January 3, 2020

Some liberal media outlets were so shaken by armed citizens taking just seconds to stop a would-be mass shooter at the White Settlement, Texas, West Freeway Church of Christ that they are still desperately looking for ways to spin it as a negative.  A USA Today editorial admitted that the head of church security who killed the shooter was a hero, but claimed it was “terrifying” that several other members of the congregation also pulled out weapons. Considering they were prepared to stop any further shooters but responsibly held their fire, I don’t think “terrifying” is the appropriate term, unless you also happen to be a would-be mass shooter. 

Someone should remind USA Today that they’re supposed to be a national paper, not just a voice for NY/L.A./DC liberals.  Maybe send one of your reporters on a safari to Texas to talk to a few of those terrifying gun owners who stand ready, willing and able to stop mass shooters.

There were also false claims that the hero of the incident, James Wilson, was a professional armed guard, so that they could say how horrible it is that churches have to hire armed guards, proving we need more gun control laws, lather-rinse-repeat.  Actually, Wilson is a member of the congregation and head of their volunteer security team, not a paid armed guard.  He’s also a former Hood County Reserve Deputy Sheriff and currently a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Instructor and Concealed Handgun License/License to Carry Instructor.

But the ones who had the most difficulty dealing with reality were the writers and editors at Reuters who were either so desperate to spin away the truth or so blinded by their narrative mind ruts that they ran an article claiming it was the gunman who was a concealed carry instructor. They were forced to make a humiliating correction.

But of course, they aren’t the only ones who believe that when the facts don’t cooperate with your chosen narrative, just make up your own “facts.”  Unfortunately for them, a lot of us have gotten wise to that.

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  • Robert Berger

    01/08/2020 04:52 PM

    I saw your monologue this January 4th on your show . You speciously claim that the terrible scourge of so many Americans being killed by senseless gun violence is due to the fact" that America has allegedly "abandoned God and Christianity ". This is absolutely ludicrous with all due respect, Mr. Huckabee.
    The majority of Americans are still Christians , Christians still have most of the power, money and influence in this country , the vast majority of all politicians in America are Christians, as well as judges and other figures of authority here . We have never had a non-christian president with the exception of Thomas Jefferson, who was a deist . Trump claims to be a Christian , but the only deity he worships is himself .
    The reason for so much senseless gun violence is due to only one thing - our ridiculously lax gun control laws . We are the only country in the world where 30,000 people are killed by guns every year . Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries have much stricter gun control laws , but only a tiny fraction of the gun violence .
    Japan has the world's strictest and toughest gun control laws . How many people died from guns there last year ? A grand total of six . More people die from guns in one day in the US than in one year in Germany and other European countries . Guns are not a big deal there .
    The vast majority of Americans do not need guns . Those who want to purchase and own them should take a test of their competence in handling them, have no criminal record and no history of gun violence. What is so terrible about this ? We expect people who drive to have licenses .
    Who wants to be killed by a blind person driving a car ?
    Americans who are law-abiding citizens and use guns safely and responsibly have absolutely nothing to fear form stricter gun control laws .
    Governor Huckabee, your imaginary bronze age Semitic sky god is not "punishing " this country because there are millions of non-christians in America as you claim . And because we are not a Christian theocracy . Non-Christians deserve the same rights as Christians and Christians must respect their right not to be Christians . I am a non-observant , secular agnostic Jew . Do you have a problem with this ? I hope not . The Constitution grants every American the right to follow any religion as well as the right not to follow any religion at all . American Christians must never forget this fact !


    01/06/2020 12:27 PM

    Thanks, Mr. Huckabee. You always keep me grounded with your articles.

  • John Hempel

    01/04/2020 08:44 AM

    Contrary to the Democrat claims otherwise, you don't stop crime by creating defenseless victims. Only the ignorant liberal masses fall for their mindless emotional rhetoric. Thinking people see it for what it is. Gun control isn't about stopping crime. It is about CONTROL over the masses. A disarmed population is easier to CONTROL. The reasons for the 2nd amendment are just as valid today as the day it was written. The rest of our rights will fall quickly once the right to bear arms is taken away. Does any thinking person truly believe that politicians care if I die at the hands of a criminal? I know they don't. Politicians celebrate every shooting. It gives them another opportunity to push their CONTROL agenda on the ignorant liberal masses, under the guise of crime prevention.

  • Clifton Bell

    01/03/2020 04:07 PM

    If every church had trained and armed citizens in their congregation such as the church in White Settlement, would be crazy mass shooters would have to focus on schools, malls and concert venues. Hey, why don't we make it so we can have trained and armed citizens in those places too and give crazy violence no safe place in our society?