October 28, 2020


The Biden campaign continues to make the false charge that President Trump has never condemned white supremacists, so the Trump campaign released a five-minute ad showing Trump publicly condemning white supremacists on 38 separate occasions.

The ad notes, "Joe Biden has never condemned the KKK but did praise a former KKK Exalted Cyclops as his 'mentor.’” Also, I’m still waiting for the Democrats to formally apologize for starting the Civil War to preserve slavery and for assassinating the Republican President who ended it.


When you type “How do” into the DuckDuckGo search engine, the autofill suggests the #1 most common question people are asking at the moment: “…I change my vote?”


“If Joe Biden thinks fossil fuels are so evil that the entire industry needs to be exterminated, why was he fine with his son being on the board of a Ukrainian oil and gas company?”


Perfect Political Headline of the Day! From the Washington Free Beacon: (North Carolina Senate Candidate) “Cal Cunningham Refuses to Take Position on Joe Biden’s Refusal to Take Position on Court Packing.”


The heroes who stopped two church shootings in Texas with their own weapons directly address Joe Biden and his “insane” gun control plans. Somehow, I get the feeling these guys are more representative of Texas than the person Biden wants to put in charge of gun laws: “Beto” O’Rourke.


Joe Biden and his surrogates in politics and the media continue to blame President Trump for every last one of the approximately 220,000 COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus deaths. They claim that he completely botched the response, but they would have handled it much better by “listening to the experts,” even though the experts themselves are still trying to figure out exactly how the virus works and how to deal with it.

So why don’t we let one of those experts that they trust assess how well Trump handled the virus? I’ve mentioned this before, but Matt Margolis at PJ Media goes into even more detail: Early on in the pandemic, Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the top medical experts coordinating the fight against the virus, warned, “If we do things together well, almost perfectly, we could get in the range of 100,000 to 200,000 fatalities.”

I guess they’re accusing Trump of horribly botching the response because it wouldn’t drive as many votes as accusing him of falling slightly short of “almost perfect.” Incidentally, to have reached the goal of perfection, he would have needed to prevent the largest share of deaths in any state by overstepping his powers and taking the virus response in New York away from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


Sarah Hoyt of PJ Media is a naturalized US citizen who knows what it’s like to live somewhere else, which makes her love America all the more. She has a dire warning for voters: the left is weaponizing the inherent decency and empathy of Americans against us to destroy us.


When it comes to whether Joe Biden will ban fracking, who are you gonna believe: YouTube’s professional “fact-checkers” or your own lying ears?


“Listen To The Experts!” Scott Johnson at the Powerline blog noticed a discrepancy between what Minnesota’s Infectious Disease Director Kris Ehresmann said about the fatality rate of the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus in the state and the actual numbers.

Last week, Ehresmann said that the percentage of Minnesotans who had one of seven serious underlying conditions (chronic lung disease, severe obesity, diabetes, etc.) when they died of COVID-19 was now less than half, suggesting that it was killing younger, healthier people. But when the office got back to the reporter with the actual numbers as of October 21st, the percentage of fatalities with known underlying conditions was 94%. In another 4%, it was unknown. A whopping 2% definitely had only COVID-19.

Where I come from, 94-98% is not “less than half.” I can see why Democrats who want to keep their economies locked down and suffering until after the election listen to their own “health experts” but don’t seem to care much for mathematicians.


Your Wednesday Fake News: No, the Trump campaign hasn’t pulled all its ads from Florida, as claimed by Bloomberg News. They have massive ad buys in Florida through Election Day, but the payee on much of it is listed as the RNC. The Trump campaign called the story “horribly wrong” and “sloppy reporting at the highest level,” and said it should be retracted.

Just FYI: Bloomberg News was founded by failed Democratic Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, who vowed to pour $50 million of his own money into Florida ads to try to win it for Biden and the Democrats. Let's hope they're as effective as his "Mike can get it done" Presidential ads.

When you hear Democrats decrying how awful it is that “billionaires are buying elections,” remember that they think it’s okay when it’s their billionaires buying elections for them.


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  • Carol Unger

    11/01/2020 05:27 PM

    The "DEMOCRAZIES" lie so much that do not know "truth" anymore!!

  • William Fuhrer

    10/30/2020 09:24 PM

    Greg Gutfeld should school Juan Williams about who Marx was and what terrible deeds are associated with socialism and why sports owners should not support thugs and rioters and maybe debate the reforms that the Black Republican put forth

  • Phyllis Lambert

    10/29/2020 04:19 PM

    I doubt if it will surprise you that when I click on your phrases highlighted in blue to read more about the statement, I got this...."The page you have requested does not exist or is undergoing routine maintenance." You naughty boy! There you go telling the truth again! All kidding aside, this is becoming pretty scary. Dear Lord, please help us all. As my late Dad (a Baptist pastor who died in 2001 at the age of 84) would say, "Keep on keeping on!"

  • ruth egan

    10/29/2020 04:00 PM

    Romans 8:28 is part of god's "magic" formula. It is one thing that you can count on! The four P's also help "patience+ persistence+ perseverance+ prayer= sucess.

  • Richard L Miller

    10/29/2020 02:04 PM

    Several links included here don't work.

  • george brancheau

    10/29/2020 12:32 PM

    Pray for our leaders; pray for our enemies; & pray for those who are both.

  • Jerry korba

    10/29/2020 11:13 AM

    It was kind of fun to see the evil villains the Star Trek episodes ran yesteryears ago the villains showed up again this time looking like the twitter twit head of twitter, It is apparent when they beamed him in his memory and intelligent portion of his brain is still flowing about 3 light years from earth. Americas 1st amendment is under attack by monster like media outlets I don't think America cares to much about it otherwise the 230 clause would have been terminated a year ago.


    10/29/2020 10:50 AM

    I remember the sixties, when politicians did not lie so much.

  • Donna Bussure

    10/29/2020 10:17 AM

    Thanks Mike, for everything you do in getting the truth out to us. You are truly an inspiration and I have used your information and links several times to try to educate my stubborn liberal friends.

    Wanted to let you know, though, that the link to both the gun control ad in Texas and the Sarah Hoyt links are not reachable. "Fact checkers" at work again?

  • Michael Hutch

    10/29/2020 10:01 AM

    Food for thought
    I ask ALL people who want to rid us fossil fuel or doubt the existence of God,the following when speaking to me

    1. Take OFF all clothing. Quit being a heretic. Almost everything you are wearing oil based.
    Glasses, frames and lenses. Wipe off nail polish and lip stick. Remove hearing aid. Please
    put a Hillary ( Hammer) to your smart phone, tablet etc
    2. How do you travel? Car, Bike, Mass transit. 90+% made from oil based products. So get a
    Horse, mule, Llama, BIG HOG ( not a Harley)
    3. Comfortable at home? How do you heat & cool? Nuclear you say? What were all the
    components used to build this plant? Transmit the Power? Store it? Wind Power? See
    4. What do you eat? You are all organic you say? Good for you. You are in the Buff right? See # 1.
    5. What are you using for tools? Tools made from trees and rocks. Right?
    6. Are you sore & achy after all that hard work? Take some Tylenol. Oops. That's a Petro chemical.
    Smoke something. Ooops, see 4 & 5. Shoot up? Oops. See 1-5.
    7. So you say the hell with it and just end it all. Oops No Coffin or grave. See 1-5.
    8. So you say the hell with it, Just leave me where I lay. Oops that is environmental Hazard
    9. So you say, God, I wish I was never Born. Oops. Did you just acknowledge God??
    10. So just go be a speck in the Universe. Oops. Where did that come from????

  • Richard Smail

    10/29/2020 08:31 AM

    ''Love'' reading Mike's work and try to get others to read his newsletters also.

    I would like to talk to Mr. Hukabee about legal advise on suing my local govt. here in south FL. Thank you.
    Richard Smail 301 751 2074

  • Jerry korba

    10/29/2020 07:55 AM

    Thanks mike I have commented that the mortality rate from Wuhan virus had other diseases with it or in some cases deadly vehicle accidents covet was the cause of death that’s for putting the numbers to view the left is so corrupt and people that support it will be an a part of our country’s demise

  • marilyn stone

    10/29/2020 07:53 AM

    To the reader who brought up the point about Biden being for gas and oil production in Ukraine. The answer is very easy....if America no longer produces these products then we would have to import them to survive. Thus making investors like the Bidens very wealthy. For some reason some people think that if we stop the use of fossil fuels....the rest of the world will too.....dream on people!

  • Debra Bourke

    10/29/2020 07:15 AM

    Thanks for the update. Greatly appreciated.
    I copied and posted to my Fakebook page because my four adult children only hear and believe CNN and fake news etc

  • L A Huston

    10/29/2020 03:54 AM

    H Biden lost documents.
    Is there proof that H Biden documents were actually put in the envelope at the starting point? Sounds like copies were never made. Why????

  • Jeremy Tracey

    10/29/2020 03:22 AM

    Mike, thanks for who you are and what you’ve done. I met you at NRB when I was in college and you were so kind and encouraging to me. I now have been in Christian radio for over 2 decades! Thanks for being you.

  • Stephen Clayton

    10/29/2020 03:11 AM

    Great comments as usual, Governor. I truly believe that the number of deaths being counted due to the China virus are purposely inflated by the fake news media and possibly even the CDC to justify the shut down and politically stifle the Trump re-election. I have also heard that hospitals get more money to treat those having CV-19 even though they have other, more serious diseases.
    I also wanted to comment about the huge turnout to the Trump rallies. Many of them wait for hours to participate in these rallies. They exhibit true patriotism and love for America and they need to be commended for their patience and loyalty - as well as their super-human bladder control.

  • fred w epps

    10/29/2020 01:54 AM

    Please consider calling it the CCP Virus rather than the Chinese Virus!

  • Paul Kern

    10/29/2020 01:39 AM

    I find it interesting that some of the links you had are now down.
    I watched some of the hearings on social media today. I found it both amusing and sobering to see Zuckerberg et al exposed for the liars they are.
    Hope to hear more.
    It is time the FCC strips them of their immunity.
    Lenin would call them " useful fools" Same goes for the DNC and their talking heads.

  • Paul Mueller

    10/29/2020 12:52 AM

    It feels like Donald Trump was selected by God for a Esther 4:14 such a time as this. He was not my first choice in the 2016 primary, but his inauguration day speech was a real turning point for me. The Donald Trump today is not the same person he was in 2016. Is it the Mike Pence effect - has he been a witness to him and has President Trump made a faith decision?

  • Elaine Condon

    10/29/2020 12:22 AM

    Someone posted regarding the number of C19 deaths....At the beginning, the model warning was 2.2 million people were going to die from it, which means President Trump saved 2 million people's lives, because only 220,000 have died from it.

  • Charles Sigars

    10/28/2020 11:09 PM

    What happened to the annual deaths from the Flu and Pneumonia? You don't hear or see anything about them in the media.

  • Richard Davis

    10/28/2020 11:05 PM

    Always remember. An expert can also be a “little drip!” ????????

  • Lisa Cameron

    10/28/2020 10:32 PM

    I read your comments every morning and evening. Not only is it my bday today but the evening bible verse is my favorite.! I just love your shows also. Thank you Lord for Mike Huckabee. Keep telling it the way it is!

  • Angie Chavez

    10/28/2020 10:29 PM

    I am also waiting for the ads from doctors (are they real?) stating the president did not react to the virus and that he didn't use advice from scientists (apparently Dr.'s Fauci and Birx are not given any credit) to be taken down, as well as the one falsely claiming he called military personnel suckers and losers. Obama uses both when he talks. They are running on outright lies and it is disgusting. Obama and Biden are the most corrupt people to ever hold office.