After watching Day 1 of the Senate trial and as much of Day 2 as they could stomach, my loyal staffers, who diligently research and report on virtually everything of interest that’s going on in the world, have had enough of all this Schiff.
"There are only so many demonstrable lies a person can hear in any given 12-hour period,” they lamented. “It’s just bizarre and monotonous.” Ainsworth was praying for the sweet release of death. Finally, out of desperation, they took Wednesday evening off and went to see a big-screen theater release of AN AMERICAN IN PARIS.
There’s just no other way to say it, they told me: Schiff and Nadler are flat-out repulsive.
Besides, why bother listening to a consistent liar who falsifies evidence? (The story in POLITICO says the evidence in question was “mischaracterized” due to “an error,” but read the story and tell me if you don’t think it was falsified.) In a letter sent last week to Nadler summarizing a “trove of evidence” from Lev Parnas, Schiff claimed he had a text showing Parnas tried to set up a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky. The text is sent to Rudy Giuliani and says, “trying to get us Mr. Z.” The full exchange is attached to Schiff’s letter.
Trouble is, Parnas wasn’t talking about President Zelensky. “Mr. Z” is a reference to Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma. Ah, that’s very different!  But there’s no way to tell, as the version attached to Schiff’s letter has been redacted to remove any clue, including notes from a subsequent interview with...Zlochevsky.
Of course, this being POLITICO, both Schiff and his false narrative get the benefit of the doubt: “The apparent mischaracterization, however, does not undercut Democrats’ argument that Trump withheld critical military aid to Ukraine in order to pressure Zelensky into opening up investigations into the Bidens...”  How is this narrative still standing when it has already been shot full of holes?
Will Schiff and his team ever face any repercussions for this, or for their repeated lying? As Mark Meadows said of Schiff’s four solid hours of blah-blah Wednesday: “Listen, we quit counting after we had 12 different false statements made by Adam Schiff.”
Long before the “inquiry” began, Schiff was pulling all sorts of flim-flam out of his bag of tricks. We’ve known for months that someone from Schiff’s staff communicated with the so-called “whistleblower” (never officially identified, but it’s Eric Ciaramella), but now we have details from Paul Sperry at RealClear Investigations. I linked to the story yesterday but didn’t get into it then, as there was so much other impeachment news.
Sperry begins by revealing that Ciaramella, two weeks into Trump’s presidency, was overheard talking with a close friend and co-worker about “taking Trump out.” They made it clear to those within earshot that they opposed Trump’s “America First” policy and intended to see him removed from office.
Okay, bad enough. But the really interesting part is farther down in the story. Who was this co-worker? His name is Sean Misko; both he and Ciaramella were Obama holdovers still working in the White House (!) on foreign policy and national security issues. “They weren’t just subverting his agenda,” a source told Sperry. “They were plotting to actually have him removed from office.”
It gets worse. Misko left the White House last summer to join Schiff’s Intel Committee staff; this must have been around the time when they were gearing up to be the “Impeachment Committee.” Sources tell Sperry that Misko offered “guidance” to the “whistleblower” and then worked as a top investigator for Schiff, helping run the impeachment inquiry based on that very complaint.
Sperry’s sources tell him that the actions by Ciaramella and Misko were “part of a larger pattern of coordination” to find some way to impeach the President. It involved “Democratic leaders as well as anti-Trump figures both inside and outside of government.”
If witnesses are called in this trial, Ciaramella, Misko and SCHIFF should be first on the Republicans’ list. The curtain must be pulled back on what this was really all about from the start. Democrats are insisting on witnesses for themselves while arguing that the “whistleblower’s” testimony is unnecessary because other witnesses and documents have corroborated his complaint. Not true. The complaint isn’t corroborated; when Trump released the transcript of his phone call, he showed the complaint to be a fabrication.
Ciaramella withheld information about his contacts with Schiff’s office when he gave his signed complaint to Intel Community IG Michael Atkinson; there’s a section on the form to list such contacts –- specifically including “members of Congress” –- but he left it blank. Yet the rest of the form has been completed in extremely lawyerly fashion, suggesting he had lots of outside help.
Last October, Atkinson had a closed-door session with Schiff’s committee that reportedly included details of contacts between the “whistleblower” and Schiff’s staff. The transcript from this session is THE ONLY transcript out of 18 that Schiff won't release. He classified it ‘secret,’ preventing Republicans from talking. Even impeachment investigators may view it only in a secure room, or “SCIF,” in the basement of the Capitol --- where the testimony was also given.
Finally, it’s eye-opening to play connect-the-dots with Ciaramella. Before this CIA operative went to the White House “on loan,” he was an adviser on Ukraine to Vice President Biden (who, along with son Hunter, is mentioned in the complaint as a political target of Trump). The meeting where he and Misko were heard talking about "taking out" the new President had been called by new national security adviser and “America First” proponent Michael Flynn. Misko had previously assisted Biden’s top national security aide Jake Sullivan. Ukraine-born Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the one who’d heard the July 25 phone call between Trump and Zelensky and leaked his inflated concerns to Ciaramella, held Ciaramella’s old position at the NSC as director for Ukraine. (Vindman also openly expressed disdain for Trump, according to Sperry’s sources.) On July 26, the day after that fateful phone call, Schiff hired Misko to lead his investigation of Trump. Between then and the August 12 filing of the “whistleblower” report, Misko secretly met with Ciaramella, and shared information with Schiff, according to “numerous congressional sources.”
More dot-connecting: After talking with Misko, Ciaramella was referred –- most likely by former DOJ attorney David Laufman, who oversaw both “Mid-Year Exam” and “Crossfire Hurricane” and signed off on the warrant to spy on Carter Page –- to whistleblower attorney Andrew Bakaj, a former CIA officer who had worked with Ciaramella there. Bakaj has spent time in Ukraine, donated to Biden for President and worked for former Sen. Hillary Clinton. Bakaj brought in his partner, Mark Zaid. We’ve profiled both of these lawyers before; after Trump was sworn in, Zaid tweeted that a “coup has started” and “impeachment will follow ultimately.”
And we come full circle: Michael Atkinson’s predecessor as ICIG was Charles McCullough, who is now a partner in Bakaj and Zaid’s law firm. McCullough used to report to Obama’s Director of National Intelligence...James Clapper. Atkinson worked closely with Laufman and served as legal counsel to senior DOJ official Mary McCord, who was Laufman’s boss and worked to get Michael Flynn fired. McCord was recruited by the Democrats to help with impeachment.
Sure looks like a coup to me.  This isn’t all of it. Much more at the link...

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  • Carl "T" Smith

    01/24/2020 09:52 PM

    After consuming a large bottle of Gaviscon I had to step back and look at the BIG PICTURE and ask the question? Is Russia Involved? What is the most effective tool to disrupt the Republic? MISINFORMATION was elevated to a Science by Joseph Goebbels and if you can destroy or stagnate the economy with huge deficits and raise taxes to support the growing welfare class and then dumb down the populace which includes the media. The stage is set to curtail Free Speech and start the road to disarming the people. Then using our own Constitution and allowing clever wordsmiths, aka Lawyers, you have now put in place the tools to pack the Supreme Court and eliminate the Electoral College. With an ignorant media that seems satisfied with being used,WHAT has occurred? A divide in our nation is no longer left vs. Right or race against race or have and have nots or workers vs leaches It's ALL THE ABOVE !No longer just internal disagreements but in some cases open warfare. Seems Nikita Khrushchev was correct when he said America would NEVER accept Communism but would accept one little loss of Freedom at a time until one day we would awaken a Socialist nation and then he became a Prophet by declaring the media would assist.

  • Alan Doud

    01/24/2020 06:23 PM

    Not for one party government. However, it distinctly looks like a coup.

  • David Soldate

    01/24/2020 01:58 PM

    Remember when "slander" and "libel" were treated seriously enough that people were actually taken to court for it? Why not for this? Something needs to be done to stop this corrosive behavior.

  • Michael Gracy

    01/24/2020 11:43 AM

    Why doesn't President Trump fire all the Obama hold overs and get his own people in those staff positions. I don't understand why this wasn't done right off the bat.

  • Toni DeFronzo

    01/24/2020 10:34 AM

    Trump said he was going to drain the swamp. We just had no idea the swamp was sooo deep and wide. Trump knew!

  • Joetta Stephen

    01/23/2020 11:37 PM

    Thank you for your insight. Appreciate your in put.

  • Ernie Schertz

    01/23/2020 11:30 PM

    How can anyone drain the swamp when even after three years the White House is still infested?!! Does the current administration not know who is going to stab them in the back? Get rid of all the dems!!

  • Don Chenault

    01/23/2020 09:59 PM

    Not to worry , ole "WE ARE GOING TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS" lindsey graham is on the hunt... Graham was all smiles and back slapping schiff for a good job of piecing together a quilt out of various pieces of information...failed to mention most of it was appears at this point that NONE of these people will be held accountable... Thanks to Mike, Hannity, Rush L for continuing to shine light on these corrupt individuals

  • Jay H Mohler

    01/23/2020 08:48 PM

    What a swamp full of skunk cabbages that are rotten to the core!!!

  • James Gerrish

    01/23/2020 08:43 PM

    If only we could get all the Republican Senators to hold out one of their hands and turn it thumbs down whenever they hear one of the Democrats telling a lie. There can't be any rule or law against it. They should do so with a smile on each of their faces as well to show their good will. It might even catch on and spread to the Democrat Senators who are embarrassed to hear their so called leaders telling a blatant lie in the Senate.

  • Kara Lawler

    01/23/2020 08:30 PM

    All I can say is WOW! And waiting on God to remove Adam Schiff and all of his operatives. Its so so bad for all of us who vote---fair and square!!

  • G. Wayne Harris

    01/23/2020 07:36 PM

    I watched much of the first day, some of the second day and none of the third day. It's all so boring. I thought McConnell was going to keep the "trial" short with a quick vote by the Senate on removal of the president or not. Who is running the Senate? Schiff? or McConnell?

  • Alene Schlange

    01/23/2020 07:29 PM

    This is so terribly disturbing. The information above and the impeachment sham is just very disturbing. I have a great faith in God, and I believe that Trump is here to save America. This is just so hard to take in and understand the terrible corruption and actions, plans and goals of these wicked people. It is very, very SAD!

  • Amelia Little

    01/23/2020 07:22 PM

    It boggles my mind (well, this whole travesty does) that shiffffff can mark a document secret and all Representatives who attended that particular interview are NOT allowed to talk about it. (Can those on the committee discuss it with each other?) Funny how of all the goings on since mueller started up, the amount of information that should be secret, confidential, were leaked, even by the likes of shifff, nadler, comey--for a short list. AND, shifffff can arbitrarily decide THIS document cannot be released to even the impeachment hearings (well, probably would blow everything up in the water.) Yet, THE PRESIDENT is not allowed to determine what of HIS documents, communications should be REDACTED---with parts, if not the majority of them being released. good ol' maxine whined about documents they have never received (how many were under the part where they would need to go through the courts to tie every thing up with a neat little ribbon?) So, the double standard continues--need documents? Seems shiffff gets to make the decision for things HE is involved in (HANDS OFF!!!!) AND for anything related to the President.

    I admire you and your staff who can sit through any amount of this circus. I have only seen snippets here and there, but I have to fast forward to anything from nadler, shifffffff, pelosi. Can't stand to listen to them, can't even stomach to read the CC on the video. Too bad when this all gets thrown out that there would be at least one week, if not two, of extremely decrease in political "news" so everyone can take a minute or two to breath, put their feet up and chill. But, alas, the frenzy will probably get even more frenzied. I thank all of you for keeping us in the loop.

  • Henry Hemmen

    01/23/2020 07:06 PM

    If what you say are lies, prove it. To sit back and say we won’t respond to lies, is a basic bull-shit stance. Protect these statements or don’t make them


    01/23/2020 07:00 PM

    When will this end?

  • Dusty

    01/23/2020 06:38 PM

    Wish I had a dollar for every time the past 3 yr I have heard the word Constitution used especially by the Democrats. I cannot watch anymore of this debacle. Nothing there to present of interest. I know where our money has gone billions to Ukraine and many took our tax dollars WHY? This $400,000 was not going to protect the Ukrainians and had nothing to do with our own defense. Had to find something after the Mueller failure and this was it? The only thing they could try to present as the President used for his campaign to win. No Russian ever kept me from voting for Hillary who i have no respect for ever? See what she did to Sen Sanders the last time and we only know per Wikileaks and the DNC. Now she is at work again attacking Gabbard who was with our military over in Afgan and she tries to ignore this and go after her like she can? See her attacks on Sen Bernie again and he is no real Democrat or did much in Congress? Does she take nasty pills. Then we ask why does Bill fool around on her two guesses per being married to a witch. We the people are burned out on this garbage and say Schiffs arguments were super and showed the support of what they are trying to scam through now. We had too much just per the Mueller and this was going to prove what Pres Trump did to win. No she Hillary lost on her own. See Van Jones special he did after she lost go on You Tube and what he found by going around the country to find out why she lost? SEE THIS the truth. He was surprised on why?

  • Michael

    01/23/2020 06:16 PM

    Governor: Once again you & your staff have revealed so much with the connections, suspicions & even evidence whether it be the Biden's, the whistleblower & all the connections & pieces of the puzzle. But with all this information, is anyone actually investigating any of this? Losing hope that any of these people will ever be held accountable. So far look at everything being swept under the rug with the Clinton's, Obama,Holder, Lynch, Comey, Brennan & a very lengthy list of others. Disgusted !

  • sally E akin

    01/23/2020 05:57 PM

    Does this have to keep going? Accordicng to J S last night it will be another week or so??? Seriously? Lies after lies after lies. May we have a dismissal today!!!

    Would you let Fox News know that we the people would like some more international news. allies news and China, Korea and etc???? Tired of lies. If you lie in a court ???? Nothing???

  • Carol Byrd

    01/23/2020 05:53 PM

    I can't stand to watch the trial. When do we get to see the defense? I'm tired of looking at Schiff.

  • Samuel Smith

    01/23/2020 05:41 PM

    About all can be said about Mr. Schiff lying is, when i was growing up (not to say that i still am) I was told that if you tell a lie long enough and offend enough you would believe it your self. But what is that not what we are hearing from the left? That is all they know how to do is lie!

  • rodney burke

    01/23/2020 05:36 PM

    the more you dig, the more crooks you find. And they "All know each other." as Dan Bongino points out regularly. Isn't there any penalty for lying under oath to the senate? Does Perjury not apply to pencil neck?

  • Charles E. Parker

    01/23/2020 05:03 PM

    The demoncratic party line is: if you tell a lie and repeat it often enough, then it becomes the "truth".

  • Iris Trampe

    01/23/2020 04:29 PM

    What has happen to this USA? Hate everywhere, lies about almost any subject. I am in need of reassurance that this will all work out.

  • Sarah Yoho

    01/23/2020 04:13 PM

    if you repeat the same lie over and over and over, you hope someone will believe it. apparently you do if you are a democrat. praying for great favor for President Trump's defense team, and God bless President Trump!