January 10, 2020

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  • Damon S. Boyer

    01/12/2020 10:00 AM

    There is no explanation for limiting existing power during an ongoing conflict. The general was on the battlefield, arranging and directing attacks. Hostility in Iraq has already been authorized. It was a worthless token gesture anyway, and Gaetz decide to come down on the wrong side of it.

  • Barbara Pyles

    01/11/2020 09:15 PM

    If it is not against Trump why didn't they do it when Obama was doing it...not buying it. Just trying to make Trump look bad for doing the same thing other presidents have done which was the right thing to do & had the right to do it & the obligation.Trump supporters are for Trump because he has & will do more that he was elected to do because he is NOT a politician & politicians do nothing but BS THE PEOPLE & are useless but to make things worse with more regulations & laws.

  • Robbie Mize

    01/11/2020 06:00 PM

    Not only did his explanation smell like our mule stalls did......but some of the comments from others here did too.

  • Sharon Whalen

    01/11/2020 04:54 PM

    It was a nonbinding resolution. It was also a Pelosi trap that unfortunately most Republicans fell for, giving the Dems talking points showing Republican are lock step voters like the Dems. I agree with the ones that voted for what the resolution was on merit but without any effect. However, the Dems are so far Left Pelosi is swimming in her own slim.

  • Lynn Cobb

    01/11/2020 04:29 PM

    This resolution holds no power. However, you not backing our President shows that you are a dumb ass! How many American's must die before you're Ok with killing a terrorist? You are a Great disappointment and we will remember you during the next election as you are a rino!

  • Ronnie B. Jones

    01/11/2020 01:37 PM

    To. Matt Gaetz from one of your constituents. My family passed this resolution today: BE it hereby, RESOLVED, that any future vote in Congress by Matt Gaetz will require him to contact The Jones Family for advice and consent BEFORE he cast ANY vote. That’s the way it works, now.

  • Elizabeth Krebs

    01/11/2020 12:54 PM

    I'm sorry, but unfortunately the Demon-RATS have pushed conservatives to the point where we cannot, under any conditions, agree with them on anything. We are too far apart on all important issues.

  • Yvonne Cook

    01/11/2020 09:53 AM

    I think your a democratic trador!! You suck balls for standing with your president??????

  • donald skinner

    01/11/2020 07:27 AM

    Iran has never been held accountable for anything they have done to the US and for a republican to vote with the democrats against the only president we have had standing against countries in the middle east just helps the Islamist cause

  • Kathryn Holpp

    01/11/2020 04:02 AM

    Well, I must say, I am surprised and disappointed, but you know what, everybody eventually shows their true colors.

  • Kari Petersen lunger

    01/11/2020 03:19 AM

    Bad vote Matt!!!!!!

  • David Marchiori

    01/11/2020 12:33 AM

    With all due respect sir you got it wrong according to me. 1st with all the leaks of sensitive information there is a new trust issue y/n. 2nd Regardless of the dem/gop side the leak came from the danger to the strike is the same y/n. 3rd Was the target guilty of atrocities against U.S.A. people. My logic says the president needs authority to execute a pre-emptive strike.

  • Betty DeBord Ellison

    01/10/2020 11:56 PM


  • Sue Bigsby

    01/10/2020 07:35 PM

    Huh? No. There’s always been a big smarm factor with likestoseehimselfontv-waytoomuch Gaetz. I don’t trust him. President Trump watch your back.

  • Paul Froelich

    01/10/2020 07:22 PM

    Voting for the war powers act isnt anti President it is anti war.

  • Donna Danzis

    01/10/2020 05:44 PM

    I love you, but you need to explain to us. I will love you as my REP in Florida. i will vote again, maybe i will understand better after you talk.

  • Trudy Eckley

    01/10/2020 05:29 PM

    We stand with our President ??% of the time??President Trump has advisors & Cliff & I trust God directed us to set under Him! What He says we accept!

  • Cecilia Romero

    01/10/2020 04:58 PM

    What a feeling of traition deception with Gaetz???
    We the People are tired of Bla, bla, in this class of events

  • Tonya Hunt

    01/10/2020 04:37 PM

    You are weak! Fold under the pressure of the dems. Will never make America strong again with these type of actions.

  • Janice Henderson

    01/10/2020 04:36 PM

    I’m so disappointed in you Mat . You have been a rock for our President and you know this stupid vote was totally and clearly another political smoke screen .

  • Willene Bryan

    01/10/2020 04:02 PM

    You made a bad vote. Shame on you.

  • Nan Baird

    01/10/2020 03:49 PM

    This is a closet Democrat. You don't turn on your country. The constitution says he has privillage. Sometimes it is necessary to do what you need to do.

  • Deborah Riley

    01/10/2020 03:30 PM

    Lots of double-speak, Mr Gaetz! Sounds like Rino talk. I thought you were one of the REALTrumpers, but now I think I was wrong. You like attention don't you. FAKE REPUBLICAN.

  • Margaret Hamm

    01/10/2020 02:56 PM

    For whatever reason he voted against the president, I believe he hurt himself big time. President Trump is not a president to just go to war for any reason, unless he has no choice. So why vote against him. This will likely be used by the democrats against the president, that one of his own voted against him. No republican needs to give the democrats a foot hold for any reason the way they are acting. I am very disappointed in Matt Gaetz. I don't believe he will ever have the trust he had with the people again.

  • Carolyn S Bernard

    01/10/2020 02:56 PM

    I understand to a point, but still believe he should have voted against it!!!