposing another $150 billion in economic sanctions on them, and they now know the US will no longer tolerate “Iran’s destructive and destabilizing behavior…Those days are over.”

(Note: Trump also noted that the last Administration’s plan for dealing with Iran resulted in them being flush with cash to support terrorism around the world. The liberal CYA news outlets pounced on that with “fact-checks,” claiming there’s no solid proof Iran spent that money on terrorism and weapons.  Right…maybe they spent it on flowers for the Mullahs to weave into their beards!  That’s almost as laughable as Iran’s announcement that because of Trump’s strike on Soleimani, they will no longer abide by the Obama nuclear agreement.)

And so, with the same “fierce urgency of now” that compelled her to pass impeachment before Christmas, a day after Trump announced that the hostilities are most likely over and we won, Pelosi will still go ahead with her vote a day late and a dollar short on a resolution that is not only meaningless in its content, it’s legally and Constitutionally meaningless. Why?

I already mentioned that there was zero chance of such a bill passing the Senate and being signed by Trump, so Pelosi is skipping that part by making it a concurrent resolution instead of a joint resolution.  In other words, as even the Huffington Post conceded, this isn’t a bill, it’s a glorified press release.  And like all the other Democratic press releases lately, Trump will have rendered it laughably outdated before it’s even released.

For a concise and entertaining recap of this story, and how the panicky Chicken Littles who got absolutely everything wrong think this proves we should put them back in charge, check out Michael Goodwin’s column in the New York Post:

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  • Don Chenault

    01/11/2020 06:35 AM

    pelosi is another poster child for TERM LIMITS. cannot imagine ( God forbid) what would happen if the third in line to the presidency (nancy) were in charge,, her district might be a good example..
    time to put the DO NOTHING repubs back in the majority in house of rep to replace the DO NOTHING dimms

  • Del Vanderbeek

    01/10/2020 07:56 AM

    Why anyone would vote a Democrat into any public office now would be crazy.